Challenge Final Reckoning Team Preview: Angela Babicz & Faith Stowers

Writing previews for rookie players often prove quite difficult, even more so for female competitors. The Challenge often casts males who are either athletes or committed to their fitness, while females are often cast because of their looks, personality, and(or) the drama they bring (if they happen to be kickass athletes then it’s a major plus). There are some cases where females come on the Challenge and have not been a sporty people their whole lives but actually develop into good competitors. Angela and Faith are imports from VH1’s Bad Girls Club and Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, respectively, onto MTV’s Ex on the Beach this past Spring. They were cast for the drama they bring, their looks, and to attract fans from VH1 and Bravo.

Introducing the Rivalry: On Ex on the Beach, Angela made an immediate connection with Tor’I Brooks, a bigger and better looking version of Derrick Henry. Faith and Tor’I were good friends, with a bit of chemistry. When forced to on a date together, Faith and Tor’I did body shots off each other and eventually the news got to Angela. This led to an Angela tirade on both Tor’I and Faith and the rivalry we see today. To add to the drama, Angela was part of a mean girls click that often trashed other people in the house.

Their chemistry will be shaky as neither girl likes the other. Faith is a kind and well-meaning girl who often makes poor choices. Angela is a mean girl who makes poor choices and believes herself to be in the right. Expect them to not work well together.

Player Vitals:

Faith Stowers: 29 years old, Rookie, 5'4, Varsity Track and Field, Actress.

Angela Babicz: 27 years old, Rookie, 5'5, Instagram Model

Get to know them with some videos.

Skills and Physical Strength: Before reality television happened, Faith was an aspiring actress. Before that she was in the army and was naturally sporty, competing in Varsity Track and Basketball. Faith is a bit small, so I do not expect too much from her, however, I do believe she is competent. Angela keeps herself in shape to look good. Whether she is athletic is yet to be seen. Yes, both girls keep fit, but do they have proper running form? Can they swim? Do they have good cardio? How much can they lift?

On the surface, this team is starting from level 2 (they would be at level 0 if not for Faith’s experience). In order to climb the ladder and not be seen as one of the worst teams entering, they have to prove themselves.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: Faith is a social butterfly and seemed to have conversations with various people all around the Ex on the Beach house. She was friends with many of the male competitors and she is going into this season still single. Faith has a lot of potential entering this game as a social and political player. Angela is someone who finds people she connects with and is loyal to them. She would rather have one loyal friend then be cool with everybody.

The best strategic move for the team may be to play up the fact they are not a big threat and they have to create relationships that matter. If they have to Polidick their way to the top, then that is what they have to do to win. As rookies, they will somewhat decide their Challenge careers based on how they navigate the social landscape. If you immerse yourself with ease, then you will have no growing pains, if you cannot, you might have 3 or 4 rookie level seasons.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Angela and Faith will not win Final Reckoning. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. Could they make the final? Uhhhhhh… Still a very big stretch for a team whose best chance at a final is based on floating to the end and then making it as a lay-up team.

I’d like to see these two girls go into a physical elimination against another female team duo. Faith was in the military and Angela has gotten into physical altercations. These two should be able to get physical with ease. Bring them in for the drama, but let’s see their bite.

Angela’s Rating: 62/100
Faith’s Rating: 73/100

Team Rating: 66/100



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