Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: Kailah Casillas

Before last season began, I was team Kailah. From her terrible season of Real World, I thought she was the only person with Challenge potential, and a good reality presence. Mostly from this one scene:

Real quick into her reality television career, Kailah drops the statement that she has a “golden pussy”. Even if she doesn’t have a golden pussy, if a girl tells you they have one, isn’t your interest immediately peaked? At that point your goal is to find out.

Before the premiere of Invasion, there was rumor that Kailah had been sending nudes to guys in order to gain votes. She denies it. However, if it is true, that’s some next level game-play that one must respect. She cares about winning. On Social Media, Kailah also stated that anyone could find her nudes at SuicideGirls dot com. They’re pretty hot.

During the season, it was hard to root for Kailah, she was aligned with Tony and Cory, two fellows who although good looking, are scummy fuckboys. At the end of the season when looking at her on paper, Kailah is a decently impressive future competitor. She also cares about her fans, she’s done Facebook Live Q&A’s for the Challenge Facebook group, done a ton of IG lives, and constantly interacts with people on Twitter (good and bad).

If you have followed Kailah’s social media, you can tell she’s been putting in work:

Sorry if I am overloading you with videos, sometimes it’s faster and easier to put out the message. When you see it, it’s easier believe. Her physical growth from Real World to Invasion to now has been phenomenal.

Kailah did not seem athletic at all on GBOGH, more bark than bite. The typical party girl who was more focused on sex, drinking, and the model life. I gave her a ridiculously low score last season, I thought she was the second or third worst female. Instead, she proved herself immediately in the first elimination of the season, beating down Marie Roda in a Hall Brawl like game that required more endurance. Marie is around 5'8 and 125–130+ lbs with big hips and strong legs. She’s the same girl who flipped Cara Maria into the oil ring and pounded her on Battle of the Seasons. The win was huge for a girl everyone thought was chum going in against Marie.

She didn’t get a fair shake (though she didn’t do much to help herself) , in that she alienated herself from the alliance that had numbers. They threw her into the first Oasis elimination, where she should have beat Sylvia, however, she did not use proper form in hitting her Tuk Tuk, hitting it too high, leading to her dying out. For a good portion she was beating Sylvia, despite using completely improper form.

Now, here’s a review of Kailah as a competitor, as well as her social media handles:

Skills & Physical Strength: At 5'6, guessing in the 120 lb area, little fat on her bones besides her booty, and has gotten some abs, Kailah is a force to be reckoned with. She has went from fit to fit and muscular. While she isn’t full Cara Maria, her body is more like Rivals 2 Cara. Kailah being 5'6 matters. Cara at 5'4, has struggled when competing against elites like Emily and Laurel, mostly due to their size. It doesn’t matter sometimes what shape you’ve gotten in, the bigger person will just outsize you. Ask Derrick K on Gauntlet 2, ask Wes on every Challenge after Rivals 1, ask Ruthie after Battle of the Sexes, it’s a long history of good people getting beat because of size. Kailah doesn’t give up a lot of size, and is small enough to kill most core missions.

Her exercises on social media are exciting as she focuses on functional strength. Kind of crazy for someone who models, as their focus is usually on glamour muscles. Kailah has done a ton to work on her total strength, grip strength, and core. Having that upper-body against the other girls separates you from being average and athlete.

Social & Mental Game: Kailah’s biggest problem as a competitor at times is herself. She’s not at the point in her life where she can go with the flow, and she might never get there, that’s not her personality to take shit. The inherent chip on her shoulder is a major strength and weakness. Reminiscent of a young Wes, she wants to take on the whole fucking house, and wants to prove that she’s the best. Taking on the whole house is dumb, but training to be the best isn’t. It may take her a while to get a good social game. She can get there eventually.

When it comes to puzzles and intelligence, she should be fine? Last season, she made the joke that she graduated college and that she is dumb as fuck. However, you track the person she was before MTV, and she’s a normal college graduate with a competent, intelligent brain.

Eliminations: Currently holds a record of 1–1. Her one win was a physical game, which gives her much more validation as a competitor. It will be interesting to see how she does under pressure when she has to make on the fly decisions. There are very few girls that Kailah should lose to in a physical elimination, the only people you could possibly give an edge to are Cara, Camila, Tori, and… Aneesa(?).

Kailah will have to win at least 2 or 3 eliminations to make it to a final, knowing she often becomes public enemy #1. Considering she’s 2/2 in possibly being voted in, it makes you wonder if she’ll see a 3rd straight elimination this season.

Final Potential & Endurance: Competitors who show potential are often able to make jumps in exponential leaps. Kailah is the dark horse to make the final and win this season with how much she has prepared. Almost like Ashley M last season.

Her doing well in the final would be tough to envision. People running their first final often struggle. Only two people have ever won a final in an individual/pair season, running their first ever final: Camila (Exes 1) and Ashley (Invasion). There are a few exceptions like Jamie, Aviv, and Carley, however, they were on seasons where half the players were inherently rookies.

Her losses and struggles have been with endurance. Hopefully she’s been running.

Final Score: 86/100



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.