Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 2 Recap

To start the episode we get a shot of the redemption house. TJ informs the losers about redemption, We then get to watch them live it up a bit in their new house. Highlights of the Redemption house for the episode: Devin creating a Redemption Rap, Devin and Amanda enjoying Tini Tuesdays (martini’s), and Darrell working out in order to feed Cory some whoop ass.

If you want to read about the Redemption House Drama, I wrote about it as its own piece. Did not want to combine the two. Overall, I thought it was a solid episode that was overshadowed by this dark incident.

After the intro of the Redemption House, we head back to the real house where Britni (the short country girl for those still unfamiliar) talks with Cory about how all her friends and alliances got eliminated in one swoop.

From there we finally get the arrival of CT, followed by Ashley’s alternate, Briana LaCuesta. CT’s walk-in is it bit over-hyped or a mellow and tired CT. His confessionals are hilarious though. After learning that Darrell is eliminated, he does a dance of what he thinks the new kids are doing thinking that he and Darrell are both out:

Briana gets her intro, and nobody is paying that much attention to her. It’s an awkward introduction. Even though she is an AYTOer, her season was AYTO 2. The only other person from that cast is Dario, where most of the people on the cast came from AYTO 3. The good news is that she is looking great, so even though she is late to the game, she has endeared herself to those who have only visually seen her.

We then get some Prime Cory action. Cory begins flirting with Kailah; she admits that while she knew he was a player — she thought she was different. Cory said on Instagram live last night that Kailah’s relationship with her boyfriend was weak and fake. He then moves over to Aneesa where he says that he cheated on his girlfriend for her. It is totally true that he cheated on his girlfriend, however, I think Cory was more or less looking for anyone. Cory proceeds to make out with Aneesa in the kitchen.

On the “couple front”, we see Derrick H and Tori talking about their goals to win. They say if they both win, they will have a baby. The couple is broken up as of a few week ago.

Jemmye, Nelson, and LeRoy leave the property to go out to the beach to find Cory/Camila who have gone missing. The story that was not shown on television is that they were fully confirmed to be found fucking a bush. The next day Bananas comes up with the great wrestling name for Cory — the bushwhacker! Camila gets angry that she was caught having sex, and vehemently denies it, reminiscent of every other season she has been on. She says that anything people say, that she will take it personally and attack them.

The Challenge

The daily challenge for this episode was taken straight out of Big Brother, except made more extreme. They had to sit on a tiny perched wall where over time the wall begins to create a steep incline. You only have your butt and core strength to keep you up. All the while, people can be shooting tomatoes at you from a slingshot. The game is run in two heats of 12 (6 per sex), the top two per sex in each heat win the mission, and the bottom two lose it. Before the Challenge, my best friend and I deduce that Derrick K and Nelson will do well as their body fat content is super low, meaning they can lift themselves easily. We also thought that Bananas had the edge of having done 1000 prior challenges.

Heat 1: Cara Maria, Nicole, Marie, Veronica, Jemmye, Kailah, Derrick K, Hunter, Nelson, Derrick H, Cory, Jordan

Tori plans on pelting all the guys with tomatoes in order to save her boyfriend. Two seconds in, her boyfriend falls before getting hit by a tomato. It’s tough being 6'4. Jemmye also falls immediately as she is not good at most things on this show.

Cory being Mr. Top Heavy with only upper body falls off immediately. One of the low-key best parts of this challenge is watching CT accidentally hit his friend, Cara Maria, with tomatoes while trying to hit Nelson. Nelson is the target of CT and Bananas, as they view him as a possible threat later in the game. Jenna plays with the strategy of not hitting anyone in order to gain favor.

Veronica falls second for the girls. Kailah falls third, with the song lyric “eat cake by the ocean” being played at the same time. That’s incredible sound editing. Jordan falls third for the guys, a bit shocking as he is good at weird shit. Marie and Hunter fall almost at the same time. Marie has some cake, while Hunter is a big ball of muscle, impressive losses for them.

Winners of Heat 1: Cara Maria, Nicole, Derrick K, and Nelson

All are usual suspects, Nelson is continuing of his Invasion performance, and Nicole gets somewhat her first real individual win. Weighing 90 lbs and being a small target, she was perfect for this game.

Heat 2: Jenna, Camila, Tori, Aneesa, Briana, Britni, Bananas, CT, LeRoy, Tony, Ammo, Dario

Jenna falls immediately, all the back arching has come to haunt her. Tori is the target for all the females. LeRoy falls for the same reason as Derrick, too big for the structure. Dario’s big butt comes to haunt him, and Britni falls shortly after. Once Briana sees she is not in the bottom two, she takes a plunge. Ammo does not finish in the bottom two. Tony does well for someone too big for the structure, though he loses while CT and Bananas look like zen masters.

CT’s performance does not make sense, he is so big, his stomach is coming out of his life-vest, and yet he’s like a yogi out there. After Tony falls, TJ says we have our winners, implying the guys. Aneesa hears this and grabs the ropes at the top to pull herself up. Camila sees this and immediately yells “DQ, DQ”. She then gets pelted hard by a tomato and falls to the ocean. After getting back to land, TJ announces that Aneesa does get a DQ, and that Camila is awarded second place.

Camila says that she made an accident, she had to deal with consequences. She is referring to Rivals 3…when she cheated… and then lucked out on the dome, as one of the teams in elimination was sent home early. For the Challenge, the overall performance of Tori was impressive. she got hit in the face, chest, and vagina, and still stayed up there.

Winners of Heat 2: Camila, Tori, Bananas, CT

Aneesa essentially winning two challenges in a row would have been insane.


The veterans decide to vote Cory into elimination, Nelson votes for Ammo to show loyalty to Cory, and Camila votes for Hunter as she enjoys Cory as a fwb. This leads to the rest of the veterans viewing her as completely shady.

Everyone votes in Briana for being new and basically a rookie.

We do not get an elimination this week, and yet I’m fine with it. There were so many events packed into these first two episodes that is hard to grasp completely. Next we will pick up with one anyway.



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