Cara is playing her best game ever

Allan Aguirre
4 min readMay 6, 2019

Cara’s audience approval rating this season has plummeted, her ardent supporters remain strongly committed and treat her like the female Jesus, however, the average fan with no stake in the game has definitely turned a page on her following her many social media hijinks and her behaviour with Paulie in the house this season.

In terms of the game and competition, however, Cara has played it really damn well, and honestly, much better than any of her past seasons, even the ones she won. Cara’s only flaw in the game was that Kyle was in the house a bit too long, and honestly, it’s not even that bad considering she managed to align with his partner Mattie.

I am going to detail why this has been Cara’s best season, but first, lets pinpoint some of the obvious flaws in her previous strong seasons:

Free Agents: She ended up in four eliminations and was in the draw multiple times because she did not win daily challenges. This was still an impressive season from her and put her on the radar as a top competitor.

Bloodlines: Easily one of her best games. She eliminated both Bananas and Aneesa before the final, however, her social game was completely messy. She got caught cheating, was unable to create any true alliances and was strong-armed by, Dario and Raphy strong-armed her into throwing Thomas into elimination, a man who she was giving a handjob to on a bus with other people on it. Also, at one point during the final, it seemed like Cara would lose to either Jenna or Cory, two of the worst finals competitors in Challenge history.

Dirty 30: Cara’s had her best performances in daily challenges this season. Considering her drop in the next two seasons, her wins do kinda seem in part due to CT like Kailah said at the Dirty 30 reunion. The reason it’s not her best season is because she was blindsided by an ally, and technically “purged” from the game. I feel like being in a Redemption House automatically eliminates a season from being your best.

Vendettas: She did not make a single Troika until the final daily of the season, in which she won no money and it was not a female elimination day. The four best girls on Vendettas made it to the final, the only female who had a difficult path was Kam, and that was because she was a rookie. The guys controlled the game and allowed Cara to make the final. It was a bad decision on their part as there was only one gender-less winner and that happened to be Cara.

Now, why this is Cara’s best season:

  • Won a remarkable five daily challenges.
  • Won the most important individual challenge which guaranteed her a spot in the final.
  • Along with Wes, were the only two legendary players who were able to avoid the champions and finalists purge early in the game.
  • Alongside Paulie, managed to getting her targets (Ashley, Kyle, and Zach) into 3 of the first 4 eliminations.
  • Cut a clutch deal with Wes, Mattie, and Dee to guarantee herself an extra week of safety and followed it up by winning the most important daily challenge, guaranteeing her spot in the final.
  • Never voted into elimination (alongside Turbo). Seriously, AN ENTIRE GAME AND NEVER SAW AN ELIMINATION IN A GAME WHERE ANYONE CAN CALL YOU OUT. Kyle wouldn’t call her out, neither did Amanda.
  • Not only that, but Cara saw her only Tribunal at the final seven, where three people had to be nominated and only five were eligible and when she did, she actually played politics and cut a deal with Wes/Dee/Mattie.

I don’t think Cara Maria needs to win this season in order for this to be her definitive best season, but if she finishes top three in the final, there is a great argument for this being the best. She is facing fierce competition. Ironically, if she loses this final she’ll have the most final losses. A win would be incredibly precious to Cara. In the most recent episode she had a rare authentic moment in which she talked about how a 3rd win would separate her from the other female champions. She’s right, it would tie her with Evelyn and Veronica for the most wins and all three would’ve been in the modern era where winning a paired/individual game is infinitely harder than in a team game.

Regardless, Cara should be proud of what she physically accomplish this season. Although many fans did not like her this season, objectively, her game fucking rocked.



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