Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 8 Preview: Female Power Rankings

Allan Aguirre
4 min readSep 5, 2017


Before episode 8 airs, let’s rank the nine females left in the game. At the moment, there are two girls in the Redemption House (Marie and Aneesa). The rest of the game divides into two sides of strength. Four girls at the top, four girls at the bottom, and Jenna right in the middle. Physically, Cara Maria, Camila, Kailah, and Tori have separated themselves from the rest of pack, and are often top picks during any draft. On the other hand, Veronica, Britni, Jemmye, and Nicole find themselves at the bottom of anything physical.

Here is how the game stacks up based on where the players stand politically and how they’ve been doing in competition so far.

1. Cara Maria: So far, Cara Maria has played her best political game ever. By not losing any daily challenges, she has never been eligible to be voted into elimination. Landon, CT, and Emily have all played with this method, and its been successful for them. By creating an alliance with the other power players (Camila, Jenna, Kailah), she is playing the JEK way, consolidating all the power on one side and controlling all the votes. She is also friends with all the best male competitors. Heck, it even seems like Bananas is her friend now.

2. Tori: Her elimination win last week was dominating display. She has been on the winning side of every individual challenge, and hasn’t had a bad loss so far. She proved herself by going against Marie, and people will be more afraid to make a move to against her in the future. Inevitably, she will still deal with rookie issues, but at the end of the day, Tori is an absolute beast.

3. Camila: Camila’s diminishing power in this game is palpable. She has been up there with Cara Maria in the daily challenges, however, she doesn’t strike the same fear of God in people like Cara Maria, especially when it comes to eliminations. To succeed in missions, Camila doesn’t need Cara Maria’s muscles. However, in order to intimidate the other competitors, she does. Unless they’re pitting her against Cara, the crowd will strike on Camila before Cara.

4. Kailah: Fun fact — every time Kailah has been eligible for the double-cross, she’s gone into elimination. In Invasion, she also was voted into elimination both times she was eligible. Kailah definitely needs to improve her social and political game. However, she has shown to be a force, this season, by winning two good eliminations against people with a ton of elimination wins.

5. Veronica: With trivia this week, this is a must-win challenge for Veronica in order to gain power in the house and force a big move in the game. Following her brief appearance on Champs vs Pros, she has done way better than expected and has only appeared in the double-cross once!

6. Jenna: When you get eliminated from the game and subsequently brought back, people have no remorse when it comes to throwing you back into elimination. I just recently detailed the importance of Jenna needing daily mission wins:

7. Jemmye: Let me tell you this… I think Jemmye is going to make the final. Simply because she’s literally putting up the worst physical season that we’ve ever seen. Yes, there have been bad players in the past. However, they rarely make it this far in the game. Jemmye’s main competition is Casey Cooper. I would still take Casey over Jemmye because Casey is 80–90 lbs and can easily be put over someone’s shoulder.

There is literally no incentive to put Jemmye into elimination, because you can beat her at anything.

8. Nicole: She won the trivia challenge on Bloodlines. As a non-athlete, Nicole MUST win this one in order to gain any type of leverage and set up her game OR she can try and pull another double-cross. Nicole really hasn’t done poorly in this game, but nobody gives her a chance.

9. Britni: Who?

All jokes aside, Britni has had a few charming moments in this game. However, she’s ended up in the bottom more often than not. I think she could beat Jemmye, Nicole, and maybe even Veronica in eliminations. However, in the end, she still has the rookie title associated with her and all her alliances have been eliminated.



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