Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 13 Recap: Hunter earned his stripes

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6 min readOct 11, 2017


What an episode this was. This week portrayed why not every episode needs to have the format of daily challenge, deliberation, and elimination. If the content is good, the content is good. It feels like so much happened in this episode, when really it was only a continuation of last week. Part of the reason this episode is so successful is because the “map” is smaller. They don’t need to jump to and from the Tori/Derrick story-lines, they don’t need to give Cory or Nelson their cheesy line of the episode, or pretend like Aneesa matters, and now we get confessionals from people who might actually be in the final, whose moves and alliances in the game will drive it forward.

The episode picks up where we left off. Jordan creates the movement towards eliminating CT, with Kailah makes the move to eliminate Cara Maria. CT and Cara Maria are not happy whatsoever, yet they also seem very ready to win Redemption. Both are not taking it well. When they arrive in the Redemption House, they are a bit pleased by how nice it is, and view it as their vacation house.

Back at the house, the winning teams discuss who they should vote into the Presidio. After making a big move, Veronica and Britni expect the group to continue suit by voting in Camila. Kailah has other plans. She wants to keep Jenna safe and throw in Jemmye, in the case that Jenna is double crossed. People can complain that Kailah is playing a “dumb” game by going for the weakest player, except she’s sent the best player to Redemption, and is keeping her #1 alliance safe, giving them 2 out of the final 6 spots in the girls brackets. Those are good odds. Tony and Jordan also want to vote in Jemmye to avoid running a final with her.

When it comes to the guys, everyone is split. Kailah and Jordan are anti-Hunter as he has made it clear that he is gunning for them. Veronica will not vote in Derrick, Britni will not vote in Hunter, and Tony recently made an alliance with Hunter.


Veronica votes first and admits she didn’t want to vote for Jemmye, but has to. Everyone else follows in voting for Jemmye, except for Britni who burns her vote on Jenna.

They decide to go in reverse voting order for the guys. Jordan gives his vote to Hunter, and Britni “burns” her vote on LeRoy as she refuses to vote in Hunter or Derrick. Tony votes in Derrick because of his agreement to not say Hunter’s name. Kailah votes in Hunter, and then Veronica decides to have some fun and vote LeRoy in to tie the game.

TJ reveals that because there is a tied vote, he will have them vote again where if it is a tie, they will all go into the Presidio and decide via the double cross.

Jordan votes again for Hunter, hilariously saying that’s he not afraid of elimination because he would be facing Tony. Britni votes for LeRoy again, Kailah votes for Hunter, and Veronica for LeRoy. The swing vote is Tony. Out of fear of going in, Tony realizes that for him to get far in this game, he needs to stick by Hunter. LeRoy is going in due to a burn vote, and this is the second time in Challenge history that this happened to LeRoy. One of the most brilliant and subtle parts of this deliberation is Hunter burning his vote on Jemmye instead of voting for Veronica the week earlier. That showing of loyalty kept him from getting directly voted into the Presidio.

LeRoy is HEATED. He seems more angry that his spot got blown up over a burn vote than he was about Camila being a racist asshole. There is nothing more that LeRoy enjoys than staying under the radar, and this was him getting nominated for being too under the radar. Secret MVP of the episode is Bananas for somehow never being mentioned for the elimination at all. Baffling.

Double Cross

Before they leave the house, Jenna and Kailah discuss with Jordan what to do if Jenna pulls the double cross. He assures them that if she picks Camila, the guys are more likely to have the backs of them and Tori over Camila any day.

With the guys draw, Hunter pulls first and does not get the double cross, followed by Derrick who pulls it. He takes a second to think about it, and picks Hunter. This is the third time that Hunter has been double crossed, which is even crazier when you consider he’s only been in three! For the girls pairings, Tori pulls a single cross thinking both Camila and Jenna would throw her in, Camila thinks that her and Jenna will throw in Tori (she pulls a single cross). A flustered Jenna explains herself and double crosses Camila, to which she responds like an asshole. She curses out Jenna and calls her a snake.

Game: Body Check

Competitors run through a paper wall of cellophane, and from there they must run to a pole, circle it, and run back through a second wall, where you will then speed off to your bell. First person to hit the bell gets a point, it’s a best of three.

Hunter vs LeRoy elimination.

Their stats:

Hunter: (1–1) elimination record, 5'7, 205 lbs
LeRoy: (7–3) elimination record, 6'2, 225 lbs

Round 1: TJ sounds the horn, and the two jet off. Hunter puts a good hit on LeRoy, and then the two stumble towards the pole where they race off to get ready for the second hit. This results in a wrestle/pile up. In a final dash, Hunter gets to the bell first. LeRoy looks completely gassed.

Round 2: In the second round, Hunter does not care for hitting and focuses on speed. LeRoy focuses on hitting Hunter. When they make the loop around back for the second wall, Hunter goes low and it becomes a scrap until they both have to leap towards the bell. Hunter gets the win. His speed and explosiveness is the major reason for his triumph.

If you ever thought Hunter was a scrub or underdog, he beat LeRoy, one of the greatest raw physical players in an elimination that was geared totally towards LeRoy’s strengths. Hunter earned his stripes this episode…the bad part is he may have broke his hand. During the second round, Hunter’s hand got lodged into LeRoy’s knee. This may kill his game. Though they have let people play with broken hands in the past.

Camila vs Jemmye elimination

TLDR: Camila mops the floor with Jemmye, who struggles way more with the cellophane than Camila.

After the elimination, Camila starts flipping off Jenna and Kailah, going off on them. She shows no class, and is a terrible sport. Jenna isn’t my favorite, but she is one of the nicest girls in the house. For Camila to curse her out and call her a snake shows how much she doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Next Week

LeRoy and Jemmye are in the Redemption House, and the game keeps going with another daily challenge. Next week will be a big one, as all the names left in the game are a threat, one way or another, especially with the final coming around the corner. Also expect to see some Camila rage.



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