Challenge Dirty 30 Midseason Awards

Congratulations everyone! Making it to the halfway point in this neverending season of The Challenge is a big accomplishment!

Here are the awards so far:

Milestone and Fun Fact Awards:

  • Of all the male competitors, Johnny Bananas and CT have made the most and second-most appearances on the, Bananas (15) and CT (13).
  • Of all the female competitors, Aneesa has made the most appearances, followed by Cara Maria and Camila in second, and Veronica in third with 12, 10, and 9 appearances, respectively.
  • Congrats to Tony on making it to episode 12, far and away the longest he has ever lasted on a season.
  • Nelson and Jordan each got their 5th career elimination wins.
  • Rookies are 4–2 in eliminations this season (2 wins by Britni, 1 by Tori, 1 Ammo).
  • In the last two seasons, LaToya ha’s only been in the Challenge house for one and half days in total. She spent time in the Shelter for her entire duration on Invasion.
  • CT has not even sniffed the double cross this season.

Season MVPs:

Male: CT Female: Cara Maria

Usually I like to go outside of the box with these selections, however these two have dominated this season so far. We’re eleven episodes into the season, going on twelve, and Cara Maria will see her first double cross in the upcoming episode, and CT still is yet to see one! Additionally, they’ve won multiple daily challenges together. Team Boston Strong has been steam rolling through the season.

On the guys side, there were a ton of people I considered — LeRoy for his maturity in the face of a racist Camila, Ammo proving himself as a competitor, and Cory creating a ton of drama early in the season.

As a whole, the girls competition and drama has been weaker. Kailah has been exciting, but she hasn’t been on the winning sides of a ton of challenges. Tori was too wound up in her boyfriend to start the show. And Camila is a racist.

Least Valuable Players:

Male: Shane Female: Camila

Fans thoroughly enjoyed watching Shane during his brief stint on Battle of the Bloodlines. People loved when he fought his brother and spoke in rhyme while intoxicated. On Dirty 30, he was eliminated during the Purge, then got most of his screen time in during the Redemption House, where he was kicked out for hitting Simone. We will never see Shane on a Challenge again, and for good reason.

Camila has lost a ton of fans over the years. However, with her outburst a couple of weeks ago, nobody likes Camila anymore. Correction, nobody sane likes Camila anymore.

When it came to least valuable guy, Dario, Darrell, and Derrick H were all considered. Dario is still in, but he’s been non-existent this entire season. Darrell was eliminated “twice”, once by Cory and the other by Tony — a bit embarrassing for an all time great. All we know about Derrick H is that he loved his girlfriend (Tori), and he got bounced from the game immediately.

Best Elimination Win of the Season:

Nelson beating Hunter.

This match saw two muscular men tied together, forced to pull each other to opposing sides in order to score a point. In terms of physical eliminations, this was turned up to 100%. It required upper body, lower body, and core strength. To win, you needed size and complete strength.

Add in the fact that these two guys are best friends and in incredible shape, it completely added to the intensity. My favorite part about this elimination is when Nelson slowly pulls away during the final round and Hunter grabs onto Nelson’s hand, where he attempts to break his hand (it looks that way).

Best Confessionals:

Male: CT Female: Britni

In his old age, CT has learned how to kill it in confessionals. Back in the day he would rush through them and mumble through his jokes. Having a kid has slowed down his life a ton and allows him to create some good jokes. One day he walks in as CT Balboa, another day clowning Hunter, and then making self-deprecating jokes about his Dad Bod.

In terms of the girls, it was between Britni and Nicole for winning the confessional title. Nicole is hilarious whenever she drags Camila, and Britni’s only chance to shine is often in these little moments. Britni’s giant rant of her dislike for Kailah was hilarious and overblown. Britni is a drama queen who has found her place on these shows.

Best Beauties:

The girls are killing it with their confessional looks this season. With not much to do in the Challenge house, you’re better off putting in time to look good in your confessionals.

Best Move of the Season:

1st: Jailah aligning with Cara Maria and Camila
2nd: Jemmye throwing in Jenna against Kailah

It’s a smart move for Kailah and Jenna to align with the two strongest female players in the game. Together they can make sure that at least one of them will win any given week’s daily mission, and keep each out of eliminations. Last season, Kailah and Jenna were completely overpowered by the lesser female athletes due to their lack in numbers. In an individual game, they’re taking advantage this season.

Jemmye throwing in Jenna was actually a good game move because you eliminate one of the top five female girls in the house. They did not know about the Redemption House at the time, and that would obviously go on to change the way people played the game.

Going into the final half of the season, here is how I have the guys and girls ranked:

1. CT — He’s literally won almost everything so far this season, and remains one of the greatest players in Challenge history.
2. Derrick K — In a great place in the game. He flexed his muscles during last week’s daily mission, and there are bigger “targets” currently in the game.
3. Jordan — Now that the Jemmye incident is behind him, Jordan can play his own game. Hunter is going after him, but that’s only one person.
4. Bananas — Usually I would place someone leading the biggest alliance in the house much higher. The problem is Bananas is losing almost every mission lately. He needs to kill the next one in order to keep himself safe.
5. LeRoy — A quiet game for LeRoy as usual. He needs to make a move or win next week’s challenge in order to further his chances of winning. Right now he’s playing to stay safe, not to win.
6. Hunter — The positive is that Hunter is currently safe. The negative is that if he doesn’t win a challenge, he is 100% going into the Presidio.
7. Tony — Congrats on making it this far into the game!
8. Dario — I actually would’ve had Dario higher than Tony if Nelson wasn’t DQ’d last week. Now that Nelson is out, it kills a week of safety for Dario. Floating is what he does best. His balloon just got popped.

  1. Cara Maria — She continues to win and have protection. Her number one alliance is CT, which means she has the most powerful guy on her side. A bit overpowered at this point.
    2. Tori — For a rookie, Tori has found a way to go completely under the radar.
    3. Camila — Both nominations following her racist outburst towards LeRoy, Camila has been safe. Once she’s not, it will be fascinating to see whether people see it as their chance to let her pay.
    4. Kailah — Has safety this week, let’s see how it goes once the game isn’t diluted by weak girls.
    5. Jenna — She still hasn’t won a single daily mission this season. However, she killed it last week during the daily mission, being the only girl to complete the daily challenge.
    6. Britni — The best thing that has happened for Britni, is that CT & Jordan have been focused on keeping the best girls in the game in order to give themselves a stronger partner in the final who won’t drag them down in a Devyn or Zach situation. They think Britni is better than the bottom three girls.
    7. Jemmye — Like Jenna, Jemmye has not won a single daily mission this season, and she’s been a major detriment to her team each time. Only twice has she even finished in the middle of the pack, and those were both in non-physical missions. Yet, CT barely brought her up as a bad competitor this week.
    8. Veronica — She has not performed badly at all this season. Then she didn’t get picked at all for the last mission. People in the house do not view Veronica very highly.
    9. Aneesa — People follow the things CT says. He said Aneesa is at the bottom, and considering she has been eliminated once, it’s not crazy to imagine her getting eliminated again.

Edited by Lyndon Zass



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