Challenge Dirty 30: Which of the final 10 guys has the best game situation?

Having been eliminated in last week’s episode and subsequently taken away in an ambulance, we don’t yet know whether Ammo will be heading to Redemption or not. What is known, is that 10 guys are left in this game. Here, we will NOT be examining who the best player is, but rather which male competitors have positioned themselves the best in the game.

1) Derrick

So far, there have been four daily challenges this season (including stage 1 of The Purge), and Derrick has proven to still be a good competitor by winning in both individual missions. Derrick’s biggest strength in this game is that he is part of the strongest alliance (the Banana boat), while, simultaneously, not being the figurehead of the group. Cory and Nelson want to take shots at Bananas and CT first, not Derrick.

2) Dario

By no means do I believe that Dario will win this season. However, in this game, the best thing to have is safety. Once a competitor can make it to the top 5/6, anything can happen. Previously, we’ve seen several meh players make it to finals because the big players tend to go for the other big players during the tail end of the game.

Dario is not a part of the “Young Bucks” alliance, meaning there are 3 bigger targets than himself (Cory, Nelson, and Hunter). Moreover, people have already voted in Jordan and Tony, so it’s easy to do it again. Being the players they are, Bananas and CT are always big targets, and LeRoy is used as an executioner. He’s not winning, but the manner in which Dario has set himself up ensures that he has an extra couple of weeks before his name is up for debate.

3) CT

Because he missed The Purge, CT has only been in 3 daily challenges. So far he’s 3/3 and you can’t get voted in if you’re always winning. Based on the trailer for today’s episode, he seems to be partnered with Cara Maria yet again — it’s almost unfair at this point. CT has both the intimidation factor and the respect factor among his fellow competitors, which makes throwing him in way scarier than throwing in Johnny Bananas.

4) LeRoy

Like Dario, LeRoy has positioned himself in a great spot. He did well in last week’s daily challenge, but he’s never been one to kill the daily missions. LeRoy’s biggest problem is that, historically, people LOVE to either make big moves when LeRoy’s going into elimination or throw LeRoy in when a good player is already there.

He IS the elimination executioner. When you’ve eliminated both Wes and Bananas twice, along with several other good players, people aren’t afraid to toss you in to do their dirty work.

5) Bananas

There are three Young Bucks who can’t wait to throw Bananas in, CT isn’t afraid to throw Bananas in, Jordan isn’t afraid to double-cross himself in against Bananas, and the strongest girl in the game, Cara Maria, has a strong anti-Bananas history. He runs the biggest alliance and being the figurehead hurts him.

6) Hunter

So far this season, Hunter and CT are the only guys who have yet to see a draw. As part of the Young Bucks alliance, Hunter has put a big target on his back. If he doesn’t win the daily mission this week, his best chance at remaining safe is if Cory/Nelson are also eligible for elimination. That’s not necessarily a good thing as his friends (and alliance members) would then be forced to go against each other.

7) Nelson

Nelson is in the same position as Hunter, just not as good at daily missions. However, Nelson has previously shown that he is very good in eliminations (4–1 record). To gain strength in the house, the Young Bucks would need to send Bananas home and flip the numbers. That requires winning challenges, and beating veterans in elimination — a very tough ask.

8) Jordan

Last week, CT and Cara had all the power. With 50% of the votes and intimidation prowess, they could choose whoever they wanted for last week’s elimination. Despite Cory already gunning for CT, Jordan’s actions last week were enough for CT to throw him in. Once you’ve been voted into elimination once, it makes it that much easier to be voted in again. There’s no reason for the other players to get more blood on their hands when you can just dig Jordan’s grave deeper.

9) Cory

The only reason Cory is not currently in last is because he has the potential to beat a veteran like CT or Bananas in elimination in the next week or two. That would completely flip the numbers and the game in the Young Bucks favor. Once his alliance has the numbers, if Bananas is eliminated, his alliance would most likely play an individual game.

10) Tony

Like Big Brother, any situation which allows the return of an eliminated player, makes that player an easy target for the future. Tony has been in the draw 2/3 times, he should’ve been eliminated in The Purge, and still hasn’t won one freaking daily challenge. His ability to never win challenges is staggering — either Bananas is paying him to throw these missions, or he is just bad. Personally, I think he’s just bad.

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