Challenge Double Agents Player Preview: Joseph Allen

The Challenge is getting its first representation from an America’s Got Talent contestant this season with Joseph Allen. Based on social media, Joseph is incredibly excited to join the franchise, which I love, because anyone who has a passion for the show is in my good book. On the other side, social media is wondering why they cast from AGT. I don’t expect there to be much crossover of AGT fans of Joseph to the Challenge since it’s an entirely different show, compared to the messy UK/dating shows that they have brought other people in from. It makes me assume that Joseph’s Allen agent must have worked damn hard to get MTV interested in him. Then again, the last rogue casting by MTV was Jenn Lee last season, and she was the first female eliminated. Hopefully, it’s not the same for Joseph.

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Introducing Joseph: As mentioned above, Joseph’s original reality show is America’s Got Talent Season 14. His auditions’ performance wowed the judges so much that Howie Mandel used the “Golden Buzzer” on Joseph, which allowed him to bypass to the live show quarterfinals. From watching his audition, it makes sense why Joseph got the Golden Buzzer. The guy went out there and had an incredible energy to him. He introduced himself well, was personable, and he performed an original song written by him where he showed his singing and free-verse ability. I want the people clowning on MTV for casting an AGT performer to watch his video and say he doesn’t have an undeniable charisma and likability.

When watching the episode and researching, I also learned that Joseph is the youngest in a blended family of 12 and a former motocross rider. Being the youngest in the pack puts a bit of a chip on your shoulder, and you want to strive to be better than your older siblings. Joseph is super self-motivated as he taught himself how to produce music and was motocross riding at a young age. The motocross background also leads me to believe that he will translate well to the more extreme daily challenges.

Player Vitals:

Joseph Allen: 22 Years Old, 5'11, 180–190 lbs, ROOKIE

Skills and Physical Strength: When googling, I got articles saying Joseph was 5'8 and 150 lbs, and others saying he was 6'2 and 220 lbs. In the end, I went to his Instagram and saw a photo of him standing next to 5'11 NFL Running Back Alex Mattison, and they looked the same height, with Joseph maybe potentially an inch shorter if he were to shave his afro completely. He also posted about gaining weight (what looks like a focus of his), and in the post said, he went from 184 to 197 in 9 days. Joseph’s workout content dramatically increased around the filming for the Challenge and after. You love to see that, especially if his experience this season pushed him to train more for future seasons.

As a motocross rider, I expect Joseph to be fearless in heights and extreme challenges. Although, he mentioned that he’s broken many bones over the years and had metal plates inserted in certain spots. I hope that doesn’t affect his mobility/flexibility in particular challenges. From an athletic perspective, Joseph is a wait and see candidate. We have no clue how he will do till he performs.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: I feel so bad for this guy. He is going into the first or second elimination if he doesn’t win immunity. It happened to Asaf, Jay, and Jenn Lee last season. The people who come from outside reality television shows with zero connections and aren’t outwardly massive physical threats get thrown in from the jump and are forced to earn their stripes. Last season, Jay earned them big time, while Jenn Lee got blown out in one of the most one-sided eliminations in Challenge history.

Joseph doesn’t have to care about strategy or politics; he needs to focus on the social game and make people want to keep him around. He won’t have the power to make strategic moves since he’s an outsider. The long-term play is to hook-up to get on an exes season and create friendships for future alliances.

Eliminations & Winning Potential: He is a decently sized guy. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him win a physical elimination. Along with that, as the motocross guy, he’s been in crashes and dealt with the pain. Maybe he can take a beating and inflict one back in a Hall Brawl? Again, he is a wait and see player.

Can he win? Zero chance. The guy doesn’t have the connections and will get immediately targeted. An elimination win or two will take him a far way.

Joseph’s Overall Rating: 70/100



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.