Caffeine Confessionals Podcast Episode 1: Best and Worst MTV Challenge Cast Member Interview Experiences

Hi everyone, I have a Podcast now. Some of you have been reading my articles for almost four years now, and I am completely appreciative of all the people who take their time to read, skim, or retweet my content. However, I think it’s time to expand to creating more than articles, which is why I started this Podcast and created a YouTube Channel. With full discretion, I make a living doing Freelance Work and having my hands in other pockets. I put a lot of time into my Challenge content and have done so avoiding Pop-Up Ads and pay-walls because I’d rather my content be more accessible to all of you and not potentially give you malware. We will be hosting the Podcast on our YouTube Channel (as well as other services). If you like my content, the best thing you can do for me is to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Right now, I am putting up Player Preview videos on there, as well as Trailer Breakdowns. Once the season starts, you will get fun Top 10 Videos and Fantasy Castings, as well as a weekly Podcast breaking down the newest episodes after they air.

If you are a big podcast person who only listens to them on their phone/apps, scroll to the bottom.

The name of it is the Caffeine Confessionals because as a writer, you go through a lot of coffee and energy drinks through late-nights of content creation and editing. Also, the word Confessionals tying into reality television was quite lovely as well. Another big reason I named it is that I plan to cover shows other than the Challenge in the future and don’t want to close myself in on a name. At the same time, I want to ensure you that there will be a devoted focus to the Challenge, especially as Season 36 is about to air.

My co-host is Ms. Nikki Sin, she is a writer who has interviewed tons of Challenge competitors over the last half-decade and recently had her first book of Poetry, The Anxiety Diaries, published. She is hilarious and creative and is my better-half by far.

Our First Podcast Episode is about our experiences interviewing cast members. We talk about the best and worst experiences we have had and digress onto other topics while also talking about ourselves and the podcast. I apologize if you find it too loose. Next week, we will be doing a cast breakdown where it will be a lot more organized. If you only want to hear who we talk about as best and worst interviews, skip to the 10-minute mark. Also, near the end of the pod, my Wi-Fi cut out, so when we returned to the call, the podcast ends a bit abruptly, and our split-screens switch sides.

If you want to only listen to the Podcast, you can go to, and it will give the options for where you can stream. We are awaiting approval from Apple and Google currently, but we are on Buzzsprout and Spotify.

Shout out to this amazing photo cover made by my good friend, Luke. Luke is a hard-working High School English Teacher who molds the minds of our future, and has a deep love for Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell.

25 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.