Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 9 Review: Camila is a terrible person

This is for people that have watched Episode 9 of the Challenge Dirty 30. Later in the week I will be doing a recap of the eliminations and the upcoming Redemption. This will be focusing on the actions of Camila in this week’s episode.

I am not going to say that Camila is a racist. However, I KNOW for a fact that people that are not racist do not call people, “black bitches”, “black fucking pussies”, and possibly even more worse things that were not shown on camera. When Johnny Bananas hit her with the pillow, she took it and immediately hit LeRoy over the head with it. Camila has a long history of involving herself in matters that she is not a part of, especially when drunk. This one passed any possible line imaginable. You might not like Amanda or Bananas, so you might have laughed when she’s gone off on them, but there’s not one single person in this world who dislikes LeRoy.

In eight years of work, the worst thing LeRoy has ever done is impersonate Adam Royer in the RW house to make a point of how terrible Adam’s behavior was. He has made friends with everyone that has come through the house, even the biggest outliers. LeRoy has no hate in his heart, and will be friends with anyone. Watching Camila attempt to belittle him and use his race to demean him was ugly. The most admirable performance in any of the last ten seasons of the Challenge is LeRoy restraining himself from biting back against Camila. Camila assaulted LeRoy — that was verbal assault. He stood there and took it, all while telling her that she is drunk and does not want to get into anything. LeRoy assessed the situation, and knew that there was no reason to yell at her back, because she was mentally not in the same realm, and never would be. When you see a crazy person, you don’t act crazy back or try to blow them up even more.

People will attack LeRoy for sometimes not speaking enough, but on this episode he shows the power of not speaking, of acting rather than doing, and holding people to what they do and say.

Also, Camila obviously has some things wrong with her. She has some underlying mental health issues, has vanity issues, and on top of it all, is an obviously self-centered individual who cares more about her self image than who she negatively affects. At the same time, there is no sympathy for people who attack others based on race, sexuality, etc.

In this episode, when Camila returns from her night at the hotel, she talks about how she feels terrible from drinking. She is hoping for remorse and pity from her cast members. However, Camila never goes out to apologize to LeRoy, not until LeRoy brings it up during the elimination deliberation. In it, she talks about how the biggest way she can show people that she didn’t mean what she said, is through her actions. The sad part is this isn’t the first time that Camila has said this. She continually repeats through the same patterns until she hits a new career low. The even crazier part about all of this, is that it completely wipes out the fact that she was making out (possibly doing more) with Tony on the bus.

If any of you are completely deranged and think Camila is taking too much heat, here is what her cast mates who were there had to say about the whole experience (mostly complimenting LeRoy).

One of her good friends, 1/2 of “team subtitles”
“former lover”
The same man who had his tongue down Camila’s throat that night.
Her “best friend”
Was completely on Camila’s side on Invasion


If the whole house is against you, by no means are you a victim. She’s just upset she got backlash. It’s important to be fair, however, let’s get this straight: Camila is awful. She continues to put up these self image posts on Instagram where she talks about finding herself, changing herself, and that she feels one with nature after singing and playing her ukulele. All while she has not apologized privately to LeRoy, apparently tortured other people on the cast, and took over a month to acknowledge the winners of her “Camilantor” fitness challenge that she advertised non-stop for over a month, and had her cast-mates also advertising for. By not paying them, and dodging them, she not only negatively affected her own image, but the image of her friends who advertised for her. People paid money to better themselves after being fans of this woman, and she can’t even pay them after they supported her through her insane antics.

She is a scam artist trying to sell you on this image of her. Camila might be a delight when she is sober, the problem is she is not only not sober, but also shown to not be the best person when sober.

Yes, she is a “great competitor”. I love the competition aspect of this show. Except Camila has hit a point of no return. MTV should be ashamed of themselves for continually casting this woman (10/11 seasons in a row). They fed her ego by marketing the “Camilanator”, gave her “Rivals”, and made her a champion. MTV protected Camila and rewarded her bad behaviour so much that she believed she was invincible to punishment. Even in this episode, if any other competition had pulled the same act, they would have been DQ’d. Instead, they wanted to protect Camila for their ratings, and sent her to a hotel. You know what you’ve done is bad if the Bros at Barstool who are famously anti-PC are saying you’ve should have been disqualified and banned.

After spending her entire 20’s in front of the camera, she needs to learn how live life away from the camera. Not on television, not on Instagram, not on Twitter, actually living a regular life.



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