AYTO Second Chances isn’t the Challenge, but it’s still fun.

Through two episodes of this show, I am now hooked. AYTO Second Chances is the Amazing Race except with beautiful people, craziness, horniness, and booze. Add that all together, and you get a recipe for a fun show as long as it remains 40 minutes and makes sure not to leave on a clif-hanger. The reason AYTO Second Chances has been good so far is due to how fast pace it is. You get house fun, a little bit of politics, and the daily mission all put into one.

Here are my favorites of the show so far:

Devin: Is it just me, or did MTV concoct this show in order to build it around their new favorite star? His appearance on the Challenge and how far he made it was a pure stroke of luck, but his character and persona caught our eyes during every interview. This new game is not based on athleticism(while important to succeed), and is more focused on social skills, communication, intelligence, and trust. In the Bunim-Murray universe, Devin scores in all the upper quartiles for those sections. Episode 1 was the Devin Show, him and Rashida were the first couple shown, they won the first challenge, created an alliance with the pre season 4 couples, and popped off on seasons 4 and 5. The way he played Carolina and Hayden against each other was just beautiful.

Asaf and Kaylen: Asaf has been so adorable and fun the past couples episodes. He annoyed me on his first few episodes of AYTO, but I’ve really fallen in love with his crazy personality recently. Kaylen is also a nice girl and their relationship balances each other out pretty well. Great pair.

Shanley and Adam: Shanley without Chris T is an individual who brings joy to my soul with her humor. I really love her new look too. I never understood why people were so into her on the first season of AYTO, but I see it now. Her conversation with Devin on the last episode was great; Devin: “are we flirting” Shanley: “(laughs) no, never”.

Adam is also good-looking. That is nice to have. Him and Devin seem to have a cool bro relationship.

Carolina: I love Carolina. She’s beautiful, and has a good heart, but her decision making skills is what makes great reality television. I support all hook ups by both sexes, as long as they are not cheating on their loved ones — cheating is bad. Carolina really wants to find happiness and will try to find that with multiple guys, and in this recent episode, she hooked up with Nate!!! Nate is possibly the lamest dude in the history of AYTO. John Jacobs was at least funny, Nate has just been a cry-baby during his reality tv stints. Carolina could be MTV’s new Nany, a beauty with a good heart and propensity for hook-ups. Her dancing was on-point as well.

Who I’m liking:

Hayden: I respect his loyalty to Gianna, and the fact they are engaged after being a confirmed no-match in the truth booth on week one is a testament to their love. Not the biggest fan of how he played Carolina, but he seems like a nice guy, and the possibility of him stealing excites me.

Francesca: She’s just so pretty, and I hate that she has to deal with Gio as her partner. Also, are her eyes legit? Does she use colored contacts?

Who I’m torn on:

Mike: Such a nice guy, but his awkward face whenever Gio is with Alicia is pure meme material. Peppy!

Tori: On her season of AYTO, I thought Tori was the hottest girl ever cast for the show, but her personality has just been all over the place this season. She’s gone from quirky fun to quirky weird. Kinda like she’s playing it up for the camera.

Who I don’t care about right now

Morgan: Nice abs.

Cameron and Mikala: Call me when their relationship falls apart.

Rashida: She has a great personality usually, but with Devin she gets a big ego. Can’t call herself a puppet master when Devin is the only one truly calling the shots.

Who I don’t need in my life

Alicia: Obvious reasons, but when she’s just with Mike, she’s acceptable.

Gio: Gtfo my life.

Goodbyes to Nate and Ellie, and Derrick and Casandra.

Nate is a complainer and Ellie was not built for this game, so their early exit makes sense. It’s just surprising that they finished in 4th on the first mission. Derrick and Casandra are two kind souls, and Cas is just so adorable. Tears left my eyes seeing Casandra leave so early.

Current Money Standing

  1. Devin & Rashida: 40,000(1st, 6th)



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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.