Challenge Dirty 30: What person winning would make you the happiest?

We are getting down to to the last 18 players in the game, excluding those in Redemption. Our view is becoming smaller, and we can truly begin to focus on who we think will win. Past season winners have made fans angry, disappointed, shocked, excited, and of course happy.

In Battle of the Seasons, team San Diego was viewed as the evil team. Frank was Hurricane Frank, and Zach was a complete asshole in the way he and Frank treated their teammate, Sam, who won two eliminations compared to other teams with real dead weight (Jasmine, Devyn, Big Easy). When they held up the Big Check together, fans were disgusted.

On the opposite end, in Rivals 2, fans were all in on CT/Wes beating Bananas/Frank. And then we have the match-ups that split people down the middle. Many fans wanted to see Cooke/Cara upset Emily/Paula, but they also wanted the best team to win.

Here is where everyone left in the game ranks on the happy/angry twinning scale:

Tier F: People will riot group

18. Camila

Making out with Tony in the bus and possibly doing more with him is not what has fans completely turned off by Camila — it’s everything else on top of this latest ordeal. Her freakouts on other competitors and her entitlement in the game has become completely out of hand. Cara Maria is also entitled, but she’s always had a level of honesty in the game and, on this season, that’s been refreshing. Camila is a sour sport and a hypocrite.

Tier E: Probably can’t finish a final group

17. Jemmye

If confessionals and gossip were part of the final, Jemmye could destroy everyone. Finals are physical and require a ton of endurance. We’ve not seen Jemmye have 100 feet of endurance this season, let alone 10 miles worth.

Tier D: Probably not winning group

16. Britni

With the amount of random screen time Britni got last episode, she either pulls off a big upset this week or gets eliminated. She is still a rookie, and no threat to winning a daily challenge this season. Britni will need to pull a ton of double crosses, and even then avoid being voted into elimination. I could see her making a final in the future though.

15. Tony

What did Tony do after winning his first daily challenge in four seasons? On national television, he cheated on the mother of his child with Camila. Imagine if he won the final… You’d have to interrogate your significant other to find out if Tony had sex with them.

14. Dario

If Dario wins this season, the MTV editing team might actually be a group of geniuses.

13. Nicole

For some reason there is a ton of hate for Nicole’s lips. It’s 2017, many people have fake lips, boobs and butts, yet fans can’t stop highlighting this. Nicole has been a gem this season. Her confessionals have been hilarious, she won an individual daily, and got no questions wrong during this past week’s trivia mission.

Tier C: People wouldn’t jump for joy, but they also wouldn’t mind.

12. Hunter

Not many fans are aware that Hunter is a physical beast. On several occasions, Hunter has shown he can physically match Jordan/Bananas/CT. Where Hunter is lacking, is his political and mental game. He’ll need a partner who can do puzzles for any chance to win. If he wins, he can prove why his ego is so big.

11. Bananas

He only holds this ranking due to the massive amount of fans who only watch the show to support him. Besides those individuals, nobody wants to see Bananas win again, not even his friends.

10. Jordan

More fans would want a Jordan win if we saw Jordan more this season. So far, we’ve only seen him almost lose to Ammo in elimination, and tell Jemmye she has a down-syndrome face.

9. Jenna

Fans are clearly divided between thinking Jenna is the barbie beast, and Jenna is useless and overrated. It’s unlikely she wins this season, however after four seasons and three finals appearances, it wouldn’t be a shock either.

Tier B: The wins people would enjoy

8. Kailah

If Kailah wins on her second season, it almost feels too soon. In many ways, she’s the new Cara Maria. A good physical competitor, making her name in eliminations — not challenges. If she wins this early, it ruins the story arch that MTV probably wants to build around her for the next few years. In many ways, Kailah is the new star of the Challenge. Many of the recent guys have either flopped physically, or had no camera presence. Kailah, Tori, and Ashley M have been three of the most polarizing stars in the last few seasons. Strong women being part of the future of this show is exciting.

7. Cara Maria

In recent seasons, many have been turned off by Cara Maria’s entitlement of Cara Maria. However, they also recognize that, currently, she’s the best female competitor. It would be awesome to see Cara become a two time Challenge Champion. With the way she’s been playing this season (4 daily challenge wins and 1 second place finish), she deserves the win.

6. Nelson

After being two minutes away from winning on Invasion, it would be natural progression for Nelson to win this season. He’s a great physical competitor and has grown a ton from the person who looked like a flop early on Invasion.

Tier A: Players who people would love to see win

5. Tori

Unlike Kailah, Camila, and Cara Maria, Tori has shown that it’s possible to be a good competitor and well-liked. From being a star on AYTO, to placing 2nd on AYTO Second Chances, MTV would slobber over the idea of Tori winning her rookie season. When it comes to Tori, it’s hard for me to imagine her becoming a mainstay on these shows, as she seems built for something bigger. Hell, with MTV bringing back old shows, it would be fun to see her hosting one of them.

4. Veronica

This one seems highly unlikely. Veronica probably doesn’t have the gas to a win a modern final. Then again, in her heyday, she always brought out her best in the final. Coming back after all these years to win the 30th season would be insane.

Side note: in one of my college classes, my professor had us write our hobbies on a note, on mine I wrote about this show. He was shocked to find out the show was still airing after all these years. Imagine the viewer from fifteen years ago learning that she goes on to win season 30 of this show!?!?

3. CT

People love CT. The only reason why people would not want CT to win, is if they are hardcore Darrell or Bananas fans. They don’t want CT to catch up on them. As much as stans want their favorites to win, they also don’t want their favorites legacies to be tarnished.

2. Derrick

Like Veronica, how cool would it be for Derrick to come back after seven years and win his 4th Challenge. He has proven to be an all around good guy, and his conversations with fans has gained him even more love. CT prefers anonymity, but Derrick loves to talk with his fans about anything.

1. LeRoy

As the greatest Challenge competitor to never win a season, people are dying for a LeRoy win. In terms of Challenge history, LeRoy represents someone who has always been fun, competitive, and a good guy. All he needs to add to his name, is the Challenge Champion title.

Edited by Lyndon Zass



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.