Challenge Double Agents Player Preview: Amber Borzotra

Not going to lie; I was a bit shocked to see Amber’s name on the cast list for this season. Her original reality show was Big Brother 16, which was six years ago. She didn’t even make it to the jury phase and wasn’t even the most memorable pre-juror. Add in the fact that Amber is in her early 30s and never showed up on any Ex on the Beach type shows either; it’s crazy to see her out here. Although, the girl has been making waves in the modeling industry, getting actual representation, appearing in advertisements, and was even speculated for Big Brother 22 All-Stars this past Summer. She and her agent must work hard. The girl is literally in the 99.99999999% percentile of gorgeousness. If looks could kill, I’d be dead from Amber’s cast photo alone. Seriously, when it began circulating online, I assumed it was a modeling photo.

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Introducing Amber: As mentioned above, Amber’s original show is Big Brother 16. Her experience on the show was abysmal. Very early into the game, a giant male/pack alliance formed and squashed the chance of any strong woman succeeding and thriving. Making matters worse, Amber had to deal with Big Brother/Survivor player Caleb Reynolds having a stalker-like obsession with Amber. Amber was very clearly not interested in Caleb, and yet, he would not stop pursuing her. However, since Amber was already playing from behind as a woman and a person of color, she had to be polite towards Caleb to not blow up her spot in the game. Which is honestly fucked up in so many ways, especially since Amber got targeted and voted out because the men perceived her as having a hold over him, and that was a threat for some reason. The world is pretty backwards and toxic.

While Amber did not get to stand out on Big Brother and got a limited edit, it wasn’t her fault in any way. It thrills me that Amber gets this second shot at reality television since her first was a nightmare. Based on the preseason interviews, she has a lot more personality than I remember, and I think the Challenge house is more of her vibe and style.

Player Vitals

Amber Borzortra: 32 Years Old, 5'9, Model, Rookie

Skills and Physical Strength: Her Big Brother competition experience doesn’t translate much to the Challenge. However, she did last quite long in an endurance-based competition among a stacked cast with strong male competitors whose forte was endurance. Add in that Amber is 5'9 with long legs, then maybe she is a threat in a long-distance run? Amber is a fitness model, and she skews a little more towards the model frame as she is very thin. Regardless, she has to keep herself in shape, and thus I imagine she works out hard, especially since she reps some fitness wear in some of her posts.

In her bio from Big Brother, she mentions being very into hiking and outdoor activities, and she originates from the South before moving to Los Angeles to pursue modeling. At one point, she listed her goal was to be an ESPN anchor/correspondent, which makes me believe she is a little bit more sports/athletically inclined than you’d think. We are going to have to wait and see.

SSMP (Social, Strategic, Mental, and Political) Game: I’m not sure what her social game would be. Amber has the interest of many of the men and women as she is drop-dead gorgeous. She needs to use that to her advantage. Amber needs to finesse some of the top players to keep her around and maybe leverage some power. If she wants to take a different avenue, that’s completely fine; it’s just the fact that people will be salivating over her, and Amber using that to her advantage is a valid game move. Hopefully, Fessy, Josh, and Kaycee have her back as Big Brother players.

When it comes to the mental game, it’s a wait and see type thing. We will find out at the same time she does whether she’s a puzzle/problem-solving person (I like to pretend the episodes air live like an actual sport).

Eliminations & Winning Potential: When looking at Amber, her elimination experience could go one way or another. Players her height/size have generally thrived in eliminations. At the same time, I wonder if we will see the country girl or the model in those eliminations. Is she ready to get dirty? If Amber goes up against a Theresa or Nany in a headbanger, I will put my money all-day-every-day on the vets. They’re all similar builds, similar heights (maybe 1–2 inches off), but those other girls have shown the ability to fight in the mud, throw elbows, etc. If Amber has that capacity, she can be a dangerous player. Everyone mentions she is a total sweetheart, which I hope is only relevant to her social game.

Could Amber win? I’m going to say no only because there’s nothing based on her Big Brother game that would say she would win this game. Hell, considering how weird her Big Brother experience was, she is more of a blank canvas than people like Liv and Amber, whose original shows weren’t even competitions.

Amber’s Overall Rating: 74/100



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