Challenge Final Reckoning Team Preview: Britni Thornton & Chuck Mowery

When Britni showed up on Dirty 30, many fans were surprised to see her despite her origin show airing 2.5 years prior to her Challenge debut. Thus, seeing her ex-boyfriend Chuck set to debut on Final Reckoning, 3.5 years since their debut, is even more staggering. Chuck was passed up four consecutive seasons of The Challenge until he is finally able to debut. For those people who constantly petition to get on, Chuck is an example of never giving up, because his AYTO? season very much in the rear-view mirror. He should also probably thank Britni, as she has been a big hit with fans on social media and has made it fairly deep into every season she has done.

Introducing the “Rivalry?”: The couple dated for several years, lived together, and consequently broke up. Now they get a chance to work out their problems on The Challenge like any rational pair would. There is so much drama between these two. They broke up after Britni returned from Dirty 30. Unlike some of her castmates, Britni actually remained loyal to Chuck during her long stay in The Challenge house, even with the plethora of attractive men there. When she returned, Chuck was dealing with a horrific foot injury where half his heel was sliced and he had multiple bacterial infections. Chuck was kept off his feet for weeks and Britni took care of him. She stated on the BrainCandy Podcast that she paid for everything. After he got better, he dumped her. This is all according to Britni. Now that Chuck is on the show, we will get to hear his side of the story. Based on the trailers, this couple will be sloppy and problematic.

Player Vitals:

Britni Thornton: 27 years old, 2 seasons, 0 finals, 2–2 elimination record, 5'3, an old modelling profile lists her as 100 lbs, but another report has her in the 120’s. Britni looks like she is in the best shape of her life right now.

Chuck Mowery: 28 years old, Rookie, 6'3, 195 lbs. Big guy on paper. Is his foot fully healed and recovered?

Throwback video:

Team Skills and Physical Strength: Britni is placed in the toughest position entering her third season. Coming off two solid performances where she was eliminated a little bit after the midway point, Britni is primed to push herself to reach a final. A strong partner who could have been her better or equal half would have sprung her Challenge career forward. And while Chuck might be a good competitor, he is a rookie playing in a game with elite competitors like CT, Zach, and Bananas, and a strong group of guys in the next tier. At best, Chuck will be playing catch up. Britni is forced to be the experienced veteran in the pairing and she is probably not in the point of her Challenge career where she can carry someone, let alone her ex-boyfriend.

What this team is good at, is swimming. Chuck and Britni are self-described mermaids (merpeople?) If there is a swimming challenge, they can win it, and having that small power in the game can take them a long way. Chuck might also be fearless in heights and extreme sport type competitions as he does adventure sports. He is a surfer who does trails and cliff dives for fun. Then again, he almost got his foot amputated due to a cliff diving injury, so he might have some trauma when it comes to heights and landings these days.

Physically, Britni is mostly average across the board. She continues to get stronger, but how much stronger is she now compared to Vendettas or Dirty 30? We have to wait and see.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: On paper, Britni being naturally aligned with Brad is a good thing, however it is a huge negative in reality. A couple on two separate teams are automatically viewed as a unit. Brad also finds himself in a weird position in that he is not good friends with the other veterans and is at the bottom of the totem pole with the new generation guys. Likewise, Britni is friends with Cara Maria, but is Cara Maria going to actively help anyone other than herself? Britni is friends with the Lavender Ladies, however, there are three Lavender Lady teams, and if she goes far with them, they will put her up before themselves.

With a rookie partner who has no connections, Britni is placed between a rock and a hard place. Britni needs to play an active game and gather people to align with her. Playing a passive game will lead to an episode 2 or 3 exit with no significant impact. Britni must swing for the fences in order for her and Chuck to make it far in the game. Mentally, we have no on how well they would perform in puzzles. They shouldn’t cause scenes with any major fights, as that will only ptace an even bigger target on them.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: The good news is Britni has only ever lost her eliminations to champions (Laurel and Camila). The bad new is her two elimination wins have come against girls who weigh 190 lbs combined (Briana L and Nicole R). If Britni were a wrestler, she would be an Intercontinental Belt contender. She is nowhere near the heavyweight territory currently and she is not a straight up jobber. We need to see her go up against the likes of Sylvia, Marie, or Melissa to see where she truly ranks. In the trailer, we saw Chuck punch and almost miss a wall, so hopefully he is better with actual humans. Looking at his measures, he is a physical threat, theoretically. There is just something missing.

Can this team win? No. Can they make it to the final? If they can figure out where the numbers are week to week, survive and advance an elimination or two, then Britni and Chuck could make the final. However, I do not see that happening unless Britni has dramatically improved to the point where she can carry a rookie in a veteran game.

Britni’s Rating: 78/100
Chuck’s Rating: 70/100

Team Rating: 70/100



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