Challenge Champs vs Stars Episode 1 Recap: Cory is Wild N Out

Allan Aguirre
6 min readNov 22, 2017

The first episode of the second spin-off in the Champs versus series came out of the gates strong. MTV opens up with the Champs waiting around for their opponents to appear one at a time, not knowing who would be appearing. Each player that appears gets a small introduction either when they appear, or late during the first challenge.


Player entrances are fun. Shawn Johnson appears first and Emily is the only person to recognize her as the Olympic gymnast. Ariane Cameron enters next. It might be low-key racist, but Johnny Bananas says that he love her on Flavor of Love and the reaction is hilarious. Ariane is full of drama and cannot comprehend Bananas ribbing. She made a career out of overreacting — now we get to see how it translates to the Challenge. The first male to appear is RiFF RaFF, who comes in with Jordan’s, a white suit with pink paint all over, and pink braids. Mr. RaFF reveals he is known for selling 500,000 albums, driving a big ass truck, and eating snacks. Romeo Miller shows up and he immediately gets recognized as Master P’s son. Matt Rife shows up and tells us he is from Wild N Out (only people who watch Wild N Out know this).

Wes makes the observation that none of the Stars are anywhere near as intimidating to the Pros from the previous season. Then Terrell “TO” Owens walks in. If you’re unaware, TO is probably one of the 10 greatest wide receivers in pro football history and keeps himself in peak shape.

House Fun

The people in the house are all getting to know each other. Ariane tries to make fun of Bananas, and when she gets burned back she takes it all too serious. In a tiff, Cory meets her outside and consoles. There’s a good amount of flirting between the two. Why is Cory on even though he isn’t a Champ?

The Challenge

Before the mission starts we get introduced to Kim and Michelle (Olympic Volleyball Player & UFC Fighter). We meet Justina (another Wild N Out persona). And Josh Murray (winner of the Bachelorette).

Their first mission of the season will be a truck pull. Each team will be pulling a literal truck with a rope in teams of four and six. The teams will begin with their four strongest members pulling. Once they hit a certain checkpoint, two members of their team may join them in pulling. At another checkpoint, two members await them to join in, except no more than six people can pull at once (even split of male/females). This same idea repeats until the finish line.

The Champs line themselves up as: CT, Zach, Aneesa, and Emily. They chose to anchor Zach in the back.

The Stars line themselves up as: TO, Josh, Michelle, and Kim. They chose to put their strongest person (TO) at the front.

After taking an early lead, the Stars tire out while the Champs completely blow them out of the water. The big difference is the Stars put their strongest person at the front. By putting TO at the front, they are completely marginalizing the other members pulls. When pulling a rope, the amount slack and momentum matters. TO creating the most momentum from the front is pushing the ropes out of their hands giving them a worse grip/pull.

By Zach pulling from the back for the Champs, the girls can follow his momentum and motion. This works because Zach is creating the most force. TO’s force interrupts the people behind him, while Zach being the last one is able to make the push for them. For winning the mission, Zach gets the title of MVP, where he will vote in a male teammate for elimination. The Stars have to vote in an LVP from their team.

Post Challenge & Elimination Deliberation

When the mission ends they all go to relax poolside. The girls are in bikinis and looking good. Camila begins twerking and humping everything. Then it all goes bad. She gets into an unseen fight with a production assistant, punches her, steals a golf cart, and lock herself in her room. She it told to leave the show. Rumors are that is she now banned from the franchise.

The winner of this episode was Wes on Twitter:

Zach makes the easy choice of picking Cory for the first elimination because he has done shows with Bananas, Wes, and CT in the past. They are also all better than Cory.

The Stars are split. RiFF RaFF did not participate in the first mission and he wanted to go into battle. Matt wants to go in to prove he can compete. Easily the most dragged out part of the episode is Matt attempting to convince the other stars that he should go in because he can beat Cory. After a 6–4 vote, he gets his wish.


Cory vs Matt

The elimination is two players stand on a rapidly moving circle platform that has the symbol of a fidget spinner on it. On the holes of the fidget spinner logo there are three buckets with dodge balls in them. Players will attempt to throw the balls at three goals, while staying on the platform. If a player falls off the platform, the game is paused. Then resume with the single player attempting to make as many points until they either fall or are out of balls. The game is played in two rounds, and the person with the most total points wins.

When the platform begins spinning each player learns quickly that it is far tougher than it looks. Matt almost stumbles and falls immediately, but he is able to recover and gets the first point. Cory’s lack of cardio kills as he loses his balance and falls with half his balls left. While Cory is down, Matt takes a 4–1 lead.

The second round is exciting because a fire is lit under Cory’s ass. After a fall close to the end by Matt, Cory is down by two points with only two balls left. He gets back on the platform, takes his time, and takes his first toss that ends in a close miss. It’s over, Cory has lost to Matt Rife from Wild N Out.

People who have beat Cory:

Sorry, it may be time to stop trying to prop up Cory as a star.

The good news is this season looks great:



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