Bachelor Week 7: Quick Random Thought Thread

Allan Aguirre
6 min readFeb 14, 2017


It was a very fun and eventful week. In so many ways the show has just felt stagnant the past few weeks — even with all of the departures. The positive is that Nick has really trimmed all the “fat” in terms of people who are bad for television and never had a chance for his love. Nick has not been the best Bachelor ever, but he has been the most efficient. We mostly know where he stands when it goes to his individual interviews. Now here were my random thoughts:

Thought #1: Nick when sad, is one of the least sympathetic views I have ever seen. This is the dude’s fourth attempt at love on this reality DATING show, and this time he is the one with girls begging for his attention. If this does not work, it is not sad and you do not deserve to be sad that you had 20+ beautiful girls in front of you, and you could not pick one. Worst case scenario you have thousands of girls in your DM’s on Instagram sending nudes wanting to hook up, because you’ve been the freaking Bachelor.

Thought #2: The divide in the house is real. There is Vanessa and Danielle, the two similar older-ish girls who seem like chiller hangs. While on the other end you have the younger Kristina and Raven with Rachel(who just seems fun). Those girls I would enjoy going to the club with way more or playing a game of drunk monopoly with. Corinne is obviously in her own world where she is drunk on champagne and taking her fair share of tipsy naps.

Thought #3: I know a good amount of fans dislike Corinne with a passion and were probably happy when she did not get a 1 on 1 date, but I seriously felt bad. It’s not fair that Danielle M , Vanessa, and Rachel all got their 2nd 1 on 1’s, before she even got her first. Even though she got the 2 on 1 date that was basically another 1 on 1, and she’s had a lot of screen time, it just is not fair.

Thought #4: Very excited for Vanessa and Danielle M to get those individual date tickets, they were the big stars of the first few episodes, and they got archived almost all the way until now!? Remember when Vanessa threatened to give the rose back? That was forever ago. We all loved Danielle’s cast photo, her being from Wisconsin like Nick was cool too, and now we finally get to find out who she is.

Thought #5: Rachel, Vanessa, and Danielle are all way closer to Nick’s age group and seem much more ready to get married to a bearded 35 year old white man. So a group date of Raven, Corinne, and Kristina is somewhat like the B team, but it should be way more fun, right?

Thought #6: I love Vanessa’s style on this season, it has been a true highlight. She knows her body well.

Thought #7: When Vanessa and Nick click they get to a level that no other coupling does on this show, they seem more serious and passionate.

Thought #8: Is snorkeling a fun date? If I’m not the strongest swimmer, it might not be that cool. Plus it takes away from time you could use to talk and make out, which you actually don’t get very much of. The best part about it is the holding hands as that means you’re getting closer.

Thought #9: Her dress for dinner is beautiful.

Thought #10: Corinne being herself tries to use some overt sexuality to grab the attention of Nick. Kristina fires back by taking her beach over-garments off to get into her bikini and match with Corrine. She also uses a good amount of sexual suggestiveness while he applies the sunscreen onto her. Watching Corinne notice that Nick enjoys it and she is getting the attention is awesome. Kristina of all the girls, Corrine’d Corrine. Seriously, where was Kristina before last week? I did not even know she was on this season, suddenly got a 1 on 1 date, and just became awesome.

Thought #11: Pretty hysterical when Nick told the girls they would be swimming with sharks. Was also very mad as this would have been the perfect date for Alexis.

Thought #12: While she has been watching the passive aggressive fighting between Kristina and Corinne, Raven has done what she always has, just remained chill as fuck. Loved that the other two girls were freaking out about the sharks and she said the sharks would more likely eat them as sharks can smell fear. Raven also stated that she is ready to punch a shark in the face, maybe too violent, but also too funny and a little hot. I love Raven.

Thought #13: Did anyone else notice that Kristina was dropping some weird shark teeth statistics and facts?

Thought #14: Kristina leaves the water out of fear, and I am fine with that. I do not like swimming very much, and would probably do the same as Kristina. Nick consoles her, and he does a good job of consoling girls when they’re scared. Probably his best quality, and Corinne gets so jealous that is just made the date better.

Thought #15: When they go out in the night, the individual 1 on 1’s are very interesting. He continues his interest in Kristina, Corinne goes after him, and Ravens remains her dope self.

Thought #16: Holy crap, Nick again gives Raven the rose on the group date. He did that last week too. In all the panic and the hype, Raven continues to catch Nick’s eye, and he just always gives her the rose. This dark horse, or dark bird is going to hometowns!

Thought #17: I may be remembering incorrectly, but does it feel like there’s been an extraordinary amount of serenading on this season? Post note — I love Nick and Raven’s kiss right behind the ajar door right about half a foot after they pass it.

Thought #18: Corinne and the platinum vagine scene that has been teased since before the premiere has finally happened. I am shocked that Nick denied her of sex, we know how sexual and horny Nick is. This was a big moment for him. Really proud, honestly.

Thought #19: Again, while bike riding and playing basketball with little kids is fun, when you get down to the nitty-gritty, it’s more important spend time communicating. Maybe that’s why Raven is doing so well? She just talks to him.

Thought #20: Danielle M seems very fun, but the problem is that her personality is just flat. Sure I’d love to watch the Bachelor with her, but I would not want to host a podcast with her. It might have been the edit, but even for Nick, these conversations are awkward.

Thought #21: It makes me very happy for Nick to just cut her off quick when he knows it is not working, so at least he is being efficient.

Thought #22: So I understand the complaints for some that Rachel’s 1 on 1 was not as cool as the others, but she just had a 1 on 1 two weeks prior. She also gets to spend her time actually TALKING to Nick. Plus I know from twitter at this point that Rachel is the Bachelorette… so who cares about her and Nick anymore?

Thought #23: Chris Harrison, the quiet MVP of every season is basically telling Nick to be a man. Nick decides he won’t have a rose ceremony, which is the kind thing to do, producers probably hate him, but it is.

Thought #24: Kristina complains that she did not get a fair shake, which is true, most contestants don’t. Kristina should just be happy that she made it as far as she did, I didn’t even know she was there two weeks ago! Her last minute run was great. See you in Paradise?

Thought #25: It annoyed me how much the girls were talking about hometowns. The show has become so methodical that the girls are tracking the big things like this and even asking Nick about it. Talk about your relationship and this week before you go to hometowns. Focus more on love.

Sidenote: Excited to meet most of the families. Rachel’s dad sounds exciting, Raven’s little country town will be crazy, and of course Raquel and cheese pasta!!!



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