Big Brother 20: Swaggy C’s Post Eviction Legacy

Allan Aguirre
5 min readJul 17, 2018


It was always clear Swaggy C would be evicted pre-Jury unless the “FOUTTE” alliance was able to dominate HOH competitions. Swaggy played the game where he wanted to run the alliance, win competitions, and be the political mastermind. No matter what occurred, Swaggy C was going on the block simply for the fact he was the leader and figurehead of his alliance. Swaggy C had the on-paper ability to win Big Brother. He could win competitions, he could establish close/loyal relationships, and he is a savvy player who understands the game. The problem is he bought into his own hype too early and the competition wins only exacerbated the issue.

His game ended much earlier due to one major variable nobody could have accounted for, its name is Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn’s game on Big Brother 20 has been a mix of Devin from Big Brother 16, a tiny bit of Josh from Big Brother 19, and multiple self-help books. Nobody expected the girl who named an alliance to flip on the same alliance in week one. She then backdoored Swaggy and immediately regretted the decision, even stating she would evict Winston if the vote ended a 6–6 tie. She is so all over the place — keeping Kaitlyn in the game is fine because she will probably get herself out of the game — the random variable could be too dangerous to have in the game at all.

Swaggy C‘s Lasting Impact


The relationship between Swaggy and Bayleigh was adorable. Compared to some of the more forced or awkward showmances in recent seasons, Swaggy and Bayleigh’s compatibility was off the charts. They hit it off and had a best friends type relationship where it quickly evolved into an actual romance. Even better is the two were fully aware their relationship was bad for their games, yet they could not stay away from each other. Bayleigh speaks her mind and understands what lanes she can occupy, she is a player who when given power will likely make a smart game move.

Without Swaggy in the house, she can play the game without as big of a target on her back. Her relationship with Faysal has been fun to watch as they are friends who can complement each other well. Whereas Swaggy and Faysal maybe hyped each other too much, Bayleigh can level him out. She can be the brain and he can be the muscle. Bayleigh also won a killer advantage making her force to be reckoned with.

*Scottie and Haleigh*

These two have maybe been the smartest players in the game outside of Tyler. Scottie has been a flip-flopper each week. His choice to vote out Swaggy while wearing the Swaggy shirt was a serial killer move, but he did totally redeem himself by choosing to nominate Winston and Brett the following week. Scottie did not play a weak game by allowing the Level 6 alliance to play without fear, he forced the Bros to actually play the game and they got angry. However, Scottie’s move was smart because he somewhat regained the trust of the Faysal, Rockstar, Bayleigh, and Haleigh alliance, while maintaining his relationships with Tyler and the other floaters for not targetting them. By not making the easy “revenge” move (going for Kaitlyn), Scottie has played the numbers game and has more people who will not say his name as HOH going into next than people who will.

Haleigh’s decision to not wear Swaggy’s shirt was a political move to not hurt her chances if the Power 6 alliance were to win the next HOH. She put herself in a place where she could flip despite her wishes to win with her friends. Scottie winning allowed Haleigh to play with her friends, though if something bad were to happen, she can put on the charm with Faysal, the Bros, Tyler, and just about anyone. Haleigh is one of the most charming houseguests to walk through the door in a while. She could play a much better version of Nicole Franzel’s game on Big Brother 16.


Swaggy’s partner in crime. The two had a cute relationship, but it is better Swaggy is out for Faysal’s game. Faysal can pivot into a solo game where he can potentially have multiple final 2 type deals. With Swaggy in the house, it was hard for people to believe Faysal could have their loyalty over Swaggy. Faysal can win competitions and because he is not a major political threat, smarter players can work with him in a symbiotic type relationship. It is hard to envision Faysal winning; he can make it far in the game.

*Power 6 Alliance*

They most likely would have nominated Bayleigh and Faysal, or Faysal and Rockstar had someone like Brett or Winston won the HOH. With one of Brett or Winston going out the door, it will be fascinating to see how the alliance holds together with one of them gone. If Brett were to be evicted, the alliance could fall apart or become shifted. Winston has proven to be a volatile personality after getting nominated by Scottie. Brett is much more copacetic and has potential to either lay low (with Winston gone) or lead his alliance.

Rachel and Angela are in a good place where the Bros are being targeted instead of them. These next two HOH’s will fully determine where they stand in the game. If the Power 6 Alliance holds on to power the following weeks, the girls can situate themselves in a spot where one of them can win the game. If not, they are looking at an early jury exit.


Who will actually go after Tyler is a legitimate question. I could see Bayleigh or Rockstar making a move against him. The issue with that move is Tyler still has his power to keep himself safe and the house votes to evict him might not be there. Scottie understands how powerful Tyler is, can he pull the trigger later in the game? Probably not.

Swaggy trusted Tyler too much, somehow, Swaggy was still probably one of the few people in the house to actually make a power move against him. Tyler is probably playing the game too hard, though one cannot deny he has easily put himself in the best position in the game.

Going forward, Swaggy C might not be remembered too much considering he was the second person evicted from the house. However, he was critical towards creating dividing lines within the game and impacting it even after he was evicted. At the very least, Swaggy C played a pivotal part to the season, even if it ended short.



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