Challenge Champs vs Stars Interview with Emily and CT

If you did not read the interview I did with the finalists from the Stars team on Champs vs Stars, here it is:

Originally, I was supposed to be on call with Emily Schromm, CT, and Johnny Bananas, but Johnny ended up filming TRL, and CT had some technical difficulties. It was a conversation mostly with Emily, CT jumping in at one point, then having to leave again. I wanted to thank Emily for being so awesome — I had made most of my questions thinking all three would be on the call and would have created more questions specific to her if I knew it would be just the two of us.

Opening Question to Emily: What was it like being on the Challenge again?

Emily: It has been a long time. It was honestly really cool to be competing again. I’m a very competitive person and while it wasn’t as intense as a real season, the vibe was a lot more chill. The experience of competing with great competitors and people from other walks of life was amazing.

Follow Up: At times it looked like you were really getting into the competitions this season. Do you think now that you’ve done a season like Champs vs Stars that you’ve gotten the Challenge bug again and are ready to do a real season?

Emily: I’ve always been a low-drama competitive person. As much as I love competing, I think at the point I am in my life right now, I don’t see myself doing a full on season of the show.

Talking about the final: What did you think of the final? You guys dominated, but was there anything more you guys could have done?

Emily: Well, there wasn’t much we could do more, and we won in quite grand fashion. We were fully expecting to be running fifteen miles and eat gross food. Instead we got there and it was literally a field day.

Question about the season: Did you guys ever get bored of winning so much? I know it’s fun to win, but the Champs team won every single major competition.

Emily: It does get a little bit boring. Everyone loves winning, I’m always playing to win, but you want to feel like you are pushing yourself. It was funny, during the Giant Soccer Ball challenge where we went up 9–0, CT turned to us all and asked: “Should we let them score one?”

At this point, we thought we had CT on the line.

Question for CT: Congratulations on another win CT. I saw on Instagram that you are trying to retire the dad bod, does this mean we will be seeing the old CT soon?

CT’s phone dies.

Emily: I guess I could answer that. I am helping CT with his process of getting back in shape, and he has lost six pounds already this year!

General Question for Emily: Do you think a team of Wes, Zach, and Tori would have won the final against the Stars team?

Emily: Absolutely. Not to dismiss the Stars, they just are not team sports athletes. Michelle is an MMA fighter, Justina is a rapper, and while Josh played baseball, they didn’t know how to work with each other. Zach killed it this season, Wes and Tori are soccer players, and as a whole, I think any variation of our final six players would have won the final. I was lucky enough to have won that final swim to get my spot in the final.

Question about the Wes/Bananas dynamic: You are obviously friends with both Wes and Bananas. Do you think Wes brings out the best or worst out of Johnny?

Emily: Oh…definitely the best. What you see on television isn’t even the best of it. Those two have a weird evil step-brother love/hate relationship that you can’t take your eyes off of.

CT is on the line!

Question for CT: Again, congratulations on making it to the end of the season for four straight seasons. From Invasion to Champs vs Stars, you filmed four shows in the span of a year. How did you mentally prepare and handle that?

CT: The only way I could prepare for this is from fifteen years of experience. You know I always thought my fame would last fifteen minutes and here I am now fifteen years later. Ever since coming out of retirement, I’ve made it to the final basically every time. These days you have a greater understanding of what the money can do, and why you are playing.

It was a probably great choice for me to have not done the most recent show. This show puts more of a toll on my family than me, so trying to win is always the goal in order to make it worth it. I honestly can’t imagine myself doing many more of these though. Then again, I have been saying that for years, and this seems to be the thing I am best at.

Follow up for CT: After giving up your spot in the final on Champs vs Pros for Wes, you weren’t going to let that happen a second time, were you?

CT: Wes is the type of guy to jump on the grenade in weeks 1 and 2 when there really isn’t a ton of danger in order to get you to jump on a grenade when it actually matters. For a second, I though him and Zach might pull something on us, but I love those guys and really wasn’t worried.

Question for Emily and CT: Do you count this as Bananas 7th win?

Emily: Yes.

CT: Sure, why not? I mean you have to put some asterisks next to some of his past wins that don’t hold up that great. Kinda like Barry Bonds.

CT left at this point to tend to his child. He was never heard from again, but for the time he was there — he was hilarious.

Final question/remarks for Emily: Before we wrap this, I’d love to hear about your charity.

Emily: So the cool thing about this season was that I was able to specifically player for the Denver chapter of Girls Inc. All of the money went to them, I got to visit their location and do a workout with the girls.

Here is a link to the Girls Inc Denver site if you wanted to donate or support:

Here are links to Johnny and CT’s charities:

This was a fun experience, and it was a crazy experience getting to talk to two Challenge legends.

Hope you all enjoyed this interview, and make sure to watch the Challenge Vendettas on Tuesday’s at 9




25 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre

25 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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