Challenge Final Reckoning: Social Media Feuds Rundown

Allan Aguirre
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Are you tire of keeping up with Social Media to navigate all the fights and feuds on the Challenge? Well, so am I, but lucky for you, I am going to give you the rundown on who is fighting on the Final Reckoning cast. Let’s go!

Sidenote: anyone not listed simply has to get in more or fights, or at least have more interesting fights.

Cara Maria Sorbello
Notable Feuds:
- Lavender Ladies (Amanda, Ashley, Sylvia)
- Laurel (ongoing)
- Kailah (ongoing, since Dirty 30)
- Jordan (ongoing)
- Faith and Angela (Cara trashed them in a group chat)
- Marie (her partner, and ongoing, seriously can’t even tell if they are joking or not sometimes)
- Kyle (due to their “split”)

Cara Maria is a huge fan of shade and passive aggressiveness. She creates obvious subtweets and then walks away from the situation. The way in which Cara Maria has argued with Amanda and Ashley in the past has been some of the most skillful social media plays ever. She knows how to completely trash a person while trying to look innocent. What Cara Maria does takes legitimate skill.

Amanda Garcia
Notable Feuds:
- Zach/Jenna (Stated that her and Zach’s relationship started off really well.)
- Cara Maria (thinks Cara is fake)
- Joss (They hooked up on FR, but are rocky after Joss started a fake relationship with Danni from BGC to get on Ex on the Beach US 2)
- Swaggy C from Big Brother (thinks he is whack)

Amanda is not passive aggressive. She goes for the jugular. She dislikes any inherent fakeness and will speak honestly immediately. Maybe she is a bit hateful at times, although her friends will ride for her and enjoy her antics. It is fascinating because Amanda is the type of friend that when you cannot defend, you need her to come in with her meanest possible comment. Her feud with Zach is fascinating because at one point they had a great relationship. The main theoretical cause of this feud is Jenna. Jenna and Amanda have one of the biggest rivalries on the show, it is a shame they were not partners this season.

Brad Fiorenza
Notable Feuds:
- Tori Hall (his ex wife)

Super messy. Divorce is an inherent feud. Imagine having Brad and Tori partnered this season? At least his feud with Zach seems to be over.

Shane Landrum
Notable Feuds:
- Natalie (thinks she is fake)
- DaVonne (because he is fighting with Natalie)
- Bananas?

Every season, Shane has his blowups on Social Media. His focus this season (and last) has been Natalie and her Big Brother defenders. He may also be taking shots at Johnny Bananas, though it is not fully confirmed.

Shane also battles with people and can attracts others to fights like flies to honey. When drunk, Shane will explode on people.

Marie Roda
Notable Feuds:
- Natalie (same reason as Shane)
- Britni (ongoing)
- Cara Maria (ongoing)

Britni and Marie have this weird thing where they are cool one minute, then fight on social media the next. Cara Maria and Marie fighting is something that is always going to happen.

Britni Thornton
Notable Feuds:
- Marie (ongoing)
- DaVonne (Day tried to air out some of Britni’s laundry in her recaps)

Britni is mostly upset about how DaVonne talked about Britni in her confessionals while in the Redemption House together. It is rumored that Britni told MTV to stop DaVonne from doing her recaps as DaVonne was going to leak Chuck’s side of the story from their relationship.

Paulie Calafiore

…Shockingly, nobody on the Challenge. Despite his many fights on the show, he has not fought anyone on Social Media so far. Cara Maria has fought some of his battles and he has fought some fans.

Johnny Bananas
Notable Feuds:
- Anyone on the internet who is not a fan of Johnny Bananas

He will simply troll and attack the looks of any human being who is not in on the Bananas brand. His attacks are not concentrated and his retorts are cliched.

Kyle Christie
Notable Feuds:
- Cara Maria (Split)

The season thus far has been the Cara and Kyle show. Early in the season the two were barking back for to one another on social media.

Kayleigh Morris
Notable Feuds:
- Natalie Negrotti (ongoing)
- Nelson Thomas (on again/off again relationship)

The Nelson and Kayleigh relationship is a dramatic on again/off again mess. They follow and unfollow each other on Instagram on a weekly basis. The rumor mill is saying Nelson accepted a casting call for Ex on the Beach season 2. When visiting her in the UK, she found out, and may have hit Nelson. She also refuses any claims she stole a man from Natalie and shows no remorse for outing her on Social Media.

Angela and Faith
Notable Feuds:
- Cara Maria (idk)

Apparently, Cara Maria trashed Faith and Angela in a group chat while unaware the two girls were in it. Add them to the pile of people who fight with Cara. Angela is also fighting with her ex-boyfriend Tor’I because she cheated on him with Bananas while filming Final Reckoning.

Natalie Negrotti
Notable Feuds
- Shane (she thinks he is mean)
- Marie (fighting over Marie’s confessionals)
- Kayleigh (outing on social media)
- Zach (the elim aftermath)

She is the princess of passive aggressiveness (Cara is the queen). Natalie deflects and attacks in these small moments. Her tweets back and forth with Zach have been especially confusing as you cannot even tell whether they dislike each other or not.

DaVonne Rogers
Notable Feuds:
- Lavender Ladies (mostly Ashley)
- Britni (trashed her in her confessionals and on social media)
- Ashley (read the fucking tweets)

Kailah Casillas
Notable Feuds:
- Cara Maria stans

They simply do not give this girl a break.



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