Challenge Double Agents Player Preview: Tula “Big T” Fazakerley

Every few years in the wrestling industry, someone comes out of nowhere, catches the world’s attention, and the world all collectively decides they love them. The company then gets put in a challenging position where they now have to give more attention to this initially minor character, and then have to figure out the perfect balance, because you can’t make them the #1 star, or else fans may feel oversaturated, or that person isn’t ready or built to play that part.

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It feels right now that Big T is that type of person in the Challenge world. She only appeared on the first two episodes of War of the Worlds 2, yet, her gutsy elimination performance against an elite player in Georgia captivated a small section of fans. I was pleasantly shocked to see her on the cast for Total Madness. Big T came into the season with a ton of passion and energy. Every week, I’d write my episode recap and post a poll for episode MVP. Regardless of what happened, there’d be a substantial minority of people clamoring for Big T. The Challenge Double Agents needs more cowbell, and it needs more Big T.

Introducing Big T: Big T’s original reality show was the 2019 version of the UK”s Shipwrecked. It is the same season that brings us new UK rookie Liv Jawando. The point of the show is people live on two islands, and you try to sway newcomers into living on their island, and the island that earns more recruits gets to choose where they split or share the grand prize. It’s essentially a bad TV show. What’s hilarious is the show got terrible ratings and got canceled, yet, MTV cast three people (Big T, Liv, and Sean from WOTW 2) from the season. My guess is they were all cheap original castings, and hey, Big T has paid massive dividends compared to the investment.

On War of the Worlds 2, she had a bad time during Episode 1 when Laurel decided to take her on physically during the jungle race. Episode 2, while training with Jenny, Big T struggled the most out of the group and got thrown in by her team as she was perceived as the weakest player. She would face Georgia in elimination. Big T had jaws dropped as she lasted for over 90 minutes in her elimination. Fans became smitten with her positive attitude and how she found something in herself in the elimination arena. One of the coolest things about this is that Big T’s loss fueled her to work-out and train if she ever returned. For Total Madness, Big T was the smallest girl, but she always tried her best in the challenges and could carry her weight. She even made it into a tribunal! Sadly, she cut her foot on a piece of broken glass during a drunken night, and it forced her to leave the game. Regardless, Big T’s commentary, expressions, and demeanor had social media buzzing. While she isn’t involved in any serious drama, game-talk, or hook-ups, Big T’s natural charisma has fans interested and wanting to see more of her.

Player Vitals

Tula “Big T” Fazarkerley: 26 Years Old, 5'2?, 2 Seasons, 0–1 Elimination Record

Skills and Physical Strength: I hate writing this portion because I don’t mean to be rude. However, Big T kind of has no legitimate strengths or advantages other than the fact she has loads of heart and guts. She doesn’t rank among the fastest or have the most endurance and isn’t an elite swimmer. We also know her size limits her for physical games and when it comes to feats of strength. Again, not having length or height makes partnering with bigger men during particular challenges exceptionally difficult. It does not help with heights challenges either as players are often to grab objects for balance, and if you don’t have the wingspan necessary, then it’s quite literally impossible(it’s why 5'9 Jenna was able to succeed in heights challenge and be mostly bad at everything else).

Big T is determined, though. I could see her win a daily challenge or elimination if it’s about will power and not giving up. While she isn’t an athlete, she is a real competitor.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: We have never seen Big T solve a puzzle, though she hasn’t gotten many in her Challenger career. Her social game is solid, based on the fact that she is fabulous to be around. It just isn’t strong enough to get her to the end. She doesn’t have the alliances or connections to get her to the end-game. Likewise, the Red Skull twist has essentially screwed players like Big T. Stronger competitors won’t see her as a finals lay-up anymore; they see her as a Red Skull. It’s not fair to competitors like her who have their bust asses in daily challenges and navigate a social-political field only to get thrown in due to perceived weakness. Watching Devyn Simone make the Free Agents final was awesome because it was an incredible mix of social/political game and luck. She wouldn’t be able to do that in a modern season.

Big T does have an enemy on this cast as she and Liv were not on good terms for Shipwrecked. However, I expect Liv to be more friendly as she needs friends on these shows.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: I am not sure what elimination Big T could win. Maybe a puzzle or an endurance-based game. All I know is I want to see Big T win one. If Big T wins an elimination, I can go on with my life happily. Can she win? No. I love Big T, but she’s not ready for a final, and I also can’t see her making it due to the Red Skull twist. Even if she won an elimination, players would still target her, similar to Jay on Total Madness.

Something I want to note, Big T averaged the second least confessionals per episode last season, only edging out Kaycee. MTV, step up your game and give Tula the respect she deserves!

Big T’s Overall Rating: 72/100 (+10 from Total Madness)

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