Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: Tori Deal

Allan Aguirre
6 min readJun 29, 2017

Did you watch Are You The One: Second Chances? I’m guessing you did not. If you did, you would have been impressed by AYTO 4 standout, Tori Deal. The blonde girl with the booty performed admirably on Second Chances, finishing second in the first season of the spin-off show. Going into the season, I thought of Tori as the fun blonde girl who was fame hungry, trying to get her rap and music career going.

Instead, she’s a career motivated trying to promote herself, who happens to be a super cool person that is also an incredible athlete with great fitness. During Second Chances, her and another girl on the show, Shanley McIntee, were the two most impressive athletes on the show, including the men. They would consistently kill all the physical portions of the competition, often looking at their male counterparts to speed up and catch-up with them. It makes me so excited to see them on the Challenge. That spin-off show was sometimes goofy, but the physical stuff was incredible practice and a great tryout for the Challenge.

From her original season of AYTO, Tori was kind of a star from episode 1. She wore a pretty light blue romper and was twerking her booty while playing beer pong. I didn’t know her name, yet I was still hooked on her. Then she had a thing with some hot guy named Stephen, then she had a little thing with Asaf, the ripped Israeli dancer where he ate lentils off her ass. People are infatuated with her booty, and especially eating stuff of it. Take that for what it is.

After that, she finally found her perfect math in Morgan St. Pierre. A Louisianan Johnny Bravo looking human bobble-head who acted like a robot and definitely has a foot fetish. They were two sexual creatures who got to know each other intimately and dated for a while. Eventually, Tori broke up with Morgan, and started dating/banging his roommate, AYTO Season 3 and RW Bad Blood cast member, Mike Crescenzo.

Tori has an interesting dating past, and is even entering this season with a boyfriend on the show, Derrick Henry, from AYTO 5. Usually I like for rookie to come in single, so they can have sex, be crazy, and possibly ride or steer a dick as far as they can in the game. Except, Tori has an amazing personality, very bubbly girl who is nice and sweet. She’s extremely lovable, and has a star-like quality. I’d compare her to people like Coral, the Miz, Wes, or Kenny. They all might be completely different, but when those people were on the screen, they had an ability to catch your attention, where the focus would be on them. Not a lot of people have that on these shows, they are usually 1 or 2 trick ponies. Not Tori. She’s a potential star.

Here are some videos of Tori so you can get to know her a little bit:

It will be interesting to see how she does in the house. I can imagine her fitting in really easily. One of those rookies that has a presence immediately, and almost feels like a veteran from the get-go. She has an existing rivalry with Devin, her arch-nemesis, the winner of AYTO Second Chances. It would be smart for the two to work together, they’re pretty similar people, except Tori is in way better shape and could smoke Devin in a race.

Now here’s a review of Tori as a competitor, as well as her social media handles:

Skills & Physical Strength: For some reason her idiot perfect match, Morgan, was always commenting that Tori was a bigger girl, implying that she was fat. This assertion is idiotic, Tori is in no way fat or even at all overweight one bit. She’s not dainty, she’s got great curves, and has some nice muscles. Her abs recently have been looking toned as ever.

Tori is 5'8 and around 125–135 lbs. That is an incredible size and build to have on the show. With good hips and legs, she’ll be able to tackle down any girl on this cast. Few girls in the cast stack up physically with Tori on a size basis. Only ones that come to mind are Cara Maria, and possibly Marie. Aneesa has size, she doesn’t have the athleticism or speed of Tori.

Social & Mental Game: Going into the season, she has one known ally, her boyfriend during the season, Derrick. The good part is that she is able to choose a side. Looking at the current cast, the house is divided between the veterans, and the new generation from recent seasons of the show. Her and Britni are the only two rookies, and from my standpoint, they should each be at least somewhere closer to average than the bottom. Tori could potentially be one of the best female competitors.

She can play a game like Jordan on Rivals 2, where she displays how good of an athlete that she is, that she does not have to see an elimination until it becomes a mostly veteran dominated game.

For what it is worth, she seems like a puzzle person, is quite intelligent, and does seem able to play the game either straight up, or dirty.

Eliminations: As I mentioned before, Tori has size and strength over a decent amount of the girls. She has mass on these other girls, she can fight and take people down pretty easy due to her body composition. On Second Chances, whenever sprinting, she was one of the fastest girls, has killer endurance, and spends time in the gym.

In order for her to compete with the better athletes on the show, she may need to see some early eliminations against weaker competitors in order to gain reps and understand what an elimination is, and how dirty it can get. If it’s your first elimination and you face Cara Maria or Camila in something physical, you will not be at the same adrenaline level as them. They are used to this moment of trying to rip their opponents head off. Hard thing to adjust to. I think she could beat them, the probably would be the experience factor.

Final Potential & Endurance: I would rank her endurance to be 3rd or 4th preseason based off of all the girls entering this season. She’s one of the new people actually able to win a final. The AYTO spin-off might have made her ready to make an easy quick jump to the Challenge. History says rookies do not win finals in individual or pair seasons, so that kills her chances if you base it off the long history of competitors.

Making it to the final will require eliminations wins, minimum two. In an individual format, she will have to take down her fellows newbies, and take down a veteran or two. I can’t wait for Tori to make a splash this season.

Final Score: 89/100



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