Build Your Ultimate Challenge Team Updated!

HEY EVERYONE! You might have seen this article once or twice in the past, but I am reposting the updated version of this game. The last time I updated this article was after Dirty 30 ended. We have had two seasons where new players have come into the Challenge world and younger players have progressed to boost their total ratings. Hunter went from a 1 dollar player to a 3 dollar player to now a 4 dollar player in the third version of this article. I’ve also decided to add more special editions of players where you can get a player in a SINGLE season or a stretch of seasons. If you want CT at his peak, you can get a Peak CT for 6 dollars, or maybe you want a dominant Laurel Stucky, or hell, you might be a huge Theresa fan and want the 5 dollar version of her from Exes 2 where she had a kick-ass season.

Next step is building the Ultimate Challenge Team under the parameters I listed below. I want to get as many submissions as possible! Why you ask? Well, this time around I will be giving a 50 DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE to the person who creates the “best” team. How will the best team be decided? I am going to pick 12 of the best/most diverse teams that are submitted across Reddit/Facebook/Twitter and then will put them through polls, fantasy challenges, fantasy eliminations, and get massive Challenge Superfans and Experts to help pick out who is the best team. This might take some time, however, all you are doing is submitting a team and hoping you win.

So if you love the Challenge and love 50 dollars, read the rules of the game and submit your team via the comments of wherever you found this article.

I decided to create a salary cap game where you can build your perfect Challenge team. In this universe you will get a salary total of $25 dollars and you will build your perfect team based on your salary total. You must fill the roster with 8 people, 4 guys and 4 girls. You may not go over the salary cap amount, but can go under.

You want to build the best team you can to win an overall season where you’d be facing other ultimate teams. For competitive purposes, I push you to not just build a team with 5 dollar males and 1 dollar females with the idea that you would be trimming the fat? Mostly because the best players want to win, and the focus is on creating the most well-rounded team.

Also, if you are not grabbing a specific version of a player, you are grabbing an amalgamation of a character. 5 Dollar Theresa is an across the board balanced All Star player, however, despite the 3 Dollar Theresa having a good amount of the 5 Dollar Theresa’s abilities, her strengths are a bit weakened and you get most of her flaws from her early days.


Player Values:

6 Dollar Players
Rivals 1 Chris Tamburello
Gauntlet 2 Alton Williams
Duel 2/Fresh Meat 2 Landon Lueck

Free Agents Laurel Stucky
Duel 1 Jodi Weatherton
Rivals 1 Evelyn Smith

5 Dollar Players
Darrell Taylor
Landon Lueck (Gauntlet 2 — Inferno 2)
Johnny Bananas
Chris Tamburello (Inferno — Duel 2)
Chris Tamburello (Exes 1 — Exes 2, no Rivals 1)
Alton Williams
Fresh Meat 1 Evan Starkman
Cuthroat Abram Boise
Gauntlet 2 Derrick Kosinski
Dirty 30 Jordan Wiseley

Laurel Stucky
Emily Schromm
Evelyn Smith
Duel 2 Rachel Robinson
Dirty 30 Camila
Rivals 3 Sarah Rice
Exes 2 Theresa Gonzalez
Battle of the Sexes Ruthie Alcaide

4 Dollar Players
Wes Bergmann (Fresh Meat 1 — Duel 1 Body)
Bulky Wes Bergmann (Ruins — Rivals 1)
Evan Starkman
Kenny Santucci
Mark Long
Jordan Wiseley
Abram Boise
The Miz (Pre Battle of the Sexes 2)
Dan Seltzer
Timmy Beggy
Theo Von
Frank Roessler
Derrick Kosinski
Jaime Murray
Brad Fiorenza
Hunter Barfield
Exes 2 Leroy Garrett
Invasion Shane Landrum
Vendettas Tony Raines
Vendettas Zach Nichols
Cutthroat Tyler Duckworth

Cara Maria Sorbello (Free Agents — Present)
Jodi Weatherton
Sarah Rice
Coral Smith
Heather Cooke
Camila Nakagawa
Rachel Robinson
Ruins Susie Meister
Rivals 2 Paula Meronek

3 Dollar Players
Dad Bod CT (Invasion — Present)
Skinny Wes Bergmann (Seasons — Rivals 3)
Tyler Duckworth
LeRoy Garrett
Frank Sweeney
Shane Landrum
Eric Nies
Zach Nichols
Nelson Thomas
Tony Raines
Joss Mooney
Battle of the Seasons CJ Koegel
The Miz (Battle of the Sexes 2 — Inferno 2)

Paula Meronek
Susie Meister
Jillian Zoboroski
Veronica Portillo
Ashley Mitchell
Holly Shand
Brittini Sherrod
Ruthie Alcaide
Kina Dean
Emily Bailey
KellyAnne Judd
Theresa Gonzalez
Nicole Zanatta
Kam Williams
Inferno 3 Tonya Cooley
Free Agents Nany Gonzalez
Final Reckoning Sylvia Elsrode

2 Dollar Players
Cohutta Grindstaff
Adam Larsen
Johnny Reilly
MJ Garrett
Pete Connolly
Nehemiah Clark
Dan Renzi
Jamie Banks
Syrus Yarbough
Mitch Reid
Kyle Christie
Paulie Calafiore
Devin Walker
Cory Wharton
Brandon Nelson
Battle of the Seasons Dustin Zito

Nany Gonzalez
Diem Brown
Jenn Grijalva
Jenna Compono
Amanda Garcia
Ashley Kelsey
Tori Fiorenza
Nia Moore
Jonna Mannion
Tonya Cooley
Tina Barta
Cara Zavaleta
Aviv Melmed
Tori Deal
Svetlana Shusterman
Kailah Casillas
Natalie Negrotti
Sarah Greyson
Sylvia Elsrode
Kim Alexander
Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2 — Rivals 2)

1 Dollar Players
Anyone not listed so far is default a 1 dollar player. If there is an oldie player that I am missing, this is because I could not accurately gauge where they deserved to be based off of watching the really old seasons. If there is an oldie who you know is worth more than 1 dollar, put them on your team, with an adjusted number value. You cannot adjust anyone’s value already there, but if the person isn’t listed and is not from the newer generations of the Challenge, you are able to adjust.

Here’s my example team:

Allan’s Fantastic Team!

$ 4 Jordan Wiseley
$ 3 Skinny Wes Bergmann
$ 3 Dad Bod CT
$ 2 Cohutta Grindstaff
$ 5 Laurel Stucky
$ 4 Jodi Weatherton
$ 2 Nany Gonzalez
$ 2 Amanda Garcia

Total: 25 dollars

Wherever you’re seeing this on FB, on Medium, on Twitter, on Reddit, reply with your ultimate team! Can’t wait to see what you got. Remember, 8 person team, 4 guys/4 girls, and can’t go over 25 dollars! Deadine to submit for the 50 dollar prize is Friday, December 7th at noon ET.



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