Challenge Dirty 30 Post-Script: Grading every players performance

Allan Aguirre
7 min readNov 13, 2017

2017 is a time for blatant overreactions, characterizing people as legends or flops. The people on the Challenge fill this description to a tee. One day people are going crazy over Kailah or Jenna, and another day people call them flops. This is the world we live in. Get used to it.

With the season being over, its time to grade the performances of the competitors and what they brought to the show this season. I will be grading not only performance, but what they did on the show in regard to what was expected out of them. I will be dividing the players into Franchise Stars(the one’s there every season that MTV tries to build up), major characters/players (people who matter a a ton to the show/game), supporting characters (people attempting to become major characters), and then minor characters (wallpaper players and rookies).

They are divided based on what they were entering the season. Tori and Kailah were major character whose expectations were put lower as they were both basically rookies.

Franchise Stars

  • Johnny Bananas
    Grade: F
    What did Johnny do this season besides lose to Derrick? He sucked in the challenges and brought almost no drama. The most he did was throw a pillow at Camila during her racist tirade.
  • Camila Nakagawa
    Grade: F
    If the entire fan base turns on you, and you act like a total entitled asshole sprinkled with racism, you get an F. Seems simple.
  • Chris CT Tamburello
    Grade: B+
    CT missing the first challenge of the season actually made the show a little more interesting. He had great confessionals despite never being part of the drama. Add in that CT dominated the game from a physical perspective, and he gets a good grade. His lack of drama as a main character is the only thing keeping him from an A.
  • Cara Maria Sorbello
    Grade: C+
    Before Kailah double crossed her, Cara was a boring player. Yes, she killed the daily challenges, but the only drama she did bring was really catty and childish.
  • Cory Wharton
    Grade: B-
    With it being his fourth straight season, Cory jumped into major character status. He went home pretty early and that was disappointing. His early season drama and trifecta hook-up episode kept the game interesting in the beginning.
  • Jenna Compono
    Grade: B
    This was a solid Jenna season. She made a good move by double crossing Camila, she won the last section of the Purge and her Redemption. Her and Kailah had a cute friendship, and she provided great eye candy.

Major Characters

  • Darrell Taylor
    Grade: F
    Sorry, if you get eliminated by Tony and never get to participate in an actual challenge or elimination, you flopped.
  • Veronica Portillo
    Grade: A
    She got an A, and she deserves it. After a terrible showing on Champs vs Pros, Veronica came into Dirty 30 and played the game to the best of her abilities. Veronica proved that the game is more than physical and is major reason why CT/Cara/LeRoy all went to the Redemption house. She indirectly sent a lot of people home. Veronica also looked stunning in a bikini.
  • Jordan Wiseley
    Grade: A-
    The return of Jordan felt worth the wait. He came back and dominated the final, possibly winning the season. His feud with Cara Maria was interesting, and his flirting with girls in relationships (Kailah and Tori) gave the season a bit of zest.
  • Jemmye Carroll
    Grade: C+
    Despite doing absolutely awful in the challenges, Jemmye managed to be on the show until the 15th episode of the season. She did what she does best: kill confessionals.
  • Nelson Thomas
    Grade: B
    After putting up a strong performance on Invasion, Nelson came into the game and killed both challenges and eliminations. He really wanted to take down Bananas. The problem is he fought himself out of the game. Nelson should have had a longer stay and gotten A, except he couldn’t keep his cool when drunk.
  • Aneesa Ferreira
    Grade: C-
    She did well in some challenges and won a Redemption. Her ability to stay in the game was hilarious. She spent almost as much time in the Redemption House as she did in the main house.
  • LeRoy Garrett
    Grade: C
    Keeping cool under the pressure of Camila is deserving an A grade. He gets a C because he slept through the season. LeRoy was Dario except with more friends. He also lost to Hunter in an elimination game geared towards his strength.
  • Ashley Mitchell
    Grade: D-
    She was on this season technically. I’m glad she quit early instead of midway.
  • Tony Raines
    Grade: A
    I do not agree with many of the actions from Tony this season. His actions in terms of creating a better show was something you could only dream of. He got eliminated by Ammo, came back into the game by beating out Darrell, aligned with Hunter and assisted in sending an alliance to the Redemption House, and cheated on live television. Wow.

Supporting Characters

  • Amanda Garcia
    Grade: D+
    After being one step away from making the final on Invasion, Amanda getting eliminated in the Purge was devastating to the season. In a season that was very chalky in the girls division, losing an X factor like Amanda killed the season. She had a great Redemption showing, yet ultimately lost.
  • Hunter Barfield
    Grade: A+
    He became a major character this season. His dominance in the physical aspect of the game completely made up for his poor confessionals. Hunter might not be a franchise star, but he’s a major player for the future.
  • Marie Roda
    Grade: C-
    If your highlights are of you being alone in the Redemption House, your season wasn’t that great.
  • Derrick Kosinski
    Grade: B+
    Usually I would characterize Derrick as a major character. His last few seasons before coming on he wasn’t getting many confessionals, and this season he got barely any. Derrick making the final and beating Johnny validates his good grade. Always nice to see a veteran return and kick ass.
  • Nicole Ramos
    Grade: B-
    In her first season without Nany, Nicole won a daily challenge, and brought great confessionals. Her trashing of Camila is a season highlight.
  • Devin Walker
    Grade: F
    He flopped. Devin had high expectations after making the final of his first season and winning AYTO Second Chances. Losing early was a bad look for the self-described puppet master.
  • Kailah Casillas
    Grade: A+
    Another player who made the major jump to major character within the season, and is possibly a new franchise star. Kailah kills you with her looks and competitive ability.

Minor Characters

  • Ammo
    Grade: A-
    Everyone fully expected Ammo to be the first eliminated player. He later proved to actually be a good athlete, and eliminated Tony. His confessionals were also hilarious.
  • Tori Deal
    Grade: A+
    If you can make the final in your rookie season, you show that not only you’re already a major character, but also a future franchise star. MTV loves Tori.
  • Dario Medrano
    Grade: F
    He was on this season? Wait, he was on this season and made it fifteen episodes into the season!?!
  • Britni Thornton
    Grade: B
    She made the jump from minor character to supporting character, that’s good. If Britni did not have a boyfriend, I think she would have involved herself in more drama and had a hook up or two.
  • Derrick Henry
    Grade: F
    A division one college athlete who got eliminated by Cory and Tony. Sad life for Derrick.
  • LaToya Jackson
    Grade: F
    She couldn’t make it into the Oasis on Invasion and was in the Redemption House after day one on Dirty 30.
  • Shane Raines
    Grade: F
    Don’t hit women.
  • Simone Kelly
    Grade: F
    I feel bad for what Simone had to go through. After another early exit, I expect MTV not to call her back.
  • Briana LaCuesta
    Grade: C+
    She had funny confessionals, and people fell in love with how beautiful she is. Never going to be a great competitor, yet she made a mark as someone fun.



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