Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: Britni Thornton

Allan Aguirre
5 min readJun 18, 2017


Britni was the 14th girl confirmed by Vevmo as part of the cast for Season 30. I was confused, then saw she was listed as part of Are You The One Season 3, the first season of AYTO that I had ever watched, so remembering her was a bit hazy.

Someone posted that they were glad her skinny boyfriend, Chuck, would not be showing up. Then a light-bulb appeared over my head, Chuck was the dumb looking surfer dude with a soul patch and long blonde hair. It all started coming back to me. Chuck had a fling with a pretty blonde girl named, Hannah, and after finding out they were confirmed non-matches, they needed to move on, but in classic AYTO fashion, they were still hooking up. Once Chuck was free it created an opening for Britni to make her move on the surfer. Here were some of her AYTO highlights

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of the topless with hair covering the chest look. That’s me though.

The thing that brought Chuck and Britni together was water. They bought had a love for the Sea and Ocean, they wanted to swim with the fishes, and fuck like mermaids. It’s a good sign for the Challenge if one of your new competitors spends so much time in the water. Being a good swimmer matters in the Challenge, it can get you a win in daily missions that will surprise people, and it matters most in a final. We just saw Nelson lose a final due to swimming, LeRoy lost a final due to swimming, Marlon got Jordan 3rd place in a final due to swimming, and so on.

This seems like a random and anonymous addition to the cast. Turns out she was an alternate for Rivals 3, with her partner being Hunter Barfield. The right time to add her was after her AYTO season, now it feels it be late, nonetheless hopefully she will be a good addition. Bunim-Murray must have really wanted her if it took all this time for her to show up and they kept her number.

Now here’s a review of Britni as a competitor, as well as her social media handles for reference:

Skills & Physical Strength: The country girl from Georgia has some lanky limbs that are helpful in daily missions. Decent height (5'4), decent size, nothing dominant. Her body is competent and an average build for what you want as a Challenge competitor. Nothing about her body seems to make her a liability.

Her swimming skill is the biggest thing going for her. You’re not a good Challenge competitor, unless you have something that makes you better than others. Being average and middling kind of sucks, and will get you booted. Intelligence, size, swimming, strength, endurance, upper body strength, and social politics, if you aren’t the best or near the best in one of those, it is hard to win.

Jonna Mannion was one of my favorite competitors ever, she was good and competent at a lot of things, but she was never the best, always leading to her eventual loss. Same goes for a lot of other competitors. If Britni can find that skill, she can succeed.

Social & Mental Game: Britni is not afraid to get dirty and a bit country. When things got heated between her and Hannah, Britni wasn’t afraid to take low-blows. This girl will fight for herself in this game. From her season of AYTO, she has Amanda, Nelson, and Devin. Hunter is also on the cast, except those two are not on the best terms.

Her having a committed long term boyfriend from the MTV universe does not help her chances in the game. Being able to enter the game as a rookie who is single and ready to mingle is a powerful thing in the Challenge. When Jenna was the new hot girl, it made guys want to keep her around.

Not sure if Britni is bright, intelligence-wise, she does seems to be competent and quick-witted.

Eliminations: Based on her fitness, body, and size, Brtini should beat all the tiny girls on this cast in a physical elimination. There are a lot of small females on this season, and a few that are in bad shape who will not be able to keep up with her. How she fares against the average and above average female competitors will be interesting. It is known that her and Jenna do not get along, so it would be fun to watch the two of them go at it. Country vs City girl.

Final Potential & Endurance: A fresh anonymous rookie with no ties to the house, except some pre-existing drama with a few cast mates is not getting you to the final. I give her a 1% chance of making the final currently. She would need to win 1 or 2 daily missions, and win like 3 eliminations to make it there. Without those friendship ties and bonds, it will be easy for others to vote her in with no fear.

Her potential in a final is still a big unknown, she does have the body type to succeed in one. If she did make it, I could see her finishing in 2nd, not winning on the first try, but a good finish.

Final Score: 75/100



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