Challenge Double Agents Episode 3 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

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Episode 3 of Double Agents is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the third episode. These will be integral storylines that the third episode focused on, and I’ll breakdown why they matter.

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On we go!

10 The Aftermath of Kyle’s Elimination

It was nice to see Kyle get so fired up for once. When they got back to the house, he cursed out Fessy and stirred the pot a bit. Fessy revealed that the Double Agents get to see all the votes, which is why he voted Kyle in since Kyle lied to him about his vote. Even then, what did he achieve? Fessy threw Kyle in against someone that would be a free Gold Skull for him and put a bigger target on himself. One of the best moments from this episode is Kyle telling Wes that the entire “Stupid Brigade” voted for him (Fessy, Nelson, Cory). Wes’s voice after he hears that sounds like legitimate hurt. Considering Wes has always been friends/worked with Cory whatever season they’ve been on, it was a move that quietly hurt.

9 Big T-CT Sitcom

Every time we get a Big T/CT scene, I feel like we are watching a sitcom. The concept of their show would be two people looking for a new apartment, Big T moving to America for the first time, and CT after selling his house to finance his new sandwich shop. Unbeknownst to each other, they each put a deposit down on a one-bedroom apartment, only to find out it’s a big two-bedroom apartment that they’d each be living in together. Hilarity would ensue. Gabby, Liv, Wes, and Kyle would be their friends for added comedic relief. It would get 3.5 seasons on CBS and would kill as syndicated re-runs begin airing on TBS and Nickelodeon.

I think Big T does help lower CT’s threat level in terms of the actual game, and CT appreciates that his partner is trying her best.

8 All The Wrestling

Simultaneously a visually cool and dangerous daily challenge. Players wrestled on top of a moving semi-truck without a safety harness and would try to get their opponents’ feet off the truck and onto the sides (and into a net) as fast as you can. The fastest combined team time wins. Leroy and Kaycee won, Lolo/Nam and Wes/Natalie were runner-ups. Visually this was an incredible daily challenge where players got to prove themselves. They could have made this safer by placing more padding on the top of the trucks, I guess. The two injuries indicate why headbangers are usually only for eliminations since only two people compete in something raw physical at once versus twenty-eight.

I am going to breakdown every matchup:

Kyle vs. Devin: An impressive tie for Devin, a disappointing tie for Kyle.

Kam vs. Nicole Z: Nicole gets injured early. Thus, Kam doesn’t get to see what she can do.

Wes vs. Josh: Josh has half a foot, and between 30–50 lbs on Wes, yet, Wes is able to pull a fast one on Josh by bringing them both down at the same time and keep his feet on the platform. He pulled a Jordan on Josh.

Natalie vs. Nany: Even though Natalie is way stronger than Nany, Nany has a decade of experience and has done headbangers in the past. Another round where both players go down together, Natalie picks up the win.

(All I could picture whenever players fell together)

Darrell vs. Lio: Even though Pro Wrestling might be scripted, Lio proves his grappling ability by tying against Darrell despite a 50 lb deficit.

Amber v Gabby: In classic MTV fashion, Amber mentions she played Rugby for 5 years just to have 5'0 Gabby take her out.

Nam vs. Jay: Nam overpowers Jay and wins. Decent fight put up by Jay.

Lolo vs. Theresa: Similar to Nany and Natalie, Lolo is shocked by the fight Theresa puts up. Being a veteran matters when it comes to headbangers. Nonetheless, Lolo still wins.

Cory vs. Mechie: Mechie pulls a fast one on Cory for the win. Every time Mechie is on screen, I like his energy, but they haven’t let us invest in him.

Tori vs. Liv: Tori gets the win, and Liv gets hurt on her way down. Hilariously, Liv says she expected Tori to be stronger.

Leroy vs. Nelson: They threw themselves off together quickly with Leroy getting the win.

Kaycee vs. Amber: Amber threw some good hits at Kaycee! Kaycee won quickly as this game was built for her; however, Amber showed a ton of fight.

CT vs. Fessy: A flat out draw.

Big T vs. Aneesa: Aneesa safely and kindly knocks Big T off for the win.

7 Two Injuries

Nicole tore/dislocated her shoulder, and she is done for the season. It’s her second season ended due to injury if you count her ankle injury during the Vendettas final. Liv maybe has a fractured elbow, and based on the sling; I don’t think things look good for her. Her confessionals are always fantastic, and the girl is absolutely gorgeous. If she leaves, I’ll be moderately upset, especially after Tori said she didn’t feel that bad about Liv getting hurt.

6 Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

Kaycee and CT get into an argument because CT wants to make an egg quesadilla while Kaycee was using the stove to cook a microwave pizza. CT did not understand why she did not use the oven or microwave, thus keeping him from cooking up his eggs. I went down a frozen pizza rabbit hole to see if people cook those pizzas on stove-top, and each case first involved microwaving the pizza at least once, and in most cases multiple times. It was a valid complaint.

For some reason, Josh hears their little argument and decides that he’s the new sheriff in town. He confronts CT outside, and from the get-go, CT does not want to conversate with Josh as he has no issue with him or even Kaycee for that matter; it was merely an isolated squabble. Josh tells her that Kaycee is crying inside; CT leaves the conversation immediately to apologize to Kaycee. Kaycee accepts the apology but acknowledges she wasn’t even that upset/crying over it, to which Josh doubles down by lying over the fact that he never said Kaycee was crying. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and my Uncle would forget to pick me up from school, and I’d tell my Grandma I had to walk 3 miles home when in reality, it was .75 miles. Josh is lying and inserting himself for no reason and gets emotional/angry that he got called out for it. Maybe he is going for a rival’s partner. Big T eventually de-escalates the situation by calming CT down/hugging him.

5 Devin vs. Josh

After losing Nicole, Devin understands that he is at the bottom of the game now more than ever, so he chooses to rile Josh up even more by yelling Big Brother sucks. It’s a weird comment since Big Brother players on the Challenge isn’t a new thing anymore, and while they haven’t been nearly successful or entertaining as the UK cast members, it’s the same rhetoric that got used against Devin as an AYTO person. Regardless, I think Devin’s decision from a TV perspective is excellent since he really has nothing to lose at this point and is already likely getting voted into elimination. You might as well get some TV time, and maybe if Josh throws a punch at him, then Devin will get to stay.

Devin and Josh go back and forth with security, continually trying to hold Josh back as he yells and curses at Devin. Devin has one security guard near him as he takes small jabs at Josh to rile him up more and more. At one point, he keeps asking Josh what 8 x 9 is, which after like the fourth time, made me really question whether Josh knew what 8 x 9 is. Maybe he yelled 72, and MTV edited out. If not, bad look for Josh. At another point, Josh yells at Devin that he is the lay-up that everyone wants in elimination and that Josh will kick his ass. I’ve been making fun of Devin for a while; except in this scenario, Josh is a career 0–3 in eliminations compared to Devin’s 3–1. Add that Josh says Devin plays a scared game when in reality, Devin asked for Bananas in elimination without any incentive except beating him. In contrast, Josh refused to go into elimination on Total Madness (a season you need a Skull) until the last minute. Devin is a more suitable rival for Josh than CT.

4 The Voting

Since Wes found out that Cory and Nelson voted him into elimination, he chose to after Cory. Cory/Nelson then decided to vote for Devin in retaliation. Of 24 eligible votes (subtract the Double Agents, Liv, Nicole), everyone voted for Devin except Devin, Wes, Natalie, Nam, and Kyle (he voted Fessy).

One of the funniest moments was Tori getting mad at Devin for voting them in and her bringing up their AYTO Second Chances feud that quite literally nobody cares about at this point. MTV didn’t even show footage from it because they didn’t care enough.

3 Leroy and Kaycee partnership

What’s hilarious about Leroy and Kaycee’s partnership is that neither wants to lay their cards on the table for one another because of the partner-swap twist. Kaycee said she wasn’t going to tell Leroy much is hysterical because that’s the same energy she has brought throughout three reality television seasons. They are an uninspiring duo who politically have this game locked down as they are connected to many teams, have strong allies, and no target on them, really. Voting in Wes against Devin is the safe move. It is a little weird that they didn’t attempt to get the same Wes/CT match-up from Episode 1; regardless, it’s still a solid strategic play to target Wes.

2 The Elimination

If you count the Champs vs. Stars spinoffs, this is technically the second elimination between Devin and Wes (Wes won the original). This time they played a version of reverse Tug of War where it seemed like their tethered rope was too long as they both got ridiculously close to their bell/buzzer before getting slacked backward. Wes played with generally the best strategy in this game. He was digging a hole to get good leverage and wait out your opponent until they die out. Except, in this version, because they were so close, Devin pushed forward inch by inch and was able to take the win. It was not that fun to watch from an aesthetic/entertainment point of view. It’s a massive win for Devin, as he is now a career 4–1 in eliminations (fucking crazy). Not only that, but he owns victories over both Wes and Bananas.

Wes is now 14–9, with a 6–9 record since his 8–0 start, and 3–7 since being 11–2. Eliminations have ironically been his weakness after being his biggest strength for a long time. Then again, I don’t think anyone in Challenge history will ever go 11–2 in eliminations again other than Wes, except maybe Laurel if she came back. Kam and Jordan have outside shots, but they’d need to win four in a row each. He told the crowd after his loss that he never voted friends into elimination, which is partially true, but it doesn’t include the fact that Wes has saved his ass in favor of allies countless times or steered his allies into make bonehead moves.

1 The Aftermath

Wes leaving the game means we now get a real show/game. He has been a scapegoat, and a majority of the season’s editing has gotten devoted to him. I hope this means that all his screentime gets divvied up to the rookies that we haven’t gotten much of yet. There are a few more easy moves left in this game, and then things will begin heating up even more.

Devin picked Tori as his new partner after his elimination, mostly to mess with Cory and Tori. It’s a poor choice as it only hurts both his and Tori’s game as they are one of the least connected teams. Although, I can’t deny it was hilarious to see Tori having a breakdown over having to be partners with Devin. Cory gets Natalie as a partner, which physically is an upgrade. Though, it could raise his perceived threat level.



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