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In the aftermath of last week’s elimination, the episode opens with the Stars enjoying each others presence. Josh, Kim, and Shawn have grown a mini alliance friendship. Ariane feels alienated from the group, and TO is upset with the Champs team after Cory showed bad sportsmanship in the previous elimination. On the Champs side we see Jenna and Zach being their same flirty selves. It’s Zach’s birthday and Jenna surprises him with a cake.

The Challenge

The daily challenge is called Parkour the Course. There is a giant obstacle course with different levels, floors, mazes, and trampolines. Within it they have dispersed flags around the course that are colored to represent 1, 2, and 5 points, with the higher point flags being more difficult to grab. Rounds will be played individually with one person on offense, and one person on defense. When a player is tagged, they are done. The person on offense gets a five second head start. There will also be players of the opposite sex shooting a sling shot with mini dodge balls at the offensive player where a hit stops their round.

For winning the previous mission, the Champs not only get to pick which teams goes first, but they get to pick who they send against the Stars after the Stars pick their order.

Before they start, CT gets into it a tiny bit with TO. TO states he is not communicating with any of the Champs.

Stars Offense

1st (TO): TO believes that nobody there could catch him, so it shouldn’t hurt him going first. He is wrong because he gets caught up in catching small point flags and runs himself into a corner where a speedy Johnny Bananas catches him after TO gets only a few points.

2nd (Matt): He does fine with running through the maze, until he realizes that the same maze that it took him twelve seconds to run through, CT climbed it and got to him in five seconds.

3rd (Josh): Josh may have had the best performance out of any of the Stars as the fastest guy on the Champs team chased him. He accumulate over ten points for his team.

4th (Romeo): In this round, Romeo gets a great start and Wes fumble helps him. Almost before Romeo blasted off for twenty points, Wes tags the bottom of Romeo’s foot. Good round for Romeo.

5th (RiFF): This round is hilarious. RiFF RaFF stands around waiting for Bananas in order to do a mind trick or something. The end results is him jumping into a ball pit with basically no points.

6th (Justina): Against Emily, Justina is able to score 11 points. A bit shocking.

7th (Shawn): As a gymnast, there are high expectations for Shawn Johnson. Jenna catches her relatively quickly. The problem is after tagging her they both are jumping down two stories due to momentum. Jenna has never taken a landing class because her ankle takes the complete brunt of the fall. They think she sprained it.

8th (Kim): She was destroying Aneesa, but she didn’t get many points due to be hitting by a ball.

9th (Ariane): Ariane actually ran for quite a bit of time against Ashley. The difference is she had no idea where she was going and got the least amount of points for her team.

10th (Michelle): Decent performance, nothing special. She also had Emily playing defense against her.

Champs Offense

1st (Emily): It’s not aired, but Emily plays two rounds to make up for the injured Jenna. Between the two rounds she totals a massive thirty points, only to be stopped by some dodge balls.

2nd (Aneesa): Kim is like a gazelle running after her. Aneesa gets only two points after being hit by a ball immediately.

3rd (Ashley): While Ariane is fast, Ashley is efficient with her time. She puts up an impressive 12 points. Despite not being a crazy athlete, Ashley holds her own in these type of competitions.

4th (CT): Matt is stunned by CT’s speed. He climbs all over the place evading Matt before the tag comes. By that time CT has totaled 25 points.

After CT, the Champs only need four points to win.

5th (Zach): He should have got four points easy. Instead, he tripped and fell while climbing the course and only scored two points.

6th (Bananas): Johnny toyed with RiFF RaFF and got 31 points.

Final Score: Champs 102 Stars 72

It’s staggering because the Champs did that with seven attempts (Wes didn’t even go), and the Stars did it with ten attempts. The Champs had a MAJOR advantage by picking up the match-ups, but the Champs were averaging almost double per person.

The Champs awards Emily with the title of MVP.

Post Challenge

After the mission, Jenna goes to the doctor to get her ankle examined. They still don’t know how severe the injury is.

For the Stars, they have to decide who they are voting into the elimination. At first everyone thinks Ariane should go in because she scored the least amount of points. She states Justina should go in for allowing Emily to score the most points out of their girls. However, Emily is by far the best champ, while Ashley totaled a high amount against Ariane.

While Bananas/Zach/CT seem to be bonding, Wes is having fun with Romeo.

The following morning at breakfast, Wes comes in with news that Ashley may be leaving. It’s a sad unfortunate event — her father is in critical condition after a seizure. For those wondering, he ended up passing away. Unaware if Ashley will leave the show to be with him. It is teased to be that way in the trailers for next week’s episode.

Bananas, CT, and Emily do a great job of consoling Ashley.


When they get to nominations, the Miz reveals that Jenna is out with a fractured ankle. A bewildered CT asks how they’re going to compete with two players out for DQ, and then have to send another one of their girls into elimination.

Behind him, TO is mocking him with fake tears. This leads to an incredible fight between the two. Seriously, you have to watch this, fuck the recap.

The best part about this fight is that not only does CT get completely into it, but he never ones gets up from the couch. I’ve never seen someone be so intimidating while sitting on a couch. This show is good, can’t wait for next week!



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