Challenge Dirty 30 Player Comparisons

After years of Challenges, it’s become easy for fans to watch Jordan and pronounce that he is the new Bananas or to watch Devin and say that is the new Wes. That’s easy to do. So what will I do? Exactly that, I will be giving you the player who I find most similar to the players on this season on their fifth Challenge or less:

Jenna Compono (5th season)
Player Comparison: Paula Meronek

When Paula hit her 5th Challenge, she realized that she couldn’t be the party hookup girl anymore. Jenna is on Challenge 5, winning should be the goal. Both live(d) in New York and have had their share of hookups.
Other Comparisons: Jonna Mannion

Jordan Wiseley (4th season)
Player Comparison: Johnny Bananas

This one is literally too easy. Jordan could have been the next Kenny, but he’s not clever enough. He’s an intelligent and talented guy, disappointing that he is been acting like Johnny more lately. Especially on CvP.
Other Comparisons: Wes Bergmann, Tyler Duckworth, Kenny Santucci

Hunter Barfield (2nd season)
Player Comparison: Derrick Kosinski

Another easy comparison. Both college baseball players, both small dudes with a ton of strength and able to take on bigger guys. Derrick is such a likable guy now, but he used to get on people’s nerves and be an outcast.
Other Comparisons: LeRoy Garrett, Zach Nichols

Kailah Casillas (2nd season)
Player Comparison: Wes Bergmann

Might shock you to see Wes, but these two seem pretty similar. Both physical threats who often have a ton of confidence in themselves physically. Early on, Wes had this entire strategy that he would win, even if it meant he will take on the whole house. Kailah is similar. They have a drive that focuses them on winning, though sometimes the house and game gets in their way.
Other Comparisons: Cara Maria Sorbello

Tori Deal (1st season)
Player comparison: Mike the Miz

When watching Tori on AYTO Second Chances, I was a bit enamored and shocked by her stage presence. This girl is too good for these shows as a cast member. There are super magnetic personalities that attract everyone around them. Tori could be a great host for the network or possibly something bigger, not sure what yet.
Other Comparisons: Jamie Chung, KellyAnne Judd

Dario Medrano (4th season)
Player Comparison: Johnny Reilly

Both “Boston” boys, both dated beautiful girls, and people aren’t sure whether they like him, or whether they’re good competitors.
Other Comparisons: Jenn Grijalva

Derrick Henry (1st season)
Player Comparison: Marlon Williams

Two guys who put in work in Division 1 College sports. Both a bit sensitive too, with religious backgrounds.
Other comparisons: CJ Koegel?

Ashley Mitchell (3rd season)
Player Comparison: Camila Nakagawa

Two girls who freak out in the house, yet bring it on game-day. Both won early in their Challenge careers.
Other Comparisons: Veronica Portillo, Tori Fiorenza, Tonya Cooley

Amanda Garcia (3rd season)
Player Comparison: Tina Barta

People called Amanda and Ashley the new mean girls, which I could understand. Shane Landrum was their new Rachel, Ashley was Veronica (though that wasn’t as strong of a comparison), and Amanda is Tina. These two have the strength of their brains and mouth, and can fight when it matters.
Other Comparisons: Jenn Grijalva, Katie Doyle, Kina Dean

Cory Wharton (4th Season)
Player Comparison: Dunbar Merrill

Two guys who were always better on paper. Great hookups for each.
Other Comparisons: Johnny Bananas

Christopher Ammon
Player Comparison: Preston Roberson-Charles

If Ammo could become what Preston was on Free Agents, he would destroy all expectations in the best way possible. Most people should strive for the growth Preston had.

Britni Thornton (1st season)
Player Comparison: Averey Tressler?

Smaller girls who are a bit scrappy.
Other Comparisons: Mandi Moyer

Simone Kelly (3rd season)
Player Comparison: Jasmine Reynaud

Yeah. I don’t like Jasmine. I like her a lot more than Simone.

Shane Raines (2nd season)
Player Comparison: Davis Mallory

Like Ammo with Preston, if Shane could be Davis, that would be incredible.

Tony Raines (4th season)
Player Comparison: Brook LaBarbera

This one may seem strange, but they’re both tall and beautiful people who have a hunger for sex and bad decisions.
Other Comparisons: Zach Nichols, CT, Ty Ruff

LaToya Jackson (3rd season)
Player Comparison: Brandon Nelson

This was a tough one, chill people. Chill vibe and good one liners.

Marie Roda (3rd season)
Player Comparison: Frank Sweeney

These two were good friends for a reason. They get sloppy when they fight.
Other Comparisons: Tina Barta

Devin Walker (2nd season)
Player Comparison: Ryan Knight

The Wes comparisons often get thrown around, but Wes was 21 when he won the Duel, Devin was 25 on AYTO. The age difference matters. Two guys whose main skill is manipulating and getting a rise out of people, yet they stay lovable.
Other Comparisons: Wes Bergmann

Nelson Thomas (3rd season)
Player Comparison: Cara Maria Sorbello

Good at eliminations and endurance, a bit undersized, tons of muscle, and not the best politicians. Foot in mouth lifestyles.
Other Comparisons: LeRoy Garrett

Nicole Ramos (3rd season)
Player Comparison: Theresa Gonzalez

While she did not have the physical pedigree of Theresa at all, they are both girls who like to start drama from afar, watch with popcorn, and either deject or feel offended when others come at them.
Other Comparisons: Jemmye Carroll



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