Challenge Final Reckoning Game Breakdown: Is Shane doing too much?

Through the first four episodes of the season, the male stars so far have been Paulie and Kyle. These two gentleman are feuding over Cara Maria, though it seems more like they are feuding over the starring role. If the Challenge was a movie, Kyle and Paulie would be on the billboard front and center. However, in awards contention, Shane is currently in the lead for best supporting actor. Shane will always miss out on hookups as the show often only casts 1–2 gay males a season. Until Jozea re-enters the house on Episode 5, Shane has not been in a Challenge house with another gay male since his return to the show. However, Shane aims to be in the middle of all the drama, to fully involve himself into the political and strategic game, and to be a solid performer in challenges.

In the first episode, he had fun in the coffin challenge by flashing his ass at Nelson on his reveal. He also got into a fight with Angela while they were moving into the house. Nelson had to put him to bed afterward and the next day he had to console Kailah after her fight.

In the second episode, he fought with Johnny Bananas during the daily challenge. While he might not admit it, if you watch the replay, Shane and Nelson timed it perfectly to tie up Bananas and prevent him from winning the challenge.

During the third episode he and Amanda had a fun conversation regarding Kyle’s artificiality. And in the latest episode he fought with Bananas because Tony and Bananas voted for him and Nelson, though Bananas would not own up to it. Shane figures this out as he goes around the whole house deciphering all the votes.

He is so socially connected that he can easily map out the entire game. What Shane is doing is impressive, he is like a worker bee, gathering as much info as possible in order to have a leg up on his competition. Shane wants everyone’s information out on the table except his own, unless pressed, where he will then reveal it without fear. As impressive as it is, watching him play sometimes makes you think, “can he just calm down?” Nelson’s biggest fear is that Shane will run his mouth, start a fight, and get his team thrown into elimination. Nelson does not play the game hard enough and that is a flaw of his own. However, his complaint is valid.

Shane plays a strong strategic game which allows him to survive and advance. Unfortunately, Shane sometimes makes moves that are rather self-destructive and ultimately result in him going home. Shane has had bad luck his entire Challenge career. Despite killing the daily challenges, he always struggled in eliminations and will occasionally find himself thrown into an elimination because of his mouth.

Seeing as though Shane has been so heavily featured, him and Nelson could very well be finalists this season, and maybe just win the whole damn thing. Similarly, the antagonistic relationship between Shane and two players on the other all-male teams (Bananas and Kyle), could lead up to a grindhouse battle. If Shane and Nelson were voted into elimination, Shane has some massive balls on him. He would rather go for Bananas and Tony, or Brad and Kyle than a team like Faith and Angela.

Somehow, you cannot shake the feeling that he will come up short again and again. Being socially connected with many teams is great until they accuse him of snaking them and as good of a competitor as he is, people will always be more intimidated by the size and muscles of guys like Brad and Tony. He has a partner in Nelson who should be the muscle for his team, but he could also act as the nadir of their season when put in a mental or swimming challenge.

What is clear is that Shane can no longer thrive from being the guy who is classically underrated. Nobody believes he is weak, at the same time, almost nobody is afraid to go one on one with him. For Shane to win this game, he has to play it hard.



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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre


26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.