Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 8 Recap: Trivial matters

The episode starts out with the Hunter vs Cory elimination and it’s a surprisingly good match. The two men hit the bell at what seems to be the same time.

However, TJ gives the result and Hunter takes it. Cory had a good showing, but is sent to the Redemption House with Aneesa.

At the Redemption House, Marie plays third wheel to the former sex-friends. Aneesa is tempting Cory by showing off her butt in her swimsuit and covering her bare breasts outside his door. Cory notes that he told himself he wasn’t going to do anything. Naturally, we assume they had sex.

Before the daily mission, we get a few house scenes. Britni’s on the phone with her mom, and Tony’s on the phone with his girlfriend/baby momma. Then… we find out that Dario is on this show!!! It’s episode 8. Fans have been joking about where Derrick and Jordan have been, Dario hasn’t really been featured either at all. He reveals what most of us know, that he and Ashley Kelsey are dating, and fell in love after meeting on Invasion.

Daily Mission

They arrive at the challenge and it’s trivia day. The trivia is based on past (and the current) seasons of the show with a twist. When a player answers a question correctly, they can strike another competitor. When a player gets 3 strikes, they’re out. Players also receive a strike for answering incorrectly. Following their elimination wins, Hunter and Kailah get to pick the order.

The girls’ round order:

1. Nicole; 2. Veronica; 3. Jemmye; 4. Britni; 5. Camila; 6. Tori; 7. Cara Maria; 8. Jenna; 9. Kailah

Before the mission begins, Camila freaks out and has an anxiety attack about being above the water. Very weird because Camila might be one of the greatest Challenge competitors ever when it comes to heights. I think she was looking for sympathy once the strike rule was in play.

Kailah thinks she’ll be safer in the last position, because the other girls will get the questions wrong first. The questions this season are crazy easy. Kailah’s enemies lock, load and take her out of the game within three questions. Jenna and Britni are targeted next and taken out second and third. When Tori gets a vote, she notes that once you get a vote, nobody feels bad for voting you again. One of the crazy moments during The Challenge is when Nicole strikes Camila, and Camila replies: “AFTER I’VE SAVED YOU SO MANY TIMES!” Camila had just voted for her…

Cara Maria has to choose between eliminating Tori or Nicole. She picks Tori, and sends her into the double-cross. Nicole finishes 5th, Veronica 4th, Jemmye 3rd, Cara Maria 2nd, and Camila takes the win.

The guys’ round order:

1. Jordan; 2. Tony; 3. LeRoy; 4. Derrick; 5. Bananas; 6. CT; 7. Dario; 8. Nelson; 9. Hunter

Hunters is targeted first, followed by Nelson, Dario, and then Jordan. The four youngest guys in the house are in the double-cross. CT goes down 5th, and loses his first daily challenge of the season. LeRoy finishes in 6th, and Derrick has to choose between sending out Bananas or Tony. He notes that Johnny has won 6 finals, and sends him into the water. Derrick finished 2nd, and Tony wins his first EVER daily challenge. It only took four seasons, but now Tony has won a challenge. And he won mostly due to his alliance. Get it any way you can, Tony.

Back at the House

At dinner, Tony talks about his plans to propose to Alyssa (girlfriend) soon.

At the club

Everyone is celebrating Cara Maria’s birthday. Tony is beyond wasted while soaking in his win. Take it in Tony, it might be another four seasons till you get another. Camila drunkenly tells Cara Maria how much she means to her. Thereafter, Tony and Camila are going at it in the back of the bus. Camila seems to pounce on Tony first, then seems to realize what she is doing is wrong. At this point, Tony is all in. The rest of the bus just look freaked out by what’s going on.

The midseason trailer is out, but I will not be posting it here as it includes some major spoilers.

Edited by Lyndon Zass



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.