Challenge Dirty 30 Post-Script: Grading every players performance

2017 is a time for blatant overreactions, characterizing people as legends or flops. The people on the Challenge fill this description to a tee. One day people are going crazy over Kailah or Jenna, and another day people call them flops. This is the world we live in. Get used to it.

With the season being over, its time to grade the performances of the competitors and what they brought to the show this season. I will be grading not only performance, but what they did on the show in regard to what was expected out of them. I will be dividing the players into Franchise Stars(the one’s there every season that MTV tries to build up), major characters/players (people who matter a a ton to the show/game), supporting characters (people attempting to become major characters), and then minor characters (wallpaper players and rookies).

They are divided based on what they were entering the season. Tori and Kailah were major character whose expectations were put lower as they were both basically rookies.

Franchise Stars

Major Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

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