Challenge Final Reckoning Episode 7 Breakdown: The Evolution of Kam

I attempted to write a couple of recaps for this episode, and for some reason could not come up with one which gives justice to Kam’s performance in the most recent episode. Because of this, I have decided to focus on a breakdown of her individual game from this past episode. We seldom see players actively making game moves, strategically and politically. Wes is beloved because he plays this way, Shane and Ashley made waves on Invasion as they played the game, and Sarah Rice won Exes 2 because she mapped the game out incredibly and made a big move when she needed to. As good as competitors may be physically, and there have been many, strategic gameplay transcends the way in which challengers are defined. Kam displayed that ability this week. I will be honest in saying that before this episode I still viewed Kam as someone finding her feet on this show. Up until this point, she did not have much humor in her confessionals and was simply a physical competitor. She flipped my complete perspective.

Before the Daily Challenge:

Kam starts the morning telling Kayleigh and Cara Maria that she has a plan to protect her team and alliance from elimination. I doubted her while watching the episode, but you can tell Kam is extremely confident in herself and her plan.

During the Daily Challenge:

Once Kam found out the daily challenge, her only focus was getting Kayleigh to the front of the line during the dig. She helps Shane complete the puzzle, and we never see Kayleigh helping with the puzzle. When the dig begin, Kam gets Kayleigh to the front and has her squeeze in her tiny body behind the biggest guy. Kam saw the opportunity to win in sight, forced her way to the front and the team pulled out the win.

Kam’s Plan

Her actual plan is brilliant. Kayleigh’s allies are Kyle and Joss, her UK Boys. One of Kam’s #1 allies, is her girl Sylvia. Kam announces that she will be making a power move by voting either Kyle and Brad, or Joss and Sylvia. The crowd is shocked as they are two strong teams and Kam and Kayleigh’s friends.

Kam sells it because she informs Kyle and Sylvia before-hand. Watching Sylvia cry her heart out like her friend really just betrayed her was hilarious and it honestly seemed authentic. Her crying “she’s my friend” in Joss’ arms clinches it. She tells Kyle because she knows Brad cannot act, and Kyle is a great liar. Kyle assures all the male competitors that Kam sticks to her word so they have to come up with a plan to keep themselves safe.

The Rats and The Votes

Once they believed Joss/Sylvia and Kyle/Brad we going to get Kam’s vote, everyone played like scared rats, scurrying to create buddy systems, in which two teams could burn their vote on each other. Sylvia and Kyle needed to know because they needed to ensure their partners they would be safe, and it gives Faith/Angela and DaVonne/Jozea a false sense of safety. With all the votes tied, Kam has all the power because only her team’s vote will matter.

Kam’s Decision

Her choice to vote in Faith and Angela, forcing a match-up between the rookie teams did not make me the happiest as it was not a big move. She could have easily forced a Bananas-Tony vs Zach-Amanda elimination. However, the reason why Kam’s decision was a smart one is because it showed loyalty to the entire house by guaranteeing the rookie teams a spot in elimination; which is what they all wanted. You also have to consider that the team you send in is coming for you if they come back from the Redemption House. Redemption is around the corner and sending a strong team in could kill you in the long-run. On top of it all, Kam makes a statement by showing teams that it could have been any of them, and she saved them.

Killa Kam does not only show out in eliminations, but is now evolving into someone looking to control the game, versus simply surviving.

People will complain that Kam is cocky, arrogant, and has a sense of entitlement for someone who has never won. But really though, who cares? Kam is competing physically and actively playing the game. She has the potential to become a star because she is not sitting passively as one of the top female competitors, she is actually taking control of her fate. Do not be mad at someone for trying, if you are, you simply never liked them to begin with.



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