Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: LeRoy Garrett

He’s baaaaack. After having done 7/8 Challenges in row, the only one he missed being Battle of the Seasons (where Zito was cast over him as part of team Vegas), MTV finally decided not cast America’s favorite garbageman. Even though he has not been a garbageman in over 7 years, I will always remember LeRoy for the upstanding and chill guy he was on the Real World Las Vegas. Vegas 2 was the 3rd season of Real World that I had ever watched. I loathed Adam Royer. He was a spoiled punk who was only tough around these people on television.

LeRoy wouldn’t take Adam’s shit, and was the only person in the house who would call him out, attempting to get Adam to man up, and actually face his consequences.

This was one of their fights/arguments on the show. I love that in it, Adam accuses him of talking shit behind his back, LeRoy completely jumps on it and says he will talk shit right to Adam’s face as he is not scared of him. He proceeds to do that. Adam throws a bottle to the floor, and LeRoy isn’t even fucking daunted. LeRoy was ready to beat Adam’s ass if he had to, and never even took it to that level.

There was another episode where LeRoy decided to act like Adam for an hour, he broke a plate or something like that, and walked away to eat his food. The housemates complained to him, got angry, and begged him to clean up the mess. Adam had done this many times, walked away, and his housemates would clean it up, worrying about his mental state more than the fact that he was a dick. LeRoy was a cool ass dude who I could respect on his Real World season.

Since then, LeRoy’s still been a chill bro, a guy you would want to crack open a cold one with. However, he prefers to sit in the background, compete athletically when he HAS to, and politically follows one of his best friends in the game (and life I guess?), Johnny Bananas.

The last two Challenges that LeRoy has been on have been cut short due to injuries. On Bloodlines, his cousin Candice was unable to compete due to a broken toe, and LeRoy had his game on Rivals 3 cut short immediately as he had a back injury. Disappointing as he had been coming off his best season ever in Exes 2.

LeRoy’s Exes 2 performance was phenomenal. He won 4 eliminations (something only done by a handful of people), eliminating: Bananas, Reilly, Wes, and then…Bananas again! He demolished everyone in physical eliminations, made the final, and finished a close second, probably winning that season if he knew how to swim.

What’s disappointing about LeRoy having never won a Challenge, is that he has some of most jaw dropping moments of athleticism in Challenge history. On Rivals 1, during the final daily mission of the season, LeRoy climbed up the rope faster than anyone, destroying veterans like Bananas, Wes, and CT. Kenny even said: “holy shit, I’ve never seen a son of bitch climb a rope that fast”. In Exes 1, he played Pole Wrestle with Wes where he manhandled the guy who became famous for that elimination. He punished Bananas later in Exes 2 in the same game, torched Wes in Hall Brawl, and had the jaw dropping moment in the giant log elimination against Bananas and Nany where he looked like a man possessed.

LeRoy is the greatest player to never win a Challenge, hopefully his window of opportunity has not closed.

Now here’s a review of LeRoy as a competitor, as well as his social media handles:

Skills & Strengths: He is a brick-house physically. LeRoy is a man, 6'0 and 200 lbs, big chest, giant fucking arms, and hands that can rip a fridge door straight off. He’s built to wrestle, built to climb, built to tear down a wall, and not a person you would want to fuck with. Where LeRoy excels in Challenges, is all the ones with pure physicality, as he has strength, speed, and all forms of muscle.

During his time off from the Challenge, it looked from his social media like LeRoy was getting into boxing. While considering his body type, the amount of power he has in his upper body and total strength, it made sense. Maybe he will be quicker or slimmer this time around.

His obvious weakness is swimming. LeRoy is one of the worst swimmers in Challenge history. It has kept him from winning a final, has sent him into eliminations, and kept him from sometimes being a dominant force in daily missions. Getting LeRoy during a swimming portion as your partner will weigh you down.

Social & Mental Game: Everyone loves LeRoy, he is loved even by people outside of his alliance. He is known for being friends with Bananas, is likely with cool Jordan and Derrick, has a surprisingly super close relationship with Dario Medrano, and is somewhat like an Uncle to the younger competitors at this point. LeRoy is one of the best veteran presences to have in the house and game.

A shocking stastistic to show how loved and feared that LeRoy is, is that in 7 seasons on the show, LeRoy has been to 10 eliminations, and has only been voted into 3. Want to know the three times? When Theresa and Nany burned their teams votes on him in Rivals 2, Bananas telling Jordan to throw him in on Exes 2, and Jay/Jenna voting him in as told by Wes. He’s been in last place due to partners who are bad (Ty and Naomi), and someone like Nia who is susceptible to DQ’s. On Free Agents he pulled 2 kill cards.

In terms of mental games and puzzles, LeRoy has never done a puzzle (it’s always been his partner), and he has never gotten a trivia question right. He technically won trivia on Rivals 2, except that was a partner personality quiz.

Eliminations: This is a man you should be terrified to see in elimination.

With a record of 7–3, LeRoy is tied for the second most wins in eliminations by a male competitor, won 4 eliminations in one season, and has won in the most physical games in elimination history: Balls In, Pole Wrestle (2x), and Hall Brawl.

CT is scary, but I also think LeRoy is as scary in eliminations.

Final Potential & Endurance: He has run two finals. On his rookie season, he made the finals for Rivals 1, where he finished in third place with Mike Mike. This was easily the toughest final in Challenge history, and the first two day final ever, which caught them by surprise. They quit before the final mountain out of a safety risk for Mike.

In the Exes 2 final, it started off as a water athletics event, swimming, followed by kayaking. This put them an hour behind Sarah/Jordan, half hour behind Jay/Jenna. Eventually they passed up Jay/Jenna and got within ten minutes of Sarah/Jordan. His endurance was great, he completely struggled in the water.

LeRoy needs no water, and no individual puzzles in order for him to win. His window for become might have been close after he didn’t capitalize on the Exes 2 final.

Final Score: 87/100



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