Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 15 Recap: 1 Million Dollars

The never ending season is finally kinda coming to a close. Our fifteenth episode of the season began with Bananas and Britni arriving in the Redemption House. Jordan and CT are floored. There is a combined 13 Challenge wins in the Redemption House (compared to 4 in the main house). Jemmye talks about how she thinks that Bananas is cursed with bad luck after stealing the money from Sarah in Rivals (they cue up his loss to Darrell on Invasion, to Wes in Champs vs Pros, and to Derrick last week).

The two houses get clues about the next Redemption. CT leads his house in a group hug and speech.


All of the remaining players arrive to the Redemption. The players trying to get back into the game will be inside a box where they will peak their head out of tiny holes and look at a giant wall of number with instructions at the top of wall telling them what numbers to look for in order to unlock a box that has puzzle pieces in it. The instructions are made to confuse people, and the players in the official game are given toy hammers to make the lives of the Redemption players hell. There will be one female winner and two male winners (two because of the Nelson DQ).

The girls go first. Cara Maria is the first one out. She has won memorization challenges in the past, this game was geared towards her. Britni is the second out, and eventually Jemmye is third. Veronica is struggling with it all, it doesn’t help that Britni is poorly singing behind her. It’s an anti-climatic win for Cara Maria.

If you thought the girls round was a bummer, the guys was even more-so. Jordan and CT got their puzzles first and finished before any other guy even unlocked their box.

Bananas is disappointed in himself, LeRoy hopes that Hunter wins since he has had the toughest path, and Aneesa doesn’t want an entitled Camila or Cara win (she hopes Jenna wins).

Post Redemption

They take the group out to a nice dinner where Cara Maria’s focus is grilling Kailah. Tensions are high between her and then Kailah/Jordan. Cara Maria is a reminiscent of a young Wes, belligerently going at her enemies with the thought that there will be no repercussions and that none of them could beat her. She talks to Kailah like a child, telling her she will talk with her in private at night.

Kailah and Cara have their talk later that night. Kailah does it in order to move forward in the game.

Hunter goes to the hospital where he finds out he has some major damage on his wrist. He chooses to continue to compete. CT talks about how Hunter has done so much to stay in the game and has gained his respect.

The Final Purge

When they arrive at their next daily challenge, TJ tells the house that they are playing for a million dollars. They all have a look on their face where the game got much more serious. Cara Maria, CT, Derrick, and Camila all make about half of what the winner of a season usually get for just appearing on the show. Whether they win is somewhat irrelevant. The winnings now being tripled makes the game far more serious.

TJ tells them they will be playing a final purge where the ten players will create pairs of their own choice. Four spots will be punched to the final with this game, two male and two female. There are multiple portions in this challenge/purge.

The pairs end up CT/Cara, Hunter/Kailah, Derrick/Camila, Tony/Jenna, and Jordan/Tori. Most of these pairs are based on friendships, except Derrick paired with Camila after seeing Cara was going to be with CT and the same for Camila. Kailah is left with Hunter; Hunter says he was just going to see who picks him because he didn’t want to bring anyone down his hand.

Part 1: Run to some crates. Each player has a crate that is their own. They must push it through a bridge.

A simple pile up happens that leaves nobody with a big lead. Jordan and Tori led the pack in this part marginally.

Part 2: Players must use a crowbar to open their crates. Inside is a bunch of rope that they must carry on their run to the next section.

Jordan and Tori continue to lead the way here. Derrick gets a bit frustrated by Camila yelling in his ear the whole time on how to open a crate with a crowbar (Derrick worked construction for many years). Essentially, the first three groups get their crates open around the same time: 1st Jordan/Tori 2nd Derrick/Camila 3rd CT/Cara. Hunter is struggling with having a broken wrist, and Tony is struggling with not being good at stuff.

Part 3: There are a bunch of poles up with numbers on them. Your ropes have corresponding numbers where when you connect two ropes and a pole, they will create the sum of the number you’re trying to find. So you attach 6 and 7 to find 13.

In this round we see teams get a bit frantic. CT calls Cara — Camila Maria — because she is being so crazy. Meanwhile, Tony and Hunter are still trying to open their crates. CT/Cara and Jordan/Tori are the first two to connect all their ropes. Hunter and Tony finally get to the rope section. Here we see Tony add 6 and 7, thinking it makes 12. Not a good day for Tony. Derrick and Camila are the third group out.

Part 4: After connection all the ropes, player must dig in the ground to find two sets of puzzle pieces. One for each as the final puzzle is individual based.

Jordan and CT dig the first bags out. Jordan tells Tori to go ahead, Cara tells herself to go ahead. Eventually Jordan and CT get theirs out. Derrick and Camila are digging their bags out, and Camila jumps out towards her bag desperately. She asks Derrick to let her leave, and he tells her no, because he is also playing for a million dollars. CT is the first to get his tangram puzzle done, Cara Maria second, and then Tori. Camila starts cursing about how Derrick wouldn’t let her go ahead.

Later we see Kailah digging for Hunter because of his injured hand. Kailah has no chance of winning anymore, but she still wants Hunter to have a chance even though the two don’t get along. Jenna also helps Tony. They make a mad dash hoping to put the puzzle together at the last minute. Jordan is struggling with his puzzle until Tori points out that there is a piece missing behind him. Once he finds it, he puts it all together and clinches his spot in the final.

Cool Stats:

CT makes his 7th final all time. Tied second most ever for male competitors.
Cara makes her 5th final all time. Tying Paula and Sarah for the most by a female competitor.
Jordan makes his 3rd final. He has made the final in 3 out of 4 seasons.
Tori makes her 1st final. She is the only rookie to make the final this season. A rookie has made the final every season since the Duel 2.

Post Purge

The final six will be competing next week to get the last spots for the final. Jenna and Hunter were both eliminated in the Underdog Bloodbath last season, Derrick K has a long history of losing the final elimination, while Tony and Kailah have no experience getting to this point in the game.



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