Challenge Dirty 30 Player Preview: Briana LaCuesta

Ever have the Challenge contestant that you have a weird interest in? For me, it is probably Briana LaCuesta. Maybe it’s because she is hot and speaks her mind. No wait, that is it. During her season of AYTO, she was a sweet girl who fell for a guy named Curtis. Her perfect match on the show was the quitter and bitch we know as Brandon Tindel.

Briana was cast for Rivals 3 due to the blow-up she had with Brandon during a fight where Brandon once again acted like he was above everyone on a reality television show. Reality television shows that made him cry multiple times and that he went back to for more. The real reason she was cast, is that she’s a smoke-show. Briana is very beautiful, seriously, I lost 10 minutes of my life looking at her photos while going through her Twitter and Instagram to write this. She has a good natural look, great body, strong eye roll skills, and has improved her makeup game over the years. She’s a major fan of Big Brother, so that’s a plus for you reality television fans.

Are You The One Season 2 feels almost like a fever dream at this point. I remember Christina being the 11th girl, Nate crying, Ellie being crazy, Dario being cool, Anthony hooking up with everyone, Layton seeming like a mouth breather, and that Briana was hot. After being part of a quitting pair, MTV choosing to cast some from AYTO 2 seems a bit weird. The truth is, Briana is replacing Ashley. Quitters suck, and the bright-side is that we get Briana on the show.

Her and Brandon only got to participate in a few daily Challenges during their time on the show. They did fine on the initial mission where everyone seemed to do the same. Had a 3rd place finish in their heat for the soap humping competition. In that competition, Briana had the legendary line that she would be imagining the bar of soap as her boyfriends ____. Legend.

Now here’s a review of Briana as a competitor, as well as her social media handles for reference:

Skills & Physical Strength: She’s 5'4 and around 105 lbs. A very tiny girl. Her body is stacked physically in the model sense, she has a tiny waist, eyebrows on point, etc. She is not built for the Challenge. Briana has the glamour muscles versus the athlete muscles, which is completely fine. Working as a model it is more important for her to promote herself and gain fans, using this show as her stepping stone towards something bigger than the Challenge. Maybe she has some past athletic prowess, but she won’t be a major threat physically in this game.

Briana does have the body to be a capable competitor and a solid future partner for a male competitor.

Social & Mental Game: Briana comes into this game as a replacement, and will be participating in the second daily challenge. I can guarantee that she will be a target for the first elimination that she is available for when she enters the game. Similar to Nelson/Amanda when they entered the game midway on Rivals 3. Being a late minute addition who is not a veteran will get you thrown in.

Maybe she has some AYTO friends in the house? I think she’s cool with Devin.

Eliminations: Due to Brandon quitting, she has never seen an elimination. Maybe she is willing to get dirty in the sand with someone if comes down to it. It would be fun to watch Briana win an elimination. Winning an elimination is a rite of passage, getting the win means you could get cast in the future.

My biggest fear is that she is roommates with Nate Siebenmark, meaning she may have become softer from being around him so much.

Final Potential & Endurance: I wonder how much cardio she does when working out. Being from San Diego, I would not be shocked to learn that she is a killer swimmer as she’s by the beach. She’s not making it to the final, you cannot enter the game late and expect to not be thrown into every elimination.

Final Score: 61/100



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Allan Aguirre

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