Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: Jordan Wiseley

I knew he would be back. After Exes 2 it was reported that Jordan would be retiring from the Challenges in order to pursue his acting and modelling career. Many thought Jordan wouldn’t come back, which did not make sense to me at all. Jordan loves competition, he loves to prove that he is better than people, and he wants people to stroke his ego. That’s Jordan, and we love him for it. He’s the guy who made it to the final during his rookie season, where they (he and Marlon) were the only male rookies there, he flipped all the kill cards in Free Agents, and won his 3rd Challenge. Jordan is one of my favorite Challenge competitors.

One of the interesting things about Jordan from his Real World season was that he was totally unlikable. In the beginning, it felt amazing that he was such an accomplished athlete who overcame a lot despite his hand, then you realized he was kind of an asshole who was super into himself. He got into spats with Marlon, Reilly, and especially Jessica early on. As the show went on, and Nia became the villain of the show. When it came to the Challenge Rivals 2, that’s where Jordan turned around everyone’s opinion of him, or at least we got to see a better side.

In a Real World house, the only form of competition you have is for camera time. Jordan turned it up there. In the Challenge house, it is a literal competition where he could channel his focus on the game. People were excited for Marlon on the Challenge as he was an excellent Division 1 college football player. Then we found out that the guy with one hand was actually a better athlete, in better shape, and often carried their team a little more. They were an excellent duo, one of the five best male pairings in Challenge history. He also hooked up with two girls on that season: Sarah Rice and Jonna Mannion. Each beautiful creatures.

He puffed his chest up during Free Agents, created a relationship with Laurel Stucky, the most dominant female competitor in Challenge history. Jordan’s desire to not only take the throne, but to deface Johnny Bananas as the King of the Challenge was his aim.

He ended up head down and out of the game in 8th place. When we saw him again on Exes 2, he was paired up with Sarah Rice. Sarah told him to shut up, let her play the politics, and let him dominate everything physical. They had their ups and downs, ended up winning 3 daily missions, winning a clutch elimination, and walked out with Viking hats, victoriously.

It will be fun to see Jordan back in action. We got a glimpse of him on Champs vs Pros. He did fine, never got to show off in anything super physical. Based on his social media, he is in better shape than ever, and will translate right back to the same competitive and dominate Jordan.

Here is a video of the Tyler Perry show he was in.

Now here’s a review of Jordan as a competitor, as well as his social media handles:

Skills & Physical Strength: He is around 5'10–6'. Jordan has always looked a bit smaller, and that’s partially due to his super trim figure. His body fat content is so much lower than the average Challenge competitor. Jordan has an impressive athletic background. He won a national championship for Cheerleading, Wake-boarding, was getting looked at by professional baseball scouts until he had Tommy John surgery, and was a walk-on quarterback at Central Oklahoma for a bit. In my opinion, along with Wes, Jordan is the most “skilled” athlete in Challenge history. He has footwork, technique, and agility down. CT and Darrell are powerhouses, Landon is an extreme sports athlete, while these guys will out-sport you in the most intelligent ways.

He sometimes has troubles lifting large amounts of weight due to his inability to get solid two-hand grips, leading to major stress on one hand. Overall he’s still proven to make up for it when it matters. The biggest thing currently holding him back is his mustache.

Social & Mental Game: Jordan often gets in the way of Jordan. During Exes 2, he could not accept to play Wes’s game leading to a disconnect between the two before the final daily mission, except he got saved by the Exile twist that brought Bananas back into the game. Without that twist, Jordan maybe ends their team’s game there.

Going into this season, Jordan is a veteran and a champion, he will have respect in this game. The crazy thing is that he’s only done an official Challenge season with Bananas, CT, and LeRoy on the guys side. All men who have screamed in his face and made fun of him before.

Compared to many of the male competitors who rely on females to do all their puzzles, Jordan is able to do them himself, and is referred to by most of his cast-mates as quite intelligent.

Eliminations: He’s not looked at as an elimination king, especially considering his most infamous moment was falling down the wall against Johnny Bananas in Free Agents. However, Jordan hold a career 4–1 elimination record, and has taken out elite competitors in LeRoy and Zach in the past. His spin move while pulled down to the ground by LeRoy in the Hall Pass game from Rivals 2 to open the window of victory was stunning. That was the best elimination ever in terms of excitement and thrill factor ever.

In the same Wes type mold, Jordan is crafty and able to come up with good strategies on the spot.

Final Potential & Endurance: In his first final, Marlon’s swimming ability put them in 3rd and kept them from competing on day two. Had they all ran the final together, I think they finish second to CT/Wes. When he ran his second final, he absolutely destroyed it. Sarah had her struggles, while he kept pushing, never was out of gas, and was victorious.

Swimming, puzzles, strength, endurance, and heart, all things that Jordan has. He is the perfect guy to run an individual final. If he’s there for the final, no chance he gets 3rd, 1st or 2nd for him.

Final Score: 95/100



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