Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: Derrick Henry

Allan Aguirre
5 min readJun 22, 2017

There’s a lack of rookies on this upcoming season of the Challenge, but maybe that’s a good thing. We are bit accustomed to new faces after the past three seasons where we got overloaded with new faces. For once, it feels like a season where we have familiar faces all around. Dario, Tony, Nelson, and Cory are vets now. AYTO is cementing itself in. Even Tori Deal, one of the rookies this season is known because she finished second on AYTO Second Chances.

One of the four rookies on this upcoming season of the Challenge is Derrick Henry. Casual fans might not know who this guy is, but his feeder season is Are You The One? Season 5. A much maligned season for its glutton of dumb personalities and fuck-boys, Derrick is almost a figurehead for what people disliked about season 5. He was a cool, intelligent, good looking dude. However, he acted too wishy-washy, was a bit emotional, and could not decide whether he was the sensitive guy or an alpha male. As reality TV fans, we do not like layers until we have invested more in a character. CT was a Masshole who attracted us with his looks and testosterone, but we loved him after seeing all his layers. Same with Wes, he was a chill frat dude, became a jerk, and then we began to see multiple sides to his personality.

It feel so far that Derrick is thirsty for fame, being on AYTO 5, then AYTO Second Chances directly after. He dated Tori Deal, and both are trying to promote their music careers. Derrick even has his brand #TeamChocolate. As long as he comes to compete, I will be #TeamChocolate.

Now here’s a review of Derrick as a competitor, as well as his social media handles for reference:

Physical/Strength: At 6'3 and 180 lbs, Derrick has a great body for this show. He’s a top level athlete according to his past achievements. Derrick played Division 1 college basketball for Winthrop University and the Citadel University. His senior year, he recorded 16.3 points per game while starting for the Citadel. If you’re not a basketball fan, I need to explain how impressive this is. Many good players do not even average 16 points a game in high school, let alone Division 1 College Basketball. Derrick is an excellent athlete, and I’m a bit shocked he is on reality television instead of playing internationally. He actually had international contracts to play in Canada and in Europe, instead, he chose to go for MTV, so be happy he chose us over basketball. Ball might be life, but the Challenge is love.

Here are his senior year highlights. The guy has explosive speed, good size for the Challenge, and some nice abs. During his interviews on AYTO, he seemed intelligent and competent. One of the reasons it feels like MTV wants him on this show is that he will give 100% to the show whenever. My problem is that he doesn’t seem like he wants to get dirty. He has the physical tools to dominate, it’s just whether he has the mindset to rip someone’s head off.

Being a rookie will be hard to overcome, however, with his size he could do really well in certain missions.

Mental/Social Game: Being from AYTO is much less the stigma it once was. Rookies still get the same stigma and coming from AYTO does not help at all either. I cannot gauge whether Derrick is liked from his group of AYTO guys going on this season of the Challenge. The one person he did AYTO Second Chances with other than Tori, was Devin, who is Tori’s arch-nemesis. Derrick could be looking at a quick exit or a bunch of eliminations in his future.

Derrick also come into the game dating Tori Deal. It is never good to enter your first Challenge as a committed man, you should be in there trying to make something happen. Getting in bed with a power player could save you for a couple weeks.

Eliminations: We have seen many times that either size or speed will decide who wins an elimination. Derrick has a good mix of both. He will be one of the tallest guys on this season, up there with Tony and CT. Watching him play basketball, he is a guy who likes to pick and choose his battles. His craftiness could come in handy on this season. Getting a couple elimination wins could endear him to the fans, which should be his ultimate goal on the season.

Derrick should be the fastest guy on this show.

Final Potential/Endurance: I do not foresee Derrick making it to the final. With all the circumstances against him (rookie, AYTO, not a ton of connections), it is hard to imagine him there in the final. Heck, I could see him winning 3 eliminations and still being out within the first half of the game.

As a basketball player, he has much more cardio than a baseball or football player. Still no clue how he will translate when it comes to running long distances and killing his body on a daily basis. Also seems like a guy who could struggle with eating weird shit. He has a good body and will be a great addition to the show, however him being in the final, let alone winning, will be tough. Being a rookie in an individual game with a ton of alpha males makes you too big of a target.

Final Score: 74/100



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