Challenge Double Agents Player Preview: Kaycee Clark

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When I cover the Challenge, I like to scroll through Twitter, Vevmo, Reddit, and Facebook to gauge fans’ general interest in individual players. One of the things I’ve noticed is that there is a massive ground-swell of hate for Kaycee, especially on Twitter and Vevmo. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of Kaycee. That’s not through any distaste; it’s more or less a fact that she is not a prominent character when on-screen, often in the more wallpaper category of players. She usually only maintains screentime via winning comps or associating with more dramatic/entertaining cast members. To me, it’s like hating a toaster. Yeah, you wish it could do more, but at least it makes toast.

Kaycee is coming off a second-place finish in her rookie season. She should be a contender to win this season. Granted, she has to solve some puzzles this time around.

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Introducing Kaycee: Her original reality show is Big Brother 20. Kaycee left her mark on the franchise by winning the season on the back of a social game where she made little enemies and won a staggering 9 competitions, including 5 Veto wins. She then debuted on the Challenge last season with Total Madness. Kaycee ended up making it into three tribunals and dominated against Kailah in elimination, which is impressive Kailah had been a career 4–1 in eliminations to that point. It was easy for her to coast because she had a Big Brother alliance in the background, was already friends with people like Kailah, and was a bit physically intimidating as a semi-pro football player. In this season, she created a close bond with Nany that was, at times, a bit flirty. She did get into a fight with Bayleigh on Total Madness, but that won’t affect her game this season.

Before the season, the rumors were that Kaycee originally was supposed to be on Big Brother 22: All-Stars 2. Seeing how that season played out, Kaycee likely dodged a bullet. However, her not being on was shocking, even to people on the show, including her #1 ally from BB20, Tyler. Right before filming for BB22 started, her and Josh’s social media posts (as well as Fessy and Mattie) partying in Florida without masks began circulating. The rumor mill began churning out the idea that she got left off the final cast due to COVID. It sucks to have all of social media saying you have COVID regardless of whether you actually do, especially with some people cherishing the fact you might not have been on the cast because of it, but also, not wearing a mask in public is a faux-pau enough, let alone partying in a literal COVID hotspot. At least now, she gets to be on Double Agents, has allies going in, and now knows what a final looks like this time around.

Player Vitals

Kaycee Clark: 32 Years Old, 5'10, 132 lbs, 1 Season, 1–0 Elimination Record, 1x Finalist, Highest Finish: 2nd Place Total Madness

Edit: I was able to find an old dingy website that listed her at 5'9 and 148 lbs, which I think is more accurate.

Skills and Physical Strength: While Kaycee is known for playing football, she is much less hulking than you would expect. Kaycee only weighs in the 130 range despite being 5'10 (though I think she is closer to 5'7). That doesn’t mean she is missing muscle; it’s more the opposite. She has a ridiculously low body fat %, has abs for days, and has loads of muscle, just not the bulk generally associated with football players. Her most significant strength is her speed and hand-eye coordination. On the football field, Kaycee played wide-receiver as she was a perfect mix of size and speed. On Total Madness, she didn’t show any flaws as a physical competitor.

She didn’t shine as a swimmer or with heights, but it wasn’t a debilitating flaw that will get her purged or burn her in a final. Even though Kaycee didn’t win the final last season, she finished second to Jenny, a cardio-beast. Nonetheless, long-distance running should be a focus for her. Kaycee also has her work cut out for her with multiple strong rookie women and returning vets joining the Double Agents cast.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: Kaycee does not play an active political or strategic game. She coasts through the game without making waves and stays loyal to her allies. Entering this season, Kaycee is very close to Fessy and Nany (Josh as well). Fessy is a great ally to have because you know the men are too intimidated to gun for him, and Nany is a great support system. For Kaycee to win, she will likely need to make a big play or two by trying to throw people like Lolo Jones and Natalie Anderson into elimination as they will be massive threats to her in a final.

For Kaycee to win a final, her mental game needs to be on point. She needs to solve some puzzles this time around, something that cost her big last season. It was weird that she had no puzzle ability on the Challenge when she won mental challenges on Big Brother.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: I would take Kaycee in a Hall Brawl or a Balls In elimination against almost everyone on this cast except for maybe Lolo. Being fast and strong has its advantages. Her one elimination win so far was in a simple endurance/strength-based game. I’d expect her to do well in most eliminations as athleticism generally prevails in the more physical games. There’s nothing I want to see more than a Kam vs. Kaycee Pole Wrestle type elimination. Two athletic females with two completely different body-types going at it, where heart and guts will prevail. We haven’t seen Kaycee truly tested yet, and that’s what we need to see to find out if she has a championship pedigree.

Can she win? Of course, she finished second in her first season. It’s just a matter of putting all out there, going 110% in the final, winning the daily challenges to make the political move to set herself up for the best chance to win, and actually solving some puzzles. If she coasts by, there is a good shot she makes the final again. Although, if she simply coasts, I don’t think she’ll win the final.

Kaycee’s Overall Rating: 86/100 (-1 from Total Madness)



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