Challenge Champs vs Stars Episode 4 Recap

We begin where left off last week:

Two friends pitted against one another. Wes describes the game before the elimination as pull ups for fat people as he only has to go down. In the elimination, Wes beats Romeo because he weighs more and because he is smarter. Wes stiffens his body and shifts his weight one side when he tries to make his moves or when Romeo pulls against him. By putting all his weight to one side, Romeo now has to try and pull Wes’s entire weight and the force of his grip holding down. It is a quick and easy win for Wes. He is a 4–0 in spin-off eliminations with wins against Bananas, Jordan, a silver medal Olympian, and a college basketball player.

Post Elim

Tori shows up as a replacement for Camila, Ashley, and Jenna. Since the Champs only had six players, adding her makes sense. Adding her episode four of what is supposedly a six or eight episode series is head-scratching.

The Stars deal with the aftermath of RiFF RaFF ditching elimination. He plays off dumb in order to avoid any serious discussion, saying amnesia runs in his family.

The Challenge

They are playing soccer with a gigantic ball similar to a big rubber medicine ball, and then you multiply the size of it by ten (the ball is 6 feet for reference). The games gets heated as players getting whacked by the ball like it is a car coming at them. One of the funny moments in the game is Matt complaining about taking a forearm to a face. He says he is used to coming from regulated sports with rules… Sorry, if you ever played real sports, hits like that come natural to the game, any complaints are usually excuses.

There are two main X factors for the Champs, one being they have an extra male competitor, and the second one being Zach as the strongest, fastest, and tallest guy on the field. Zach has easily been the greatest addition to this Champs vs Pros team compared to the first series. Darrell/CT overlap when it comes to skills, so by adding Zach who gives them an anchor of someone who is the biggest/fastest guy in any game they play is massive. The Champs were playing with two power forwards, and now they have a power forward and a center.

After holding a 3–0 lead in the first half against the Stars, the Champs turned up the heat to win the game 8–0. The Champs award Aneesa MVP as she was the only female competitor to score a goal.


Aneesa decides to nominate Tori as it is only fair she play catch up, after they head for the pool. While at the pool, the Champs get in the ear of Justina and tell her she has been their best player and they have no team comradery.

Meanwhile, alliances between the Stars team are emerging. Josh, Kim, and Shawn align themselves as they see each other as their best players , they also dislike Justin associating herself so much with the Champs. In retaliation to their alliance, Michelle/Justina/Ariane all align. Both groups attempt to recruit Matt to their alliance.

In the voting, the two alliances split into a 3–3 vote for Shawn and Ariane. RiFF“Wes Bergmann 2.0” RaFF throws out a burn vote on Kim in hilarious fashion. Josh Murray shows his inner tool self when he gets mad at Michelle for voting for Shawn, saying she is afraid. With the final deciding vote, Matt choose Shawn, looking out for himself and the alliance that can take him far.

Wes is incredibly proud of the Stars playing the game. The elimination is Tori Deal vs Shawn Johnson.


Here is the game, the players get two rings (basically hulla hoops), and they have to wrap their hoop over an opponent’s body. Tori is 5'8, while Shawn is 5'0 (maybe shorter). It’s not even a battle as Tori is bigger, faster, stronger, and has the longer reach. She takes the 3–0 win.

Next week

It looks like the Champs might actually lose next week.



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