Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: Nicole Ramos

There are two Bloodlines making an appearance on Challenge 30, Shane Raines and Nicole Ramos. Shane is going to be on this season with his brother, Tony. Nicole did Rivals 3 with her cousin, Nany, but now it looks like Nany has taken 5 steps back from the camera and is enjoying life with her new career, and her man.

Nicole seems to be making the most of the experience, being one of the first Bloodlines to go on without a relative. What she is known most for on the Challenge is her heavy makeup, where she creates an almost new face and new eyes. Personally, I find the make-up too much for the Challenge on the daily, when it is often a physical competition. Though it makes her feel beautiful, and the individuals happiness matters most at the end of the day. Considering she does awesome Instagram lives for her fans where she takes questions and does her make-up. It could be a career for her if she wanted.

On Rivals 3, she finished in 4th place with Dario as her partner. That is shocking, considering that she is not really a good physical competitor at all. It is not her fault, she is not the athlete type, she never competed in anything athletically at a high level. They floated to the final four, won the personality quiz challenge, won an elimination where Wes blew it, and had to see Bananas/Sarah in a last minute elimination before the final that took them out.

Nicole’s strength is that she is a conniving drama queen who sits in the back and makes troll-like comments. Remember when she created all the drama between Camila and Nany on Rivals 3 where they blew up on each other, and Camila was wearing a sombrero and crying? Nicole was smirking and laughing in the background, knowing she started all of it. She will fit in best with Amanda/Ashley/Marie type girls where they sit in their room and talk shit.

These Challenges are a good important outlet for Nicole so she can support herself as a model and makeup artist.

Now here’s a review of Nicole as a competitor, as well as her social media handles for reference:

Skills & Physical Strength: Nicole is one of the most tiny and petite girls to ever be on this show. Estimating: Nicole is 5'6 and about 90-100 lbs. She seemed a few inches shorter than her cousin. Telling me she weighed more than 110 lbs would flabbergast me, her body is the type where in any T-shirt it will look baggy unless she wears a children’s size. She is more or less the girl who eats Cheetos and drinks Arizona iced tea as her daily breakfast and lunch, not because she’s on a diet, because it’s what she likes. She’d rather be doing makeup and wearing cute clothes than going to the gym and lifting weights.

Her and Dario were always near the bottom of the athletic competitions, priding themselves on never getting last, that is until the final daily mission when they finished last. She was on the Red Team during Bloodlines, and while that team was led by Bananas and Cara, she was not too much of a liability to their success. Nicole is competent for a non-athletic person.

Social & Mental Game: Watching one of her IG lives back a month before they left for filming, she talked about her distaste for Camila, and that she really enjoys Amanda. Knowing she has friends going in will help her, it hurts knowing that she has a distaste for one of the stronger females in the game. Nicole would be pretty low on her alliances totem pole if she plays with Amanda and Ashley, as the two are ride or die’s who would toss you under the bus before themselves. With Kill Card in play for this upcoming season, it could be a godsend for her.

When it comes to the mental portion, Nicole is a decently intelligent and a puzzle person. She won the trivia challenge on Bloodlines, not missing a single question, getting the puzzle in the Rivals 3 endurance challenge done quickly, and has been hyped up by her cousin. She might be a bartender, but she has some brains.

Eliminations: With a career elimination of 1–1, she has a win, which feels good to have. Winning an elimination gives you so much more confidence when you enter the arena, you understand the urgency of the situation.

She needs to hope that when she enters the Pit or Dome that the elimination is a puzzle. There are not many girls on the cast that she can compete with in a 1 v 1 physical game.

Final Potential & Endurance: It is hard to envision her in the final. With the format, she is going to be an easy target for eliminations, possibly a quick out, and someone you do not want to be partnered with for any part of the final. She is a fun girl who likes to start fires and run away from it, like the incident between her cousin and Camila on Rivals 3, her fight with Tony on Bloodlines, and then Dario’s betrayal of Wes’s alliance on Rivals 3.

Not a big player, just a great character for television’s sake. I hope she has fun, and uses this format to further herself in life.

Final Score: 63/100



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