Challenge Episode 4 Recap: Tony vs Himself

We begin the episode right where we left off from last week. The players are getting home from the daily challenge and begin discussing within their groups of who they would vote for. The Hunter-Nelson-Cory alliance discuss throwing in Bananas. The veterans agree that Ammo is the easy decision. Outside Kailah and Jenna are working out, doing cart-wheels and high five sit ups. They look adorable, and while they’re doing that, Marie with Veronica, Jemmye, and Aneesa talk about how they have to split that pair up. Veronica is looking scorching hot in her bikini. Aneesa says that Marie openly trying to get good players out is her playing too hard, though Aneesa’s not the best political player.

This is followed up by two different drinking nights. We see the Redemption House welcome Derrick and Briana to the house. Briana shows off her boobs while totally hammered:

This is what you call playing to your audience. She’s been eliminated, and she’s gaining fans as eye candy for people to want her back. Devin talks with Darrell saying they need a physically strong girl to add to their group. He is of the belief that they will all be team once the game begins again, which is honestly an incredible idea. What if the final was three teams of 10, where the people eliminated made up teams. Those that made it into the final 10 get a guaranteed 10k each. MTV needs to make Devin a producer.

Amanda and Devin have a scene where they talk about having each other’s backs — AYTO Season 3 bonds. The one thing we know is that everyone that day was plastered based on their slurring of words and stumbling out of the bar. Just look at this picture.

The regular house is at the club. Nelson is dancing super closely with Britni (she had a boyfriend at the time of filming). With fireworks in the background, it looks like good family fun. At the bar/club, Ammo is wearing a see through outfit with a thong, he is fearless, and the girls are amazed by his fearlessness. Bananas and Cory get into an argumentative fight, to which a very drunk Nelson runs over to protect his friend, stumbles, and pushes a security guard where he must get escorted out. Derrick K and Hunter are integral to calming him down. Bananas says that Nelson is Cory’s son looking for approval.

After the night out we get back to the house where Bananas makes fun of Tony making eggs. Tony looks zoned out and takes the entire egg out of the pan to eat without a plate (rude). Bananas says he should offer the girls some, and a zoned out Tony points the eggs at the girls. Cara Maria looks disgusted. Her look has a drunk Tony say that she looks like his 60 year old mom. I don’t care what Tony says in an interview after or on social media now, that’s not a good thing to tell a woman. Things stir between the two where she says she will be voting in Tony as his mom. Drunk Tony cannot understand and thinks she is talking badly about his mother. Bananas gets Tony out of the room and looks out for him.

The day after the winning team gets together to deliberate. Cara is dead-set on voting in Tony and points out he’s never done anything impressive and that Ammo has shown more promise (which is a bit true). The guys pass on that idea and are focused in on Ammo. Cory says he is voting for Bananas. The girls have a different strategy and are deciding between Camila and Kailah as their pick. Camila’s name was talked about as Aneesa got into an unseen fight with her the night before.

The vote happens:

8 votes for Ammo, 1 vote for Tony, 1 vote for Bananas
10 votes for Kailah

Ammo and Kailah seem ready to go into elimination.

The best part of the voting is that Cara Maria truly goes in on Tony. She says that he’s a drunk asshole who doesn’t treat women correctly and that Ammo has shown more in two episodes than Tony has in four seasons.


The double cross is in play. Camila pulls a single cross, Nicole pulls a single cross, Jenna pulls a single cross, Britni pulls a single cross, meaning that Jemmye has the double cross. In her confessional, Jemmye gets a bit cocky, amazing considering all she did was get lucky. She picks Jenna to split up Kailah and Jenna (Camila also got in her head a little before the elimination). Kailah is visibly upset about having to face her best friend.

Nelson on the first draw pulls the Double Cross. Cory and Hunter are pumped thinking he will take his shot at Bananas. He makes the safe choice of picking Tony. Going with Bananas and taking a shot at him with Ammo is not the way to go on the second elimination.

We find out the elimination is a redefined and new version of Wrecking Wall. The players are given a ton of staked pegs where they will put the stake in the wall where there are 9 holes — only one hole is a real one. From there they must scale the 20 foot wall, traversing it, finding the right holes each time. There’s a wire with a trough of mud at the top, when you knock it over, it hits your opponent with mud, and you win.

Kailah v Jenna

It is a close match-up between the two. Jenna is going at a solid pace, but she is making sure every move that she makes is perfect. Kailah is focused on making the moves that take her the most distance the fastest. At one point she drops one of her key stakes, so she has to drop down, grab one, and scale again. Kailah’s workouts matter. She loves to do the Ninja Warrior type workouts at her gym, and she was able to make jumps up the wall that her limbs normally wouldn’t let her do. As Jenna is reaching for the wall, Kailah makes a full standing reach with her stake in hand to knock over the trough and win.

Kailah curses out everyone in the stands who was cheering for Jenna (everyone, sans Jordan).

Tony vs Ammo

Ammo is fucking amped for this, he thinks this is fun, and is ready with his lucky sexy underwear.

They each go at the wall. Ammo is killing it. He’s 6'1 and using his long limbs and flexibility to his advantage. He scales the wall with ease. This is where being 150 lbs comes in handy.

On the other end, Tony is a bit nervous, and swear to God, Tony is hitting the correct hole, almost every time. His strategy of attacking the wall is worse than Ammo’s, but he got it at least three times where it went directly in. Bananas was right, Tony is great at finding the hole.

Ammo’s strategy is interesting as he is able jump from peg to peg with ease, so he decides to jump down and grab more stakes, rather than lose possible stability. He weaves like his does every day, though it may be a bit time consuming. Tony is one stake away from winning. He decides has to go big and makes an early jump to try and win the elimination.

Game over. Tony misses it and falls down the wall. Ammo gets up the wall and gets the win due to Tony’s idiotic move. He’s proved Cara Maria right, and Ammo’s grace under pressure is quite magnificent.

Ammo says that was for all the times he was picked last in gym class. This dude his been through some shit and proved himself on a big stage.

The sad part about Tony’s loss is that he says that maybe he’s not cut out for these Challenges. You could see the realization in Tony that he’s nowhere near as good as he thought he was. Good thing is we still have Redemption.



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