Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 10 Recap: We’re almost at the midpoint

Rivals 1 and Exes 1 were ten episode seasons that had 1.5 episode finals. Here were are on Dirty 30, ten episodes in, and we still had 21 people in the game before the Redemption. Is there a problem with this? No, in the sense that most of the content this season has actually been good. It infuriates those accustomed to a formula of challenge-deliberation-elimination of every episode, but an elimination or challenge is not necessary if the content that is shown to us is good. Some view this show as a sport, others a show, and I view it as both. It’s a delicate balance. Had they not shown the Tony-Camila hookup, I would have been heated, likewise, showing the Redemption drama between Shane and Simone was important. If these events were swept under the rug, then it would have made fans more upset than not having a daily mission. The challenge or elimination is always going to be shown, maybe not in its entirety, it will be shown though.

This episode begins with a day on a boat with drinks and fun. Girls are in bathing suits, people are doing flips, and it seems like an all around good time. While that’s going on, Hunter and Nicole arrive at the Redemption House that they are expecting. TJ meets up with them and ask who they are gunning for if they return. The girls say Camila, Aneesa says Tori, Hunter says Jordan, and Cory says Bananas.

Following the day of partying on a boat, Bananas decides to play his classic practical joke of super gluing feathers to the first guy that falls asleep. This time the victim is Tony. He did this to Derrick on the Ruins, about eight or nine years ago, Derrick wanted to bust his jaw open. Johnny was 27 when he did that prank. At 35, the same prank almost got his ass beat again. Literally no character development there. Best part about the fight is that Tony threatens to flip the bunk bed, to which Bananas tells him to do it. Hearing this response, Jordan responds like a normal person:

The following day, they take the crew out for a nice dinner instead of a daily mission. Redemption losers will be having their own dinner involving a buffet of Hard Boiled Cow Eyes, Slimy Pig Nose, and Water Rat among other dishes. They must finish five plates of food. After each plate, they must run up a set of stairs, then jump down into a pool of warm mud where they grab a ball/egg that they must crack open when they get down the stairs. In it there were will a rock or an emerald. If you grab an emerald, you can choose not to eat a plate, if you get a rock, keep eating.

In the match-up between Hunter and Cory, Cory does admirably, but once Hunter takes an early lead, he does not take his foot off the gas. Hunter is lucky enough to pull an emerald, it’s game over for Cory, Hunter wins 5 plates to 3.

With the girls, Marie just decides to opt out. She understands that she lost, and that she is more focused on what drinks she will order on her plane ride home.

This becomes a battle between Aneesa and Nicole. Nicole sees that Aneesa is a bit freaked out to start. She pushes herself and takes an early lead. It becomes a close match until Nicole hits a wall with the cow eyes. They are too thick for her to swallow hole, and too hard for to chew. Aneesa takes the win, putting her back in the game.

What does this mean for the game now with Hunter and Aneesa?Aneesa will probably be out of the game (or in Redemption House 3) ASAP. The top girls in the game have all agreed to vote her back into elimination immediately. Hunter needs to assure that there is no situation where he or Nelson both lose the daily mission, or else they will likely have to face each other again. Hunter and Nelson are two of the most dangerous people in eliminations, eliminations require people to be explosive. Physically, these guys are in their prime.

The episode ends with phone calls to home.Tony finds out that Alyssa knows that he hooked up with Camila — due to the spoiler crew at Vevmo. Tony denies it with the idea that he will deal with it at home. He’s a liar, and he hooked up with a racist. Tragic.

Next week’s daily mission looks to be some Ninja Warrior type jumping between pillars. If any girl can finish this successfully, they will be a top 10 competitor ever. There is a crazy amount of athleticism needed for this one.



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.