Bachelorette 13 Episode 2 Recap: Are the guys good, or is Rachel just a Goddess?

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6 min readMay 30, 2017


Compared to Jojo’s season, I have enjoyed the guys on this season of the Bachelorette a healthy amount more. The interesting characters from the beginning of Jojo’s season were Canadian Daniel, Evan Bass, and of course Chad Johnson. There was a cringe factor to all of them though, they were weirdos who you know are not going to win, but kept for entertainment purposes. In the end it was the four bros who made it to the finals, with Jordan, her immediate spark winning. Yawn.

So far, I have been feeling multiple guys from Rachel’s season. Kenny the Wrestler seems to have a heart of gold. Josiah is a man with confidence who wants to woo Rachel. Bryan, Peter, and Dean all seem good looking and charming. Diggy has a nice swagger to him, Eric and Will have been good dudes, and even the annoying Blake E. has seemed passionate.

Then again, it feels like Rachel has made these guys look better than they are. She has a good sense of humor, likes to empower her men, and will legitimately listen to all of them. With Jojo and Nick, you could figure when they have nodded off in a conversation and decided how they were going to react early on. My favorite moments from this Bachelor season were when Jasmine and Dominique had these asides with Nick, dished their drama, and you could tell that Nick only liked them when they were fun, not when they gave him problems in his life to deal with. Hilariously, he sent each home after.

With Rachel, she makes Lucas seem like a good guy and a catch. When in reality, Lucas is completely there for the wrong reasons. Rachel does not hide her emotions either, she keeps it real with the guys, she makes them know that they need to step up their game, or if they are playing the game the right way. She appreciates the situation she is in. Often people complain about how difficult it is to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Rachel seems hyped and gracious to to have her picking from a ton of guys while being paid and getting to travel the world.

The environment of the show has been stellar, one of the best ever. A lot of it has to do with Rachel, she’s the perfect catch in a girl. And in the sense of being a Bachelorette, she is not only fun, but intelligent enough to do all the little things. As a lawyer, Rachel’s a great speaker, leading to great introductions of date, leaving for little awkward moments like with Nick or Ben.

Time To Summarize the Important Parts of the Episode

#1 First Group Date: Husband Material

Surprise celebrities for the first date is That 70’s Show costars, turned married couple and Bachelor fans, Milas Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. You could tell the two have a legitimate love for each other, the show, and Rachel. Ashton makes the strong prediction that none of the guys in Rachel’s group is her right guy, which aside from a couple, I would say it is dead on.

The first group date of the season was a competition between the men to change a diaper, carry a baby in a baby Bjorn, pull a giant hair out of a drain, pull a ring out of a sink drainpipe, set a dinner table exact to a replica, then grab a bouquet of flowers to dash to the finish line.

There were two standouts in this game, Lucas and Kenny. Kenny as an actual dad who is there for the right reasons, played with heart and did admirably. Lucas, there for the wrong reasons, acts like a maniac en-route to his victory. I personally thought they should have named Kenny the winner as Lucas had no regard for his baby, drowned it, almost dropped it multiple times, and then stiff armed Kenny. Whaboom, I guess.

After the game they go to a bar where the guys all get their time to talk to Rachel. Most of them bore her with plain small talk, the worst being Iggy who asks what is on her career horizons. Blake starts drama with Lucas, stating he knows Lucas as he is the ex-boyfriend of his roommate. Blake is making the mistake of so many other Bachelor contestants, the focus should be on Rachel and only her, not trying to make someone else look bad. Look at what happened to Taylor last season when she tried to take down Corrine.

Winners of this date are Dean and Kenny. Dean won the group date rose, mini Dave Franco is killing it. Kenny showed charm and flare, Rachel seemed to take a liking to his maturity, and his understanding for urgency.

#2 Two on One date: Peter tags along with Rachel & Copper

Winner of this date is Copper. America loves dogs. He’s a good boy.

Peter does well on this date considering how enamored Rachel is with him and his good looks. He gets a rose, which is a win.

#3 Second Group Date: Basketball Game

When Rachel said they were bringing in a 19 time all star, I stood up a little bit. As a major basketball fan, I knew only one person has ever been that good at basketball for that long of time, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, Jabbar wrote an article earlier in the year declaring that the Bachelor was killing love. I could not believe it when it happened, I thought it was an Onion article, but the actual Kareem wrote that. Here he was for his girl though, Rachel Linsday, America’s sweetheart. Rachel has played basketball in every episode this season, and her skills are top notch.

Once the guys start warming up, we find out that some are studs, while others are duds. DeMario at 30 years old can still dunk like he is 20, must have been a serious player when he was younger. He even dunks on Rachel, which is a bold strategy. Travis Kelce did the same exact thing on Catching Kelce, except the girl was vying for his love, and not the other way around.

They play a game in front of what looks like a fake crowd of white people. How they have signs and colors, I don’t know. Oh wait, I do, they’re fake. In the game, DeMario excels, winning the game for his team. After the game, they go into the locker room. A girl approaches Rachel to tell her she was dating DeMario right before he came on the show and that he is a fake.

Rachel brings out DeMario (everyone in the locker room thinks he is getting a rose for his basketball performance). Rachel gets real with DeMario, as she and the girl grill him about the truth. She sends him home as she does not want to play games.

After the DeMario situation, Rachel gets real with the guys, and they go out for the night. Rachel is impressed by how genuine the guys are with her, the passion they have in their heart. Group 2 kicks Group 1’s ass. Winner of this group was Josiah to me. He had a strong make-out session with Rachel, where the pulse could be felt.

Back at the house: It’s time for the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. The guys get to talking about stuff. Then here comes none other than DeMario, wanting to have one last talk with Rachel. Desperation move, but I weirdly think Rachel could let him back in. She was feeling his vibe before she found out he was a jerk. Rachel is a strong woman, but I do not blame her for losing to natural attraction.

I enjoyed this week’s episode, and hopefully we can get the same tone next week.



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