Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 14 Recap: The end is in sight

Allan Aguirre
7 min readOct 18, 2017

This season of the Challenge got real incredibly fast. Three episodes ago we had 18 people in the main house, and now we are down to 7. There are more people in the Redemption House than there is in the actual game. Which means next week we will be getting some people jumping back into the real game, and others departing for good.

We opens up with the Redemption House. Everyone is enjoying the chill environment of the house, except Cara Maria who wants to jump back into the game.

The episode starts with a daily mission early in an episode for once. TJ tells the group that they will be atop a 600 ft building, have to walk across a tiny balance beam, and hit one of three X panels that they have at the end of the beams (each of the X’s represent the three competitors). There will be two heats. Winner of the two heats overall with the fastest time gets to send someone straight to the Redemption House. The fastest person in each heat is “safe”, meaning that they cannot be thrown into Redemption House; only the winner gets the true power and ultimate safety. One of the keys in the game is that in each heat, the player who hits one of three X’s, sends someone plummeting from their beam, and makes them eligible for the Redemption House. Winners of the previous elimination pick who runs in what heats.

Guys Heat 1: Jordan, Bananas, Derrick
Guys Heat 2: Hunter, Tony

Hunter puts all his enemies against each other, and put himself with Tony, guaranteeing one of them safety, and a 50% chancing of winning for the both of them.

Girls Heat 1: Kailah, Jenna, Tori
Girls Heat 2: Camila, Veronica, Britni

Camila thinks she can beat Veronica and Britni, plus she wants to get out one of Kailah/Jenna/Tori.

Guys Heat 1 Results: Derrick gets there fast, and takes Jordan out. Jordan isn’t happy, Derrick isn’t happy that Jordan is mad and that he feels like he did Johnny’s dirty work.
Guys Heat 2 Results: Hunter doesn’t think twice and bolts. He gets the win in his heat.
Overall Results: The win goes to Hunter. A guy with a broken hand sends Jordan straight to the Redemption House after he double crossed him twice.

Girls Heat 1 Results: All three girls do well. Jenna beats them all in a close race. She takes Tori out.
Girls Heat 2 Results: Veronica sprints to start off and stumbles, allowing Camila to get the win. She takes Veronica out, saving Britni.
Overall Results: Jenna wins her first daily challenge of the season. Literally the best day to win one too. She sends Veronica straight to the Redemption House in order to keep Tori safe. Hard to agree with Hunter allowing Jenna to vote out Veronica when she stuck her neck out for him and Derrick last week. Veronica’s sprint was valiant. Her season might be over, unfortunately.

Redemption House

Jordan and Veronica show up in the Redemption House. CT and Cara Maria are not happy, though CT does a better job at hiding it, and Cara’s worst comes out. Jordan explains that he was the one who wanted to vote out Cara Maria because he does not want to run a final with her, because he thinks he can’t work with her, and that all the girls left were better competitors. This gets Cara Maria super pissed off, and she proceeds to throw his bags in the pool, and tries to kick him out of the bedroom that they all sleep in.

Who was in the wrong?

Jordan was an asshole to Cara Maria. He really treated and talked about her like a shit competitor, when Cara Maria has easily been the best girl on the cast this season, on Champs vs Pros (for the Champs team), and Battle of the Bloodlines. Except when Jordan says something, he will defend it and dig himself a deeper grave. When Jordan said that none of the other guys wanted to run a final with Cara, CT was quick to reply: “I don’t believe that for a second.”

There’s also this vibe where Jordan likes girls he is physically and mentally attracted to. Cara isn’t that, so he treats her like crap.

And Cara Maria was an asshole for being a poor sport. She acted like a baby and had her little tirade. Cara also hasn’t shown Jordan any loyalty. She shouldn’t have been shocked.

Elimination Nomination

Hunter votes in Derrick because he double crossed him the week before. Jenna votes in Camila as she is a garbage human-being. They each agree with each other’s nominations in order for them not to see an elimination.

Weirdest part of everything is that after being nominated, Camila goes off on Tori. This leads to a fight where Tori calls out Camila on being a terrible person.

Double Cross

Tony and Bananas are the only guys left. Bananas pulls a single cross, meaning he will be facing Derrick. Hunter and Tony embrace each other as their alliance actually outlasted the Bananas bunch. Here are the stats going in:

Johnny Bananas: 5'11, 185 lbs, 7–7 elimination record
Derrick Kosinski: 5'6 165 lbs, 7–4 elimination record

If either wins, they become second all time in male elimination wins.

Britni pulls first for the girls, and she pulls a single cross. Kailah and Tori give each other a look of assurance. Kailah pulls a single cross, then Tori pulls a double cross, sending in Britni.

Camila Nakagawa: 5'0, 8–4 elimination record
Britni Thornton: 5'3, 2–0 elimination record

Elimination Game: Players will jump onto a giant wheel, trying to get it to spin by going over the top. As the wheel spins, it reels in a line of rope. The first player to reel in all of their rope wins. Game is named Reel World. The guys have to reel in about twice as much rope as the girls.

Girls Round

Another sad elimination, and a dominating win for Camila. She gets atop the wheel with ease despite her small stature. All the while, Britni can barely get over the wheel, and takes multiple face-plants straight into it. Britni had a good rookie showing this season. Though this loss made her look weak.

Guys Round

This elimination was awesome. Bananas gets going immediately, and he plays with the strategy of getting atop the wheel, then trying to run on it, and fall with a big spin. Derrick opens up by trying to just get a ton of quick spins. He watches Bananas and realizes that he also needs to be running on the wheel. Once this happens, Derrick shows his true strength. Derrick is quick footed, agile, and has fast reactions. He was running on the wheel like nothing because he is so quick himself. Those small fast steps led to a huge win.

Bananas gets a bit gassed near the end, and I don’t think he would have lost if facing anyone but Derrick. This elimination was built for the Diesel. The loss is a moment of weakness for Bananas. Losing to Darrell, Wes, and Derrick on three consecutive shows is jarring for a guy who views himself as the greatest of all time.

Next Week:

HOLY SHIT. Do you realize that CT, LeRoy, Bananas, and Jordan are all going to be in Redemption next week? It’s going to be hilarious when they all lose to Dario.

Just kidding. But did you forget Dario was on Dirty 30?

Cara Maria is the favorite to win the girls division by far.

The actual house has the four best non-Cara girls left, nothing drastic. The guys side is baffling. Old man Derrick is still there, Tony two kids is still there (after getting eliminated by Ammo this season!), and Hunter with a broken hand. In a game with stacked male competitors, we are left with a confusing and fun group of three males.



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