Challenge Dirty 30: Mapping Out Everyone’s Alliances

Back in the day’s JEK(D), some alliances were made more public than others, however the alliance lines were not always as clear as others and how people ranked in other people’s games also mattered. For example, Evan’s totem pole goes:

Evan: 1 Kenny 2 Derrick 3 Johnny

Kenny: 1 Evan 2 Derrick 3 Johnny
Johnny: 1 Kenny 2 Evan 3 Derrick
Derrick: 1 Kenny 2 Evan 3 Johnny

Let’s map out where everyone stands in terms of their game play. I will not be accounting for the people in Redemption as the players in the game do not know about Redemption.


Guys: 1 LeRoy 2 Derrick K 3 CT 4 Jordan 5 Tony
Girls: 1 Jenna 2 Aneesa or Cara Maria?

Bananas has LeRoy and Derrick as 1 and 2’s as they are guys he has played with in the past. As vets, he has a mutual respect with CT and Jordan, plus he knows they can protect him. Tony is more loyal to Bananas than them, he just knows Tony isn’t an asset in comparison. His female allies are seemingly gone these days, and now it feels like he and Cara Maria should work together for each others games.


Guys: 1 LeRoy? 2 Bananas? 3 Derrick K? 4 Jordan?
Girls: 1 Cara Maria

Not going to say that CT hates Jordan. Jordan’s demeanor has from time to time consistently gotten under the skin of the CT in the past before. They used to play somewhat together when Zach/Reilly were around. CT is a lone wolf. Cara is his female #1, and that’s great to have from a physical standpoint.


Guys: 1 Bananas? 2 CT? 3 Dario?
Girls: 1 Cara Maria? 2 Camila or Veronica or Jenna ?

In the 3 seasons that Jordan has not done a Challenge a lot of people have entered the game. The people he began the game with are gone for some reason. I expect Cara to be his #1 as the males want the “best female” on their side. I could see Jordan/Tori becoming a thing as they are similar to people they have dated. Tori is the best version of Sarah Rice, and Jordan is the best version of Morgan St. Pierre.

Derrick K

Guys: 1 Bananas 2 CT 3 LeRoy 4 Jordan
Girls: 1 Veronica? 2 Camila 3 Cara Maria 4 Aneesa

Have to believe that the Diesel is playing with the veterans. In the trailers it seems like to younger generation wants to bring him over to their side.


Guys: 1 Bananas 2 Dario 3 CT 4 Derrick K
Girls: 1 Cara Maria 2 Jemmye 3 Jenna

LeRoy should make Dario his #1. At the end of the day, Dario is more indebted and loyal to LeRoy than Bananas will ever be.


Guys: 1 Nelson 2 Hunter 3 Tony 4 Dario
Girls: 1 Camila 2 Jenna 3 Kailah 4 Aneesa 5 Britni

The younger generation is all rooming together. Nelson/Hunter/Cory are ready to try and finally make their breakthrough for a win. Cory’s dick game has gotten him an ally in Camila (one of the best female competitors). He also has good allies in Jenna and Kaiah.


Guys: 1 Cory 2 Hunter
Girls: 1 Britni

Nelson had the numbers last season. He had a ton of people on his side. Now his #1 (Amanda) is eliminated, his #2 female is out (Ashley), and other friends like Briana and LaToya are also out. Going to be rough for Nelson.


Guys: 1 Nelson 2 Cory 3 Dario
Girls: 1 Britni

Like Nelson, Hunter’s friends are gone besides Nelson and Cory.


Guys: 1 Bananas 2 Cory 3 LeRoy/Derrick/CT?
Girls: 1 …whoever he sleeps with?

The hilarious part about Tony playing under Bananas is that he still ends up with no true allies and is always put at the bottom of Bananas totem pole of friends.


Guys: 1 LeRoy 2 Hunter 3 Nelson 4 Cory or Tony
Girls: 1 Britni?

While he is a chill dude who stays under the radar, Dario does not make strong enough relationships to keep himself in the game. He’s a person who makes great short term moves, but his big picture game often is not as good.


Guys: ?
Girls: 1 Britni 2 Nicole 3 Kailah

Britni has quickly become friends with the AYTO people and younger guys. Ammo is one of them.

Cara Maria

Guys: 1 CT 2 LeRoy 3 Derrick K/Jordan/Bananas?
Girls: 1 Camila 2 Tori?

Based off of social media, Cara Maria has become friends with Tori. Her, Camila, and Tori spent their time at the NY premiere event together.


Guys: 1 Cory 2 whoever is hot in the moment/or once Cory gets eliminated
Girls: 1 Cara Maria 2 Jemmye 3 Tori

The rumor is that Camila burned a ton of bridges while filming this season. She still seems close with Cara Maria, has a new friendship with Tori. Jemmye has seemingly talked a ton of shit on Camila many times, then apologized.


Guys: 1 Derrick K
Girls: 1 Aneesa?

We have not gotten to see Veronica interact with people in the house much. Maybe she will get more screen time later in the season.


Guys: 1 Cory 2 Tony 3 Derrick K 4 Bananas
Girls: 1 Jenna

Her time and friendships on the Challenge is defined by the relationship that is Jailah.


Guys: 1 Cory 2 Bananas 3 LeRoy 4 Tony
Girls: 1 Kailah 2 Marie 3 Camila?

By being not crazy, Jenna has gained the friendship and trust of many of the male veterans. At this point by being aligned with Kailah, Jenna has made herself a target of the female competitors.


Guys: 1 Cory 2 Bananas 3 Derrick K 4 CT
Girls: 1 Veronica or Marie?

Aneesa is terrible at politics. She tries to be friends with everyone and talks shit about everyone. That often leaves her in the middle and eventually being voted in once the lay-ups are out. Her few times in actual alliances she made it far (3rd Duel 1, 4th Rivals 2).


Not her boyfriend.

Now that Derrick H has been “eliminated”, Tori gets to play the game for herself. After having won her first three daily challenges ever, she has the opportunity to choose a side after showing people that she can compete.


Guys: …?
Girls: 1 Aneesa 2 Jemmye 3 Jenna 4 Kailah

The girl from Staten Island has made quite a bit of female friends. The negative is that she has trashed a ton of the guys on the cast.


Guys: 1 LeRoy 2 Derrick K
Girls: 1 Camila? 2 Marie or Aneesa

Always known as a more social player, it will be fascinating to see who Jemmye will play the game with this season.


Guys: 1 Derrick K
Girls: 1 Britni 2 Jemmye

She’s really shown to be a decent competitor thus far. Like Nelson and Hunter, her friends have been eliminated.


Guys: 1 Nelson 2 Hunter 3 Derrick K 4 Ammo
Girls: 1 Nicole

By being the AYTO girl she gets the AYTO boys on her side. All 5 girls that have been sent home were her friends. This is not looking the best for her. On Twitter she has shown a lot of love towards Derrick K. I ship it.



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.