Challenge Double Agents Super Trailer Breakdown

Allan Aguirre
16 min readDec 3, 2020


I will be breaking down the trailers of the Challenge Season 36 Double Agents as I do every season. There are no spoilers in this article that you won’t figure out by watching the trailer super slowly. YES, there are spoilers, but they are spoilers via inference and analysis. Essentially, if I see something with my eyes in this trailer, it is not a spoiler.

I did a breakdown of the 90 second trailer MTV put out a couple a week ago, and now am breaking down the full 3 minute super trailer in both video and article format. Each breakdown has little gems/extra nuggets of commentary inserted into each! Also, if you could, like the video and Subscribe to my new YouTube channel.

Onto the article breakdown:

The trailer opens with Big T terrified of Sky Diving (I’d be too). Behind her, you can see CT. She then dives and it is reminiscent of the opening of Rivals 3.

We get a shot of TJ walking with all these sound bytes:

Big T: You can trust me.

Josh (?): You got too many targets on your back.

CT (?): Everyone is so shady.

Nam (?): You lied to me.

Jay: I’m in the middle of a war.

Kyle: They cannot be trusted.

Tori: You trust me, right?
Josh: I don’t trust you.

We get a look at 7 vets ready to enter elimination: Leroy, Nany, Darrell, Theresa, Aneesa, Wes, and Kam. When it gets to Kam, we hear the sound byte: “Killa Kam activated.”

A Natalie sound byte occurs where she says she’s comfortable playing double agent and lying to people as she preps to go into elimination. There is then a shot of two players competing in the Strung Up elimination from Exes 2 and the Ruins.

We get a shot of CT during an eating challenge, and then someone running in a vast open stretch in what reminds me of the Dirty 30 final. There is then a close-up shot of someone wrestling Fessy, followed up by a wide-shot of four players wrestling.

We saw these shots in the original two trailers. It is footage of a trust fall challenge reminiscent of the Duel 2 where male players had to hold their female teammates up using their upper-body and grip-strength. Nam is struggling and Nany holding on for dear life.

This is one of my favorite shots. Players are working on tower puzzles (similar to the War of the Worlds 1 swimming/puzzle challenge that Wes and Dee won), and then in the background, there a bunch of holes in the dirt, which make me wonder if they are digging these puzzle pieces out of the ground, or once they solve their puzzle, they then dig something out of the dirt to complete the challenge.

There is then a shot of Devin in a daily challenge with the sound byte “this game was made for me; I am a double agent.” It’s then an Ashley sound byte stating: “you sold yourself to the devil,” followed up by a devilish looking CT.

Cory tells someone that people in this game have no problem lying to their best-friends. It’s then followed with a shot of Cory’s best friend Nelson, gearing up to compete in a Hall Brawl.

There seems to be an obstacle course daily challenge. This reminds me of the daily challenge from Dirty 30 that CT/Cara and Nelson/Veronica won. Two players carry a large object through multiple obstacles. It seems like Fessy and Aneesa, and Darrell and Amber B are partners.

Josh and Fessy get into a fight where Josh tells Fessy that he acts like he’s the only big tough guy around, but nobody is afraid of him.

To which, Fessy retorts that Josh plays scared literally every season (true).

Theresa is crying while Jay consoles her and says, “out of all people, why am I here with him?” They then show Wes, which I think is a misdirection since Theresa and Wes were perfect partners on Exes 2, and Wes isn’t the type to actively hurt his friends. Then again, the only options for males who competed with Theresa in the past are Leroy and CT. Considering Theresa/Leroy hooked up in the past, it could be him. Or it could be Wes, and I’m overthinking it.

We get a scene of players fenced into their own little areas, and I believe they are handcuffed as the colors in this scene are similar to one from the previous trailers where Cory is getting handcuffed to Gabby. I think this could be an up all night challenge or something very finesse oriented (i.e. something hard to do while handcuffed).

Then we see Big T saying “You’ve got to be strong, you got to scheme, you got play the game.” She is potentially giving the 411 to rookies Gabby Allen and Liv Jawando.

Natalie tells Wes, Lolo, Ashley, Nam, and CT that they’re using the rookies to “get rid of us.” Not sure who “they’re” is referring to quite yet, but it’s weird to say, considering half of the people there are rookies (including herself). Then again, it is 6 of the strongest players in the game.

There is a scene where Fessy asks someone, “Do you know what they’re going to do?” Behind him, Tori responds, “They’re going to put you two against each other.” Followed up with a shot of Cory to imply a Fessy vs. Cory elimination.

We get footage of an underwater challenge and then shots of players traversing dangerous rocky terrains. It looks like footage of the final, and there’s nothing I hate more than MTV showing the final in a preseason trailer. TJ announces the twist that there’s only 10 skulls this season. Which isn’t much of a twist since there were 9 skulls in the final last season and would’ve been 10 had Big T not gotten medically DQ’d.

Kyle looks like he is facing someone in a Pole Wrestle type elimination, except it’s a giant circular ring. Any time you can place your elbow/shoulder through what you’re wrestling over, it makes the event 20x more dangerous.

We see some of Nelson’s Hall Brawl and he’s facing a giant man, either Fessy, CT, or Nam. There is then a shot of Tori (with Kam and Nicole standing next to her) yelling for a medic. It could be from the Hall Brawl or something different.

Josh is throwing a ball at something, and next to him, there are more balls that I would assume are weighted based on their look. In the background, you can see a wall in what might be his opponent’s side. Maybe it’s a glass wall where they have to break as much glass as possible. Wes/Nany had a similar-ish elimination on Rivals 3. Considering Josh’s size and height, this might be a great elimination for him.

Kyle is puking up blood. Amber is distraught and yelling to TJ that he puked up blood, and it may be the same scene where Tori yells to get a medic.

We get a shot of CT and then a scene with Jay saying, “step up and be real with me. Otherwise, what the fuck do you want?” They then show a shot of Darrell. I think these are smokescreens to make you believe Jay is going at one of the two OGs, but that doesn’t add up for me since they usually shoot straight. I think he is more likely cursing out a Wes or a Devin as they are the snake-ish characters.

Kam is in a room with Kyle and Leroy talking about how it’s easier to throw in the teams with no connections because then at least they won’t be losing one of their own.

We then get shots of five different eliminations. One looks like Devin competing in looper/reverse tug of war as he’s trying to get to a bell. Another is Nany competing in the same type of Pole Wrestle that Kyle was. CT is swinging in the air in an elimination that reminds me of the game that Cory and Swaggy C played last season. Aneesa is pulling in a giant cart of balls, similar to the elimination Josh was also playing. Leroy is competing in the same strung out elimination that he famously dominated on Exes 2. Then we get a shot of Kam in the crowd with her laughter played in the background. She is definitely a major player this season based on the trailer.

We get a scene with Amber B saying she’s comfortable turning on anybody at this point, followed up by an explosion in the same puzzle tower challenge I mentioned above.

There is then a sound byte of Kam saying that doesn’t she play a scared game. It’s played over a scene of her wrestling with Lolo and Nany over a ball in a mud pit, similar to the daily challenge she and Ashley Cain won on War of the Worlds 1.

There is then a shot of a daily challenge where players sprint to get started, and Lolo, the Olympian, is sprinting ahead of everyone. While doing so, there is a sound byte of her saying: “We clearly don’t work together.” This is either strategy talk or maybe her having problems with her partner in the game.

Josh punches a wall, but it looks like at the last second he pulls back the impact of the punch fearing he might fuck up his hand (you don’t want to pull a 20 Pack from I Love Money 2). There are then shots of a cave underground that mean nothing to us right now.

Josh yells at someone, saying he can scream louder than them, which means he has won the fight. It gets implied the person he is yelling at is CT, and CT has a hilarious reaction. The house enforcer, Big T, is standing in front of CT to protect Josh. I assume Big T is CT’s partner because they are in many scenes together or are near each other. Josh is wearing the same shirt from the shot where he punches the wall. We get another cave shot, meh.

Kaycee talks to her COVID crew, reminiscing about their time partying in Miami together without masks. In reality, she talks about not wanting to show her cards before knowing where everyone’s head is, which is the most boring and safest way to play the game.

Next is a shot of a challenge where players hold onto ropes dropped down from a helicopter. I’m not sure if they are supposed to climb up, hold on as long as possible, or hold until they drop and then swim to a finish-line.

Wes tells someone this is the most paranoid game he has ever played.

Things then heat up like crazy. We see Nelson and Leroy wrestling in a daily challenge. Leroy is the elimination king of the Rivals era, and Nelson is the elimination king of the Invasion era. This is a dream match-up, and although Leroy has 3–4 inches of height and 15–20 lbs on Nelson, we know Nelson is a goddamn fighter. There is a scene of Nelson calling someone out as being on a power trip, and then it’s a shot of Leroy. Considering Kam is being hinted at as running this game, and Leroy is her partner in crime, it makes me believe this one isn’t a misdirection. God, a Nelson vs. Leroy rivalry sounds fucking awesome. Give me them in elimination; I don’t care what the game is since they have very similar strengths and weaknesses.

We get a look at a couple of daily challenges. Cory is breaking a giant ice block, reminiscent of an old daily challenge from the Duel 1. Darrell is putting in work, pulling something in.

Fessy is kissing rookie Gabby Allen. She is a small, fit blonde, similar to his ex-girlfriend Haleigh Broucher (BB20). Lio Rush is punching the air in anger over something.

Kyle, Theresa, and Lolo admire Nam’s perfect body.

They give us a scene of the players swimming in what looks like freezing ocean water. Players I could discern at different points were: Theresa, Devin, Nelson, Darrell, and Amber B.

We also get a shot of players kayaking in the ocean and capsizing. This might be the final because the last time we had kayaking and it wasn’t in the final was Rivals 1 (a decade ago), I believe.

There is an overhead look at a giant human hamster ball challenge. It looks like there are marks on the ground that shoot smoke into the players’ balls if they stand on one. Considering there are only five balls, this could be a late-game daily challenge.

Amber Martinez gets to shine. We see Amber making out with Mechie in the house and then with Aneesa at the club (with Mechie hilariously grabbing for her).

They give us another shot of an underwater challenge. There is a lot of water-based stuff this season. I am praying for Leroy and Nelson. Nany talks about being a rogue agent and seems to be having difficulty in the swimming challenge.

There is a plane holding a giant cargo net with weight attached to it. Players are holding onto the net, and as you can see, one falls off. We also get to see Big T running at CT, once again imposing herself as the house enforcer. In reality, they are probably practicing for a physical challenge or elimination. Once again, I’m guessing they are partners this season.

There is more footage from the mud pit challenge. This time it’s the men competing. You can see Kyle getting tackled by someone.

Cory and Tori get out of the water in a daily challenge and to shore while carrying a net. I assume they are partners. There is then an explosion shot for the sake of explosions.

Devin tells CT it’s a double agent game, a secret agent game, a rogue agent game, a special agent game, a free agent game, a publicist agents game, a marketing agent game, an agent Cody Banks game, and that’s he’s ready to play them all, except he’s not.


The people we see most prominently in this trailer are:

  • CT
  • Leroy
  • Nelson
  • Cory
  • Fessy
  • Kyle
  • Josh
  • Kam
  • Big T
  • Lolo
  • Nany
  • Natalie

People we see a decent amount:

  • Devin
  • Wes
  • Jay
  • Nam
  • Darrell
  • Amber B
  • Aneesa
  • Amber M
  • Theresa
  • Gabby
  • Tori
  • Kaycee

People we don’t see much of

  • Mechie
  • Lio
  • Liv
  • Ashley

Basically don’t see or hear from:

  • Joseph
  • Nicole



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