Challenge Final Reckoning Team Preview: Brad Fiorenza and Kyle Christie

This feels good. I began doing Player Previews back on January 1st on 2017. Here we are, three seasons later with many previews, top tens, recaps, and interviews past. I would like to thank everyone supporting me on this journey, now let’s break down this Final Reckoning duo.

Introducing the Rivalry: Brad and Kyle’s “rivalry” began on Vendettas when Brad hurled a grenade Kyle’s way during a swimming challenge because Kyle was the best male swimmer on the opposing team. Then, when it came down to the last elimination, Tony and Cara Maria saved Kyle over Brad and Leroy in the final elimination. In essence, there is no actual rivalry between the two, however, production wanted both on this season, and they will be working together to pull out a win this season.

Player Vitals:

Brad Fiorenza: 37 years old, 9 seasons, 4 finals, 1 Win (Cutthroat), 6–3 elimination record, 5'10*, 190–205 lbs*, Brad has put on significant size compared to his early days on the show. Very rough estimations, his abs look great though.

Kyle Christie: 25 years old, 1 season done, 1 final, best finished: 3rd Place Vendettas, 0–0 elimination record, 6'1, report early 2017 had him around 157 lbs, looks to be in the 170 range now after adding on some size.

Team Skills and Physical Strengths: Brad has been a strong performer in daily challenges since he debut on Battle of the Sexes 2, always coming through for his team. Ironically, his career has been highlighted by many “good performances” and often overshadowed by more dominant competitors like Evan, CT, Alton, and Landon. Even coming on Vendettas in “the best shape of his life”, Brad took a backseat to Zach and Tony leading the way. Brad is always a threat, however, for his team to win, he needs to be a leader and top dog. Likewise, Kyle made his money on Vendettas because people underrated him. Following a second place finish, middling is not good enough, he needs to step up.

Being a male duo competing against female and co-ed pairs gives them an inherent speed and strength advantage. However, if adjustments are made to accommodate female and co-ed teams like on Battle of the Bloodlines, Brad and Kyle will trend more towards the middle than the top. Physically, aside from CT and Zach, Brad can go toe to toe with any guy on this cast. Brad is a great swimmer and Kyle is decent. What will be fascinating to see about is whether or not they the duo can both be great at something at the same time. In order to win a modern era Challenge, you can’t be good at something, you have to be great at it.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: The one complaint regarding Brad’s social game is that he spent too much time having sex with Britni. Considering they live in different states and there is not much to do in a Challenge house, I do not blame them for being all over each other, but Brad needs to be a more fun socialite. In seasons where Brad has made the finals, he has had great relationships with other top players. His alliance of four with Landon, Mark, and Evan got them to the end of the game. His wife Tori helped manage their game all the way to the final on Cutthroat. Kyle has the fun party guy role down, and Brad must learn from him.

Kyle’s innate understanding of the game when making moves on Vendettas was fascinating to watch. He is fully aware of his intelligence, yet he knows, more importantly, not to get blood on his hands while making the most efficient moves. If he runs their team strategically and politically, they can be deadly. Though, Brad may want to wear the pants as the veteran in the team. Neither is dumb, but they do not kill puzzles or mental challenges (or it is yet to be seen).

Their standing within the house is middling. Brad’s number one is Britni and he is friends with the Young Bucks/AYTO alliance. Will they actually save Brad though? He seems to be at the bottom of their totem pole. Brad has found an enemy in Zach as seen in their Twitter fights during Vendettas, though Kyle and Zach are good friends. They will need to align with other top teams to advance in the game and keep the target off themselves.

Final & Winning Potential: After a Rookie of the Year level run on Vendettas, we might see a sophomore slump from Kyle. His run on Vendettas was very similar to Johnny Reilly’s Free Agents performance where likability, luck, and clutchness led to him finishing second on an individual season. At some point, Kyle’s luck is going to run out and he is going to have to stare down Nelson or Zach in a physical elimination.

Considering they are a dual male pair, if there are female and male elimination days, they can benefit from only being eligible on half of the days. Brad is at a point where winning is vital. He is playing not only for fun, but for the opportunity to bring a big check home for his kids. Both of these guys have an immense desire to win after coming so close on Vendettas which is a major X factor.

At this moment, I would say they have a solid shot time to make the final, betting odds at about +300 considering they are an all male pair, and +1800 to win. A Brad and Kyle win is not expected, however they are trendy dark-horse candidates to win.

Kyle’s Rating: 81/100
Brad’s Rating: 88/100

Team Rating: 86/100



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