Challenge Double Agents Player Preview: Liv Jawando

Allan Aguirre
5 min readNov 15, 2020


Easily the person I know the least about besides reading all available links about her from the first few Google pages and watching every YT video possible. My biggest takeaway from researching is the simple fact she is 21, and that’s incredibly young compared to the modern Challenge competitors. I’ve always felt the best cast members are the younger ones because they’re more likely to make authentic poor choices, rather than a 30-year-old whose sole goal is to get famous and live off a reality TV show. Yes, I am staring at some of Stan Twitter’s faves, but don’t worry, those people are too busy staring at their phones, racking their brains on how to boost their clout.

Also, you prefer videos, here is the Video Player Preview:

Based on what I’ve seen, Liv looks like a fun addition. She is gorgeous and more open to being wild versus some of the more recent wallpaper castmates. There was nothing athletic about her that I could find online other than her physically looking attractive.

Introducing Liv: Her original reality show was ShipWrecked: Battle of the Islands, Series 5. It is the same reality show and season that Big T appeared on (although they lived on opposite Islands), as well Sean from War of the Worlds 2. She appeared on this show at 19 years old, and based on interviews; she had a terrible time filming the show. In an interview, she talked about the Island being disgusting and infested with rats. She discussed struggling with anxiety from watching the show/having to deal with Social Media afterward. Liv even said she’d have to delete her Social Media all the time. After listening to the interview, it shocked me to see her doing the Challenge.

Before I dig deeper into her preview, I have to note that if you have checked Liv’s social media, she recently revealed that she is pregnant. Dear God, I hope someone like Nelson is the father because I would love to live in a world where Cory and Nelson are the dads on Teen Mom. No matter what, congratulations to Liv; I hope it wasn’t something that became a problem during filming if she was pregnant during filming.

I went through an entire reel of Liv clips on YouTube to better understand her personality. She seemed to get into a lot of fights and was often quite emotional. At the same time, Shipwrecked is a very aimless show. They take away all entertainment except for drinking and partying, and so at 19 Years Old, I’m not shocked she was getting into drama all the time. If she does that on the Challenge, she will likely get thrown into elimination. As a rookie, she’ll probably get sent into elimination early regardless, so starting trouble is the best way to get recast.

Liv Jawando: 21 Years Old, 2–3 Inches Taller than Big T*, Rookie

Skills and Physical Strength: I’ve been making these previews/projections for four years, and the rookies who played sports or modeled are always much easier to project since they have stats I can track or skills that will apply to the show. When they don’t, I have to be a lot more superficial, which sucks because you might make flawed assumptions. However, more often than not, the pessimistic assumption is more likely right than wrong. When I comb through her social media, the girl has a great natural body with curves that people would kill for. The problem is, I can’t find any work-out or fitness content, which is pretty standard among all reality stars/influencers. I know people like to make fun of those who post their work-out stuff, but for us, it would help to see if she is working out and what type of work-outs.

What I was able to find is that she posted a video a couple of years ago of herself dancing with a caption along the lines of “not bad for not dancing for three years.” Which makes you assume that at one point, she was a dancer. Hopefully, this means she has good hand-eye coordination. As a whole, we will learn more about her as the season goes on.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: I don’t expect her to have a political or strategic game. Hell, half the UK cast members who go on the Challenge don’t even try to find out what the show is about before they go on. In terms of social game, she needs to mix it up and have a good time. Hook-ups and polidicking can get you far as a rookie if you aren’t a competition beast.

If Liv has any relationship with Big T, maybe she can tell anyone who has her back not to vote in Liv. That’s asking for a lot from someone with not a lot of power.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: Eliminations are sink or swim. Many competitors find their inner competitor once they get thrown into elimination, and it becomes a 1 on 1 battle. Liv will either find herself thriving like Da’Vonne or Big T, or she will crumble like an Anastasia (Bird) or a Nicole Bass. If I had to guess, more likely the latter. Does she have a shot of winning? I’m currently saying no. Again, I hope she makes me eat crow by being a dominant competitor with an outstanding strategic game. It’s just a bit hard to envision currently.

Liv’s Overall Rating: 62/100



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