Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 7 Recap: Ankles Aweigh

Allan Aguirre
5 min readAug 30, 2017

The episode begins with the ambulance picking up Ammo as teased at the end of last week. We then move on to the Marie vs Tori elimination, and they edit it down to about 30–45 seconds. On Twitter, people are saying the elimination lasted a lot longer, but at the end of the day, Tori had a dominant 3–0 win (according to the edit). A bit shocking that it was so easy for Tori, because the one thing Marie is good at is tackling people and being physical.

Marie then enters the Redemption House and we learn that Ammo, due to his mental health, has decided not to continue playing. Marie continues to pour herself two drinks.

Back at the house, everyone is having fun and getting drunk. In her confessional, Nicole Ramos again talks about how no one thinks of her as anything competitive. Veronica is looking phenomenal in a two-piece bathing suit, and catches Aneesa’s eye. Aneesa reveals that she and Veronica had the same ex, Rachel Robinson, and we learn that Rachel and Veronica were in a relationship (not just friends) that lasted three years. Veronica feels bad because she’s only now open talking about it, years later. A drunk Aneesa lures Veronica into her bed at night — and although we’re not sure what happens next, editing leads us to assume they got to know each other on a more intimate level.

Daily Challenge

Everyone is told to build teams of four (2 guys and 2 girls). CT/Cara pair up, and they’re joined by Camila/LeRoy. Bananas wants to be partnered with Hunter because he doesn’t want to head into the draw with an ally. They don’t yet know what they’ll be doing.




CT/LeRoy/Cara Maria/Camila



The daily works as follows: the players have logos of all 30 seasons of The Challenge; they have to traverse the sand and grab a logo in order to pass it to their harnessed teammate. The teammate takes the logo toward a post with 30 slots. The teammate must then arrange the 30 seasons in order from 1–30.

This was a boring challenge. It involved a lot of waiting, a lot of veterans showcasing their terrible memory, and Camila screaming at her team. It was hilarious to watch Camila hit the post a million times.

Some more funny moments:

  • It took CT a good minute to remember Rivals 2 was before Free Agents, even though Rivals 2 was his first win.
  • For a second, Bananas thought there was a Free Agents 2.
  • LeRoy pretending to think while his team is trying to find the logo they messed up.
  • The rampant cheating by all the teams.

1st Place: Team CT. Hilariously, this is a chance for Cara/Camila to finally lose, but then you remember that their team has a combined 41 seasons between them.

2nd Place: Team Veronica. Veronica realizes she mixed up the logos for the first two seasons. She fixes it and wins it for the pink team. Jemmye was around for the early 20 seasons, Dario and Tony for the late 20’s, and Veronica was there for the first 10 seasons. Veronica kept Dario, Tony, and Jemmye out of the draw. Amazing.

3rd Place: Team Aneesa. After cheating, Aneesa calls out to Britni to rearrange five logos. They finish in third and Aneesa is on the ground. She rolled her ankle exiting the bus to the daily mission, then got hurt again when jumping in excitement.

Bottom Teams: Team Bananas and Team Jordan.


Back at the house, before the deliberation, Cara Maria and Kailah are talking about the suspicious timing of Aneesa’s ankle injury. They joke about Aneesa saying she wanted to work out on the day, which would be very uncharacteristic.


Because he’s targeting the Bananas alliance, CT votes in Cory first. LeRoy follows it up, and the girls followed suit.

Camila votes in Aneesa first, saying she can’t trust her. Cara Maria is up second and says not only can she not trust Aneesa, but she doesn’t want to run a final with her either. CT goes even deeper and says that he votes based on who he would choose as a team captain and says out of everyone in the house, Aneesa would be his last pick. LeRoy also votes Aneesa.

The Draw

Hunter and Nicole know that if they do not pull the double-cross, the other three people in The Draw with them will throw them into elimination.

Guess what happens for Nicole?

Nicole says it’s the best moment of her life and that it’s even better than her first makeup hookup. How does it go for Hunter? Bananas goes first and doesn’t pull a double-cross, then Hunter swings and misses. Finally, Jordan pulls it out and votes in Hunter. Nelson is heartbroken. Jordan says he doesn’t think Hunter is going home, it’s because he knows that Hunter can beat him in almost anything.

In the elimination, players are shackled, by their ankles, to two giant balled weights. With the weights, they have to break through floors and climb a ladder to the top.

Kailah vs Aneesa

It was semi-obvious that Aneesa was faking the severity of her injury based on how hard she was going at the beginning of the elimination. She had the lead until she gassed out. Kailah showed off both strength and endurance, getting her second elimination win of the season. Aneesa’s career elimination record is now 8 wins and 8 losses. She’s lost six out of her last eight eliminations, she hasn’t been an elimination queen for a while.

The male elimination is postponed till next week. Here is the trailer for it:

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