Challenge Final Reckoning Episode 6 Breakdown: Relationship Tightropes

Allan Aguirre
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Challenge Final Reckoning Episode 6 Breakdown: Relationship Tightropes

Last week, I found breaking down the episodes and game itself by team dynamic has been the best way to evaluate this season, and I’ll continue that trend. This past week’s episode was a good one which depicted a high amount of gameplay and gave us a good challenge that required teamwork. I will be going through what every team did house-, challenge, and game-wise.

Before we start, it is important to show what the daily challenge was:

Pairs were forced to walk along a beam, then tightrope, together while on a moving train. Part one was pretty difficult, part two was incredibly difficult.

Tony & Bananas: These two find their way into the background of every major fight this episode. Their reactions were hilarious. They were also the first team to complete the daily challenge. Bananas kept Tony balanced and Tony used his long wingspan in the second part to grab the lifelines to steady themselves. They choose to burn their vote, hoping to get lucky.

Cara & Marie: It was another episode focused on the Kyle and Cara show. She is upset when it is confirmed that Kyle and Faith had sex. Cara also throws this weird excuse at Faith, saying that as a rookie, Faith should not even attempt to hookup with Kyle. When Kyle and Brad throw a grenade at their team in the daily challenge, Cara is pissed and fully engaged to compete for the first time. Her and Marie are able to complete part one and are unable to complete part two as their first safety lifeline was removed by Kyle and Brad’s grenade. Surprisingly, Cara and Kyle seem to make up after the daily challenge. During the voting, Cara votes for Kyle/Brad to get revenge on them for the grenade, and Marie goes along with it in order to not vote for her friend Angela.

Tori & Derrick: After watching the two previous teams complete the first portion of this challenge by one player walking backwards and the other forward, they decide it would be quicker to have both going side to side. Bad choice because this requires both players to essentially be doing an extended moving squat while on a moving train where which requires putting weight on one another. They fall pretty quickly. Tori does end up playing the game by agreeing to deals throughout the house. The problem is that not everyone comes through. They vote for Faith and Angela.

Jozea & DaVonne: Following the side to side strategy as well, they fall immediately. DaVonne and Jozea had talks with Angela and Faith where they wanted to keep the rookie teams safe. However, once they hit the voting booth, DaVonne believes that possibly voting for them would keep themselves from being the team voted in. In the end, they do not vote for Faith/Angela. At the end of the episode, DaVonne gets completely into it with Shane, and if you check social media, the two clearly dislike one another. Gonna be real with you, DaVonne and Shane are both being so completely extra over something extremely irrelevant. DaVonne and Jozea are playing a game that nobody cares about, meanwhile Shane is playing a sloppy game for a team people should care about.

Faith & Angela: They make it to part two of the challenge. Why? Because they didn’t use the dumb side to side strategy. Most expected this duo to be the worst entering the season, instead they are fairly competent.
Kam & Kayleigh: Fall off immediately doing the side to side method. Kayleigh had sex with Nelson this episode at least. They burn their vote.

Nelson & Shane: Before the challenge, Nelson says that he needs Shane to stop starting drama. They end up falling during portion two of the challenge, neither is good with heights. This duo is hilariously problematic as they are completely opposite. If they can put it together, they could possibly be one of the best teams. Or they can flame out after Shane gets into a fight with the entire house. Shane is doing way too much.

Kyle & Brad: They actually make it halfway through the first part with the side to side strategy and go at the fastest pace of any team. Unfortunately, they fall jumping for a lifeline. Even one of the best teams cannot do the side to side strategy. Kyle’s dick is getting their team in and out of trouble. At the end of the episode, Kyle goes off on Cara Maria for voting for them. He attempts to guilt her by saying she is taking 500k from Brad and his kids. This team is much less stable than it seemed the past few episodes. They burn their vote.

Zach & Amanda: Maybe one of the funniest parts of the episode was watching the size difference between Zach and Amanda in their interview before the challenge. We see all of Zach’s face and upper torso and only Amanda’s little face. They kill this challenge. Zach leads Amanda who is walking backwards in the first portion. In the second portion, Zach is able to grab the lifelines due to his size and wingspan, while Amanda can make big leaps with her weirdly long limbs for her tiny body. They complete the challenge with ease. They vote for Jozea and DaVonne as they already purged them earlier this season.

Joss & Sylvia: Another team that does well. They finish closely behind Amanda and Zach. Huge achievement for them moving on as a pair. Joss also had some fun with Amanda. They burn their vote.

Final Results: Zach and Amanda win! Amanda was one of only two girls to complete last week’s purge and this week she wins. This team has been the best guy-girl team by a mile thus far.

VOTING: It is unclear where the votes are going right now. Most of the teams chose to burn their votes. There are so many burn votes going around that we may see a surprise team in elimination.



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